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Snake and its general characteristics with birth sign and specific characteristic as per birth element

General Characteristics 
The most astute and intelligent of all the animals, the Snake has the added blessing of having profound wisdom. Many very prominent spiritual leaders and teachers are Snakes.

The Snake will always rise as someone of influence or authority. They are powerful individuals and will find it easy and comfortable to lead. Their stunning charm, eloquence and striking beauty attracts many to them. 

There is always a shroud of mystery around the Snake. He is also the most cunning sign – you never quite know what a Snake is thinking of or what he has up his sleeves. This doesn’t mean he is deliberately deceptive; he’s just guarded, protective, shrewd and, most of all, in tight control – more so than he’d have you know.

The Snake is gifted with a natural intelligence. More than that, he is the wisest of all the animals with an extraordinarily sharp and acute mind. He is also the most powerful and influential of all the signs.
What makes Snakes all the more successful is their measured pace and a very sophisticated, discerning way of working and living. They will never be the ones to jump around in excitement nor throw their weight around to get things down. They are frighteningly ambitious but are exceptionally good at keeping their cool and staying pointedly aware, under their quiet façades.

Snakes are also very intense and deeply passionate about anything they are committed to – this adds responsibility to their already very impressive list of qualities. The Snake can accomplish tremendous things – which may even seem impossible to others – once he puts his mind to them.
The Snake can also garner excellent support, great respect and a huge following. Snakes have that extra fortune of being devastatingly beautiful, stunningly fashionable, eloquent and very charming. You can’t help but be attracted by a Snake and want to be under their spell.

The other side of that same intense coin reveals a personality that can tend to be very highly strung. Snakes maintain a very mysterious façade and to maintain that, they keep a lot of things bottled up inside. It also means they find it very difficult to let go; relaxing their grip on people who have wronged them does not come easily. Forgiveness is out of the question. The Snake has the potential for being vicious and will pull out all stops to extract revenge.

While the intensity of their focus keeps them driven and brings them to enormous heights of success, the flipside is that they can also be too careful and suspicious. The Snake does not trust easily and it is very hard to penetrate his cool, hard demeanour. He also has a lot of confidence which if not managed well, can translate into a coldness and arrogance towards people he feels he has no need for.

The Snake works hard but by the same token, he can also play so hard that he becomes decadent and hedonistic. He will never do things by half measures. It’s all or bust for the Snake, and on the way to the finish line, he won’t hesitate to ruthless, cunning and deviousness to have his way.

The Snake has an unusual cunning and an extremely perceptive, analytical mind. They can size up a situation precisely, exactly to their advantage. Never one to waste time on frivolities or things which won’t bear results, they select only partnerships or projects with huge returns. Though he looks introverted and prefers to stay in the background, never underestimate a Snake – he knows every detail intimately, has figures at the tips of his fingers and several battle strategies that are ready for implementation, now. More often that not, his way will be the right way.

You can be sure that anything a Snake works on will be done with exactness and a lot of style. The process is as important as the result and the Snake will take pains to always maintain grace, elegance and a fashionable cool that will make jaws drop and heads turn.

Love and Relationships
The Snake’s intense nature extends to his relationships too. This is one sign who is most likely to have several affairs. However, once he has committed to a lifelong partner, he will become very protective, even possessive and jealous. He likes the freedom and indulgence of being able to roam but will not tolerate the same of his partner. They can however, be wonderful lovers with a keen eye for romance and intense pleasures.

Because the Snake has an innate distrust for everyone and is often a closed book, the best kind of partner for a Snake is one who can give him that space he needs while always giving him the assurance of security and stability in the home and family life.

The very fortunate Snake has a lifelong blessing of never really needing to worry about money. They will always be financially secure and even if they do encounter financial difficulties, their cunning and strategic minds will help them find a way out.

