Monday, July 6, 2020

Self emerging Green Tara at Pharping, Nepal.

It was so amazing and truly blissful to physically see the self-Emerging Tara and Ganesh at Pharping Nepal last year.
I have offered prayers and received blessing from the mother Tara. I have also connected
 my Traveling Guru Rinpoche and Phurba (Kiliya) with the most sacred Green Tara and lord Ganesh.

Discovery of the Self-Emerging Tara and Ganesh image:


In 1979, among the rocks in Pharping, Nepal Kyabje Drubthob Rinpoche

discovered the self-creating images of the Buddhist Deity Tara, and Ganesh, the elephant God of the Hindus.

Over the years the images have continued to emerge with greater clarity and definition. Ven. Rinpoche and many others have witnessed the images spontaneously secreting holy nectar from their bodies in different occasions. 

Recognizing the sacred and auspicious nature of such a treasures, he established a temple enshrining the images. 

Around the self-emanating images, Rinpoche has enshrined handmade statues of the twenty-one aspects of Tara. 

Ever since, Rinpoche has been a true practitioner of the Tara meditations. Daily chanting of the Tara pujas are carried out at the temple for the benefit and protection of all sentient beings.

Tara: meaning "She who liberates"
Tara is the female meditational deity who is regarded as the embodiment of all the Buddha's enlightened activities. She is often regarded as the mother of all the Buddhas. 

She is said to protect from the eight 'great fears' including the worldly tragedies. 

There are many aspects of Tara and an enumeration of twenty-one aspects in tantric Buddhist pantheon is well documented in the prayers, liturgies, sculptures and paintings. 

The most popular of these are the 'Green Tara' (mainly associated with protection) and 'White Tara' (often associated with healing and longevity practices.)"

People come to the Tara Temple from far-off places to make offerings and prayers for various reasons. 


It is mentioned in the Buddhist texts and scriptures that making offerings and prayers to Green Tara with a pure and good heart is particularly effective for achieving longevity, prosperity, transforming negativities and obstacles, even helpful in giving the blessing of a child to the childless.

ཡུམ་གྱུར་ཨུཏྤལ་བསྣམས་ལ་ཕྱག་འཚལ་ལོ། །ཞེས་དང༌།
ཨོཾ་ཏཱ་རེ་ཏུཏྟཱ་རེ་ཏུ་རེ་སྭཱ་ཧཱ། ཞེས་སོ། 


GANAPATI prayer propagated by Lord Buddha.

Ārya Mahā Gaṇapati Hṛdaya

Thus I have heard. Upon a time, the Blessed One was staying at Rajagriha, on the Vulture Peak, together with a great assembly of monks: forty-five hundreds of monks and numerous great Bodhisattvas. On that occasion the Blessed One told the Venerable Ananda:

“Ananda, whoever, son or daughter of high birth, would keep (in mind), recite, obtain and propagate these “heart” (mantras) of Ganapati, his will be the accomplishments of all his tasks”

oṃ namo ‘stu te mahāgaṇapataye svāhā,
oṃ gaḥ gaḥ gaḥ gaḥ gaḥ gaḥ gaḥ gaḥ,
oṃ namo gaṇapataye svāhā,
oṃ gaṇādhipataye svāhā,
oṃ gaṇeśvarāya svāhā,
oṃ gaṇapatipūjitāya svāhā 
oṃ kaṭa kaṭa maṭa maṭa dara dara vidara vidara hana hana gṛhṇa gṛhṇa dhāva dhāva bhañja bhañja jambha jambha tambha tambha stambha stambha moha moha deha deha dadāpaya dadāpaya dhanasiddhi me prayaccha 
oṃ rudrāvatārāya svāhā 
oṃ adbhuta vinduk ṣubhita cittamahāhāsam āgacchati 
mahābhayamahābalaparākramāya mahāhastidakṣiṇāya dadāpaya svāhā 
oṃ namo ‘stu te mahāgaṇapataye svāhā 
oṃ gaḥ gaḥ gaḥ gaḥ gaḥ gaḥ gaḥ gaḥ 
oṃ namo gaṇapataye svāhā 
oṃ gaṇeśvarāya svāhā 
oṃ gaṇādhipataye svāhā 
oṃ gaṇapatipūjitāya svāhā 
oṃ suru suru svāhā 
oṃ turu turu svāhā 
oṃ muru muru svāhā

“These Ananda, are the “hearts” of Ganapati”

“Any son or daughter of high birth, whether monk or nun, lay brother or sister who undertakes any matter (such as) accomplishing the (rites to call a sacred being by means of) mantra, worshipping the Three Jewels, travelling to another country, going to the royal court or concealing (from view) should upon worshipping the Blessed Buddha, practice seven times, the Arya Ganapati Hrdaya (spells): for him all tasks will be accomplished; no doubt about this!. He should forever put an end to all strifes and quarrels , violence and envy, and become entirely calm. 

Day upon day abiding the rules and practicing a full seven times: it will come out into the fortune of this great one! Upon his coming to the royal court there will be great kindness (prasada). He will become “Keeper of hearing ” (Shruti-Dhara). There wil be no major illness to his body. Never will he assume the descent as a tara-praksina or the descent as a humble bee: nothing ellse will occur to him that the Mind of Awakening. In every birth he will be remembering [his previous] births.”

Thus spoke the Blessed One, and upon receiving (his teaching) these monks, these great Bodhisattvas and whole attendance, the world with the gods, the humans, the asuras, the garudas and the gandarvas rejoiced at the words of the Blessed One.

So remember, worship of Ganapati is not limited to Hinduism, Buddhist also equally practice Ārya Mahā Gaṇapati Hṛdaya. 

If you are in Nepal, please visit this wonderful self emerging Tara.

Cultivate Generous Thought and practice giving gifts to the Sanghas.

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