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Benefits of burning incense stick

In Buddhism, it is a sacred offering, a way to honor the Triple Gem of the Buddha, his Dharma and the Sangha. The burning of an incense stick resulting in fragrant smoke teaches the necessity to burn away negative qualities within oneself in order to reveal the pure self within.

 The aroma of incense, typically derived from herbs, flowers and other natural sources, purifies the atmosphere and inspires us to develop a pure mind. The fragrance it gives off spreads far and wide, just as a good deed brings benefits to many. 

Incense rises and dissolves into the air, subtly reminding the viewer of the transient nature of existence.

While there are many types of incense made in Bhutan strictly according to the passed down formula, I prefer only Jaaju Poe as it is free from animal products. The description of the same is given.

Jaaju Poe (Vegetarian Incense)  

Jaaju Poe is made according to the instructions found in the Gong Deu Nam Zhag. Blended from the highest quality natural ingredients and auspicious substances. Includes saffron, nutmeg and white sandalwood and a combination of 25 types of medicinal plants collected at high and low altitudes. It is hand prepared with utmost care and is in strict compliance with the ancient Buddhist tradition of incense making. It is completely free from animal products and is regarded as an extremely pure variety of Bhutanese incense, making it worthy of all types of incense offerings to the Three Jewels.

It can be offered whilst performing the Namgyal Tongchod (1000 offerings to the Triple Gems for Longevity), Tensum Rabney Choga (performing rituals) and to appease the Nagas. It is also a very conducive incense for meditation and relaxation.

No animal products are used in the making of this incense.

Offer with devotion and release your negativity in thin air.

Reference on Jaaju Poe

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