As sophisticated and very stylish people however, they do enjoy the luxuries that wealth provide. They like to live well and can be extravagant in their spending, though not to a point that threatens their security; they are too careful for that.
Snakes can also have a tendency to be very miserly with their money; their possessive and self-protecting nature makes them instinctively wary of anyone who may come in the way of their wealth.

Social Life
The charismatic Snake is not likely to be the flamboyant life of the party but he will probably still attract the largest number of admirers and followers. He mains a mystic coolness, an aura of seductive mystery that naturally draws people to him – they all want to be under his spell.

Snakes will know how to charm their way into getting people to do things with them so that they feel they are the ones being done a favour. Such is the skill of the Snake! They will also be the best and most lavish hosts, holding stunning parties. However, as much fun and finery as it provides for guests, this too is a quietly masked opportunity for them to benefit. There isn’t a single move the Snake makes – no matter how casual and social it seems – that isn’t precisely calculated.

Life Lessons
The Snake could do with relaxing his grip a little and lightening up. He is already able to draw many admirers – now he should make the most of it by learning to trust and open up to them.

Snakes should also try to express themselves more and not keep things so bottled up inside – this can be damaging for his health as stress levels and internal illnesses are likely to arise from his intense over-drives. It can also alienate people around him who feel intimidated by his high expectations and silent broody ways.

The Snake, Ox and Rooster form one of the four trios of the Chinese zodiac, so Snakes will do very well to work with or find partners in Oxen and Roosters. The Rooster brings much needed fun and a playful element to the intense and introverted Snake. The Snake will also like the Ox’s stability and reliability; they are both serious in their own way.

The Snake generally befriends people who have as much ambition as he has. There is a powerful alliance to be found between the Snake and Dragon, both very strong signs. Both are driven towards success and will feed off each other’s passion, strength and tenacity. Snakes will also appreciate and work well with the deftness and crafty cunning of the Rat and the steady loyalty and calm of the Dog.

The Snake has little tolerance for people who are either too simple or too smart. He will find it very strenuous to work with the Monkey who is also highly intelligent but sneaky and often mischievious – this doesn’t bode well with the Snake’s in-built skepticism. He will also be at odds with signs like the Boar, which is too unrefined and relaxed for his liking, and the Rabbit, which is just as introverted and uncommunicative as he is.

Outspoken, frank, brash signs like the Tiger and Horse will also have trouble finding common ground with the Snake, whose suspicious nature will instantly dislike their directness, unstoppable energy and grand ideals.

The Snake and the Five Elements

The element of Snake is Fire

The Snake is of the Fire element. Generally, the Fire element determines a very strong sense of confidence, leadership and a strong personality. People born under the Fire element will be seen and heard; they will be active, social, confident and very capable of holding their own.

The Metal Snake 

The steely Metal Snake will stop at nothing to get what he wants. He has an especially strong desire for beautiful, fine things – much of his effort and focus will be towards securing wealth and material luxuries around him. His sharpness in finance makes him all the more able to handle money well, and pounce quietly but quickly on good investments with the returns necessary to sustain his good life.

This is the most secretive, independent and wily of all the Snakes. With his incredible focus and life-long determination, his intelligent ways are heightened, making him one of the most powerful, driven signs. Be careful not to step on his tail – he isn’t one to give up on his pursuits easily and it won’t be pretty if he turns his sights onto getting back at you. Competitive and possessive by nature, the Metal Snake will do everything he can to remain on top.

Because he becomes easily fixated on achieving his goals – be they good or bad – the Metal Snake is automatically suspicious and wary of anyone who may threaten his position and progress. Snakes already find it difficult to trust others; the Metal Snake often has impenetrable steel bars around him which may make it difficult to communicate with him.

