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Dragon and its general characteristics with birth sign and specific characteristic as per birth element

The main characteristics 
Many Chinese believe that life will be more exciting when a Dragon is born into their family. If there are three Dragons within the family, they believe that they are blessed with incredible luck and prosperity. There may be some truth in their belief. Those born in the year of the Dragon have irrepressible energy, blinding determination and incredible self-confidence. They excel in all that they set their minds to and continuously raise their standards as they age.
You will not see a Dragon depending on others; they pride themselves on being self-reliant and independent. They don’t fare well being bound by people, places or even the laws of the land.

The Chinese believe that the Dragon symbolizes power, wealth and authority. It may be of no coincidence that those born in the year of the Dragon do reflect those qualities. Dragons are gifted with beauty, brains and an imagination many would envy. They exude a presence that commands attention, which stems from their inherent need for self-respect and self-sufficiency.

The public’s perception of the Dragon will never cease to conflict with who they truly are. Behind the Dragon’s hot-tempered words lays a cause he’s deeply passionate about. Behind the Dragon’s selfishness lays a strong moral code. Behind the Dragon’s controlling streak lays his energetic drive for success.

The Dragon is strong, energetic and a natural go-getter. He will seize any opportunity even if it involves a little risk. That extraordinary self-confidence supports his ability to be decisive in situations others may find distressing.
Dragons are also ambitious, determined and natural born leaders. They enjoy their independence and have the confidence, fortitude and drive to pioneer great things and forge ahead to uncharted territory.

The Dragon’s risk-taking streak may cause them to find themselves in situations more dangerous than exciting. However, this doesn’t seem to trouble the Dragon; in fact he thrives on challenges.
The impatience of the Dragon will mean that they will work harder than their peers. They want to see results in their work and in themselves immediately. Unfortunately, this impatience may cost them the more important things in life, such as missing out on important family events or neglecting loved ones.

Dragons are straight-talking and direct people, sometimes to a fault. They will not hide what they truly feel, especially if something or someone displeases them. They can also be irritable and stubborn, and their big mouths and sharp tongues will singe anyone who walks by. This can get them into trouble and offend.

Dragons also find it difficult to trust. Once they do trust, you’ll have a friend for life but if that trust is broken, be prepared to suffer the Dragon’s wrath. He’ll spit fire without mercy.

Dragons have different, unique perspectives and a vast imagination that will be highly valued by others. On an intellectual-level, they are clever, bright, sharp people. This makes them great assets to the work place and you can be sure that there will never be a dull moment with a Dragon in the office. He’ll always be the one pushing the envelope, introducing new ideas and rallying everyone else to get up and go with his huge amount of energy.

It is not uncommon for a Dragon to be the first in and last out of the office – their drive to success allows them to reach the top of any chosen profession. However, their intense persistence, along with their motto of “all work, no play”, may cause them to distance themselves from friends and family. The resilience of their minds does pay off though – with their perseverance and sharpness, they can make or break empires with the sheer might of their minds.

It is not uncommon to see Dragons on one-man crusades. Their drive and passion will cause them to make their life’s work fighting for things that they believe in, whether good or bad. Teammates would do well to be aware that a Dragon may throw all caution to the wind and fly off into grand horizons that he’s dreamed up on his own.

Love and Relationships
You will either find a Dragon getting married at a young age, or choosing to stay single all their lives. In fact, the Dragon may be happier alone.
Committed bachelors and bachelorettes will never find themselves lacking in love. Instead, they will be continuously surrounded by admirers. Take heed though – they have huge egos and will be insatiable lovers. Dragons are likely to leave a trail of broken hearts in their wake.

A Dragon caught in a young romance will find themselves in a series of highs and lows. Their mystical allure and trust-issues makes them difficult to get close to, but once you’re in their hearts you will find no greater lover than the Dragon. You’ll need to be of equal if not superior intellectual prowess to keep up with a Dragon lover though. Your best bet for keeping your Dragon partner happy and by your side is if he’s constantly stimulated, mentally and physically.

The Dragon is neither a spendthrift nor a miser, but he is sharp and self-sustaining. He will work hard enough to provide himself the financial freedom to do as he pleases. The Dragon is also blessed with good fortune wherever he goes and will not suffer any real financial setbacks, no matter how gloomy things may look to the rest of the financial world. Dragons seem to always have tricks up their sleeves, which constantly gives them opportunities to venture into money-making businesses. They naturally attract wealth and are sure to prosper from them.

Social Life
When a Dragon enters the room, all eyes falls on him. His outgoing nature and appealing appearance attracts many admirers and friends. Dragons will never feel loneliness or lack company, wherever they go people will approach them – rarely the other way round. It is not unlikely for a Dragon to have many friends and social circles, but he is also careful and deliberate about who he allows to come close. Try to infringe too closely, too quickly on a Dragon’s personal space and risk being burned!

