Saturday, September 12, 2020

The Guru's Walking Stick at Kurje, Bumthang

According to oral sources, the cypress tree  behind the old Lhakhang is believed to have been grown from a walking stick used by Guru Rinpoche while visiting Bhutan from Nepal sometime in 810 AD10. Guru Rinpoche first came to Bumthang at the invitation of King Sindhu Raja in order to subdue the chief local spirit named Shelging Karpo.

The biography of Seula Jamgon Ngawang Gyaltshen (1647-1732)

states that the impressive branches and thick leaves of the cypress tree that cover the roof of the temple originally grew from the walking stick of Guru Rinpoche. It is said that the tree's leaves and fruits have medicinal qualities and are capable of curing any contamination. Further, it can cure diseases outside the physical body, including repelling the effects of evil spirits, if they are used with faith and devotion.Scientific Name: Cupressus corneyana

Common Name: Bhutan Weeping

Cypress Family: Cupressaceae                                              

Height: 46.3 m

Diameter at breast height (DBH): 204.5 cm

Elevation: 2685 m

Kuje Lhakhang today is known as one of the most important sacred sites and has become a central place for religious worship in Bhutan. Kuje means body impression.



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