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For Bhutanese, date of birth in Bhutanese Lunar Calendar is vital to draw one’s birth horoscope

To relate to our Bhutanese Astrology, it is very critical to identify our date of birth in lunar calendar system. For example, to transcribe our birth horoscope, we must know the year of birth, date of birth, day of birth and time of birth. In Bhutanese Astrology the astrologer has to refer to numerous phases of the day to check its influence on the individual. Some aspects are: 


Year of Birth

Date of the birth

Day of the birth 

Animal of the day 

Constellation of the day 

Parkha of the day, and 

Mewa of the day.


Generally, many Bhutanese contemplate or refer only to the birth animal sign and its corresponding year’s element. This largely construe that all people born in the year of Earth Horse (for example) will have identical characteristics which is not. Yes, if they are born on the same date, same time and with same gender, which is of course sporadic. There may be thousands of people born in the same year and each person will have distinctive characteristics. Why? Because they are ruled by day’s influence. However, general personalities will remain same.


These days lots people know their date of birth only in Gregorian calendar. And also, they commemorate their birthday according to this calendar which is really not precise. As being Buddhist and govern by our own unique system of astrology, the precise date will remain as per lunar calendar. How about celebrating your birthday based on this? Therefore, it is significant to know your date of birth in Lunar calendar. 


Now you may wonder, how to get your date of birth in Lunar calendar. Don’t worry, please refer the following links to get your lunar birth date.




If you want even more detail of the day as per Dathog (Bhutanese Almanac) refer the following:



Note: If you can’t open the link, copy the web address and check it in google.



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