They are adaptable and flexible, and you will not hear a Dragon complain that a party is too boring. They bring great charisma and self-assurance everywhere they go. Strike a conversation with a Dragon and you will not regret it – they will be able to talk about anything under the sun, and switch deftly from one topic to another.
Be forewarned though that under their easy-going, charming facade lays a temperamental Dragon ready to lash out. They are highly critical, idealists and perfectionists – a potent combination of qualities that will become demanding, exacting and condescending if things are not to their expectations.

Life Lessons
A Dragon has plenty of things to work on, particularly in controlling their temper and arrogance. They have plenty of very worthy advice to give but they must learn to temper their delivery and realise that with just a little tact, they could be spitting out jewels instead of fire.
The Dragon also needs to learn to temper his pride and deflate his ego slightly. He does have plenty to be proud of but without practising a little humility, he is more likely to drive people away than attract them. They should strive to develop stronger bonds with others, with humility, instead of severing them for no other reason but because they can.

It would do the Dragon a lot of good – and save a lot of heartache – if he were to learn how to exert more control over his impetuous, reckless tendencies. The Dragon’s penchant for jumping into things too quickly often leaves him feeling dissatisfied or burning many bridges along the way. He should start to take a step back and learn to give more thought and assessment to things.

The Dragon belongs in the same harmony trio as the Rat and Monkey, so any pairings with people born under these signs or in the hour ruled by these animals will be successful. This triangle of affinity are progress-orientated and go-getters. They will complement each other by their mutual desire to achieve and their relentless, go-getter energy and success-oriented attitudes.

The Rooster, Horse and Snake will also please the Dragon – all three are naturally intelligent, passionate and ambitious signs and will find it easy to support and work together with the high-flying Dragon. The Dragon also does well to join the more amiable Rabbit and Boar, whose ability to keep the peace and stay relaxed and happy will help to temper the Dragon’s zealousness.

The Dragon will not work well with the Dog. The Dog is too stubborn and will not bend even under the Dragon’s wrath. The Dragon will start to find him dull and unadventurous. Conversely, the slightly insecure Dog finds the Dragon arrogant and might suffer under the Dragon’s constant scrutiny and high-flying ideals.
The Dragon will not be compatible with the Ox, Tiger or Sheep either. The Ox is too obstinate for the Dragon’s liking, while the Sheep’s whining, insecure, worrisome ways will conflict with the Dragon’s zeal, ambition and courage. There will be a clash of wills with the equally headstrong Tiger.

The Dragon and the Five Elements

The Dragon element is Wood

The Dragon sign is of the Wood element. Generally, Wood bestows an expansive, open characteristic to people born with this element. They find it easy to get along well with others, especially in a group context and bring good, energising vibes to any situation. They are compassionate people, who look for ways to help others and bring justice.

The Metal Dragon 

The Metal Dragon is the most strong-willed among all Dragons. These Dragons possess all the qualities to achieve great success: enthusiasm, unwavering confidence and intense determination.
The Metal element only serves to strengthen the already powerful Dragon. They are born leaders who are very expressive, and at times may be unknowingly critical. They are unfazed by challenges and will never give failure a thought. Intensely driven to accomplish big things in life, they have a rigid “zero-tolerance” rule for laziness and playfulness, which applies to themselves and others.

Despite the fact that they are whole-heartedly content on working on their own, they will attract a legion of followers. They have the courage of a general leading his army into war, and hence followers naturally feel convinced with every word the Metal Dragon utters. After all, with a Metal Dragon, victorious success is the only option.
Their words can either make it or break it. They are able to persuade non-believers into passionate fighters. However, they will not fare well in situations which require some level of diplomatic skills. Disagree with what he has to say? He’ll march off with his head up on his own solitary way. Tough and bright, they will compete with all their might!

The Water Dragon 

The calmness and coolness of Water pacifies the naturally aggressive Dragon. This attribute will provide the Dragon with clarity and balance making them good negotiators and diplomats. Unlike the Fire Dragon, they are able to take time out to think and plan their next move wisely.

The secret to their success lays in their ability to be humorous when necessary, hardworking when necessary and to bite their tongue when necessary. They are able to control their emotions and thoughts providing them the composure and stability the other Dragons lack.
Passionate, opportunistic and progressive, they will not feel defeated even when they fall flat on the ground or if a door is slammed in their face. To them, it’s part of the growing process that everyone must go through – they are no different so there is nothing to be ashamed of!

They believe in a slow-and-steady approach, as opposