Thursday, June 3, 2021

Astrologically Bad year

Every year if your age reaches the following age (based on Bhutanese/Tibetan astrological calculation), one should exercise extreme care.

Age 9 (termed as the nine great calamities to children). Bad year for children.

Age 25 (termed as the twenty-five great calamities for young girls). Bad year for young girls.

Age 37 (termed as the thirty-seven great calamities for young men). Bad year for young men.

Age 49 (termed the forty-nine great calamities for young women). Bad year for young women. 
Age 61 (termed as the sixty-one great calamities for older women). Bad year for old women.

Age 81 (termed as the eighty-one great calamities for the elderly). Bad year for old men. 

If you have any of this age member in your family, you should consult an astrologer and perform the rituals prescribed for them without fail.

Guru Rinpoche’s Day (10th day of 5th lunar month) 20th June 2021

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