Monday, May 11, 2020

Amitāyus Long Life Mantra

Amitāyus Buddha is the saṃbhogakāya of Amitābha Buddha whom increases longevity, merit and wisdom, especially to eliminate the obstacles of sudden death. Buddha Amitayus or Buddha of Limitless Life is a Buddha aspect or a deity associated with meditations and mantras for a long life. 

Amitayus is usually depicted seated in a meditation posture with a vase (kalasha) in his hands, which contains the elixir of immortality (amrita) and leaves of the Ashoka tree. It symbolizes “a long life without the misery (shoka) of disease. On top of the vase can be an alms bowl. When we speak on Amitayus, “Limitless Life” refers to his blessings and virtue, while “Limitless Light” refers to his wisdom as Amitabha. Blessings, virtues and wisdom of Amitayus are limitless and so are his spiritual powers, his attributes and his teachings.

Amitāyus Long Life dhāraṇī 

ༀ་ན༌མོ་བྷ༌ག་ཝ༌ཏེ། ཨ་པ༌རི་མི་ཏ་ཨཱ་ཡུ་ཛྙཱ་ན༌སུ་བི༌ནི༌ཤྩི༌ཏ་ཏེ༌ཛོ་རཱ་ཛཱ་ཡ།
Namo Bhagavate Aparimitāyurjñānasuviniścitatejorājāya
(“Om Homage to the Transcendent/Fully Endowed/Destroyer Boundless Life Light King. Transcendental Wisdom. Totally certain)

ཏ་ཐཱ་ག༌ཏཱ་ཡ། ཨརྷཏེ་སམྱཀྶཾཾ་བུ་དྡྷཱ་ཡ། ཏ༌དྱ༌ཐཱ།
Tathāgatāyārhate Samyaksaṃbuddhāya,Tadyathā:
(Gone to Suchness. Arhat. Perfectly Enlightened Buddha. Thus it is said:)

ༀ་པུཎྱེ༌པུཎྱེ༌མ༌ཧཱ༌པུཎྱེ། ཨ་པ༌རི་མི་ཏ་པུཎྱེ༌ ཨ་པ༌རི་མི་ཏ་པུཎྱེ༌ཛྙཱ༌ན༌སམྦྷཱ༌རོ་པ་ཙིཏེ།
Oṃ Puṇya Puṇya Mahāpuṇya Aparimitapuṇya Aparimitāyuḥ Puṇyajñānasambhāropacite,
(OM, Fortune Fortune Great Fortune Boundless Fortune Boundless Fortune, transcendental wisdom collection increaser)

Oṃ Sarvasaṃskārapariśuddhadharmate Gagaṇasamudgate
(OM. All Compositional factors. thoroughly pure. Reality, space, arisen)

Svabhāvaviśuddhe Mahānayaparivāre Svāhā
(Nature, completely pure, surrounded by great leaders, So be it!”)

Amitāyus short mantra:


Oṃ Amaraṇi Jivanatiye Svāhā
Oṃ Ā Ma Ra Ṇi Dzi Wan Te Ye Svā Hā

The benefits

Benefits of reciting the Amitāyus Long dhāraṇī is very good:
·      for people who have cancer.
·      for the success of activities and projects.

It also help:
·      if a business has difficulties, or is difficult to start, 
·      if you have difficulty finding a job, or the job is not going well. 
It is not particularly only for mundane success but generally to collect merit for realizations, conditions for Dharma practice. Then you can dedicate the merits to all sentient beings. This is one solution for success and long life. Also, when you die you will get born in Amitābha’s pure land.

In parts of the “The Mahāyāna Sutra Concerning The Noble Arya Amitāyus, Limitless Life and Wisdom”, it states below:
·      Mañjushri, the life span of any sentient being who hears the one hundred and eight fold name of the Tathagata, Limitless Life and Wisdom, King of the Radiant Splendour of Perfect Certainty, will be radically increased.

·      The life span of any sentient being who, at the total extinction of his or her life, shall take up this name, shall be radically increased.

·      This being so, Mañjushri, all sons and daughters of good family who wish for long life should give ear to the hundred and eight fold name of the Tathagata Limitless Life and Wisdom, write it down, cause it to be written and recite it and they too shall have such qualities and auspiciousness.

·      Mañjushri, whosoever writes down this hundred and eight fold name of the Tathagata, causes it to be written, writes it into a volume and keeps it in his or her house and recites it, at the exhaustion of their life will obtain a life span of a hundred years, and, when dying at the end of this, will be transported to Limitless Qualities, the Buddha field of the Tathagata, Limitless Life, and there take birth.

·      Whosoever writes down or causes to be written down this Sutra of Limitless Life and Wisdom at the end of their life will attain a life span of one hundred years. Their life span will be radically extended.

·      Whoever writes down or causes to be written down this Sutra of Limitless Life and Wisdom will never be reborn in the hell realms, the realm of the beasts or in the realms of Yama, the Lord of Death, or, never again taking rebirth in a state lacking freedom, he or she will recall all (previous) births, wherever and whatever they may have been.

·      Whosoever writes down or causes to be written down this Sutra of Limitless Life and Wisdom is one who has entered into and examined the eighty four thousand collections of Dharma.

Cultivate Generous Thought and practice giving gifts to the Sanghas.

The Buddha once explained that it is a meritorious act even to throw away the water after washing one's plate with the generous thought:...