The Water Snake 

Very intelligent and astute like most Snakes, the Water Snake is also able to handle many things at once. He has broad interests (and will excel in all of them) with a sharp, discerning ability to discover good projects with good financial returns. This flexibility combines with the naturally intuitive nature of the Snake to make him especially capable in dealing with people, situations and money. He has great people skills and will capitalize on the Snake’s natural charm to draw people to him. Any organisation would do well to have a Snake, who will be able to manage both the company’s interests and people to produce beneficial results.

Like the flow of water steadily running its course, the Water Snake has clear goals and strong, determined tenacity to see it through. This is the more patient of the Snakes who makes the most of a quiet external façade to accomplish what he has willfully set his mind to on the inside. There isn’t much that will be able to distract or derail a Water Snake from his goals. However, the Water element also softens the Snake’s stubbornness, so he will be more practical and open than other Snakes; he’ll also be a friendlier fellow to deal with.
The Wood Snake 

The Wood Snake makes the most of his magnetism and is the most approachable and friendly of all the Snakes. While most other Snakes stay quite guarded, this Snake is expressive, creative and communicative. The tenacity of the Snake comes through here in the most beneficial way – he channels it towards relationships, valuing long-lasting friendships and emotional stability. By these virtues, it is easy for this Snake to attract the things that he needs for what he wishes to accomplish – friends, resources and finances come easily to him.

In spite of this however, he is not complacent. He is resourceful and has set a life-long mission to continuously gain knowledge and put it immediately and fully into practice, so as to improve his own and others’ lives. This Snake will have an above-average ability to absorb new information, assimilate and analyse it so it can be used to its fullest potential.

By his effortless charm and strong presence, it is not unusual for Wood Snakes to be famous personalities who draw large followings and fans. Their drive for recognition means that they pay equal attention to both their external appearance as well as accomplishing goals they’ve set internally. He also has exceptional taste and likes to surround himself with beautiful things – art, good interior design, accessories. As he is a more sociable Snake, he will become a very great friend to many and be able to share much wisdom and advice. This Snake is not egoistic or selfish about sharing what he has with others.

The Fire Snake 

This is one of the most intense Snakes, with an exceptional drive, ambition and passion in everything he does – good and bad. He is outgoing, adventurous and very capable in all he does.

The Fire Snake has a particularly magnetic draw about him and an independent sense of leadership that inspires confidence in others. He knows what he’s doing and he makes sure you know it too. There aren’t many signs that are as confident and able as this one. He is also very intuitive, with a high emotional quotient that enables him to lead others and hold a crowd. He would do very well in areas like politics or PR, while his dynamism and intense charisma would bring him great success in the public arena – as a performer, for example.

Armed with a tremendous amount of energy, the Fire Snake is powerful and forceful – this drives him to accomplish great things, particularly what will win him fame, wealth and authority. If he’s got his sights set on something, it must be something big and impressive and he will make sure he achieves it, no matter how ruthless he must be to get there. Many will respect him for his amazing determination and passion alone.

However, this intensity can also alienate people around him. So set in his ways and very possessive over his own interests, the Fire Snake instinctively becomes guarded and suspicious of anyone who may threaten his path. He is quick to lash out at anyone who may not conform to his standards or ideals, and can become overly dominating.

The Earth Snake

The Earth element in this Snake makes him the most tempered and reasonable. He is still passionate in his endeavours but not at the intensity of other Snakes. As he is more grounded and level-headed, he is able to make good decisions and accurate observations. He’s not as hot-headed and more able to work through tasks with perseverance and discipline.

The root sign of the Snake bestows strong leadership characteristics and the Earth Snake certainly lives up to this quality. His earthy, practical and dependable nature makes him very capable at managing people and situations, and finding quick, effective solutions to problems. His analytical sharpness and ability to handle finances very well will also ensure that he can lead a team to stability and success.

The Earth Snake is also more able than most Snakes to get down to grass roots and cooperate with others. He is charming and warm, and more sensitive to the people around him. This, combined with his effortless leadership, sincerity, loyalty and reliability means that he will never be short of friends and people willing to rally around to support his endeavours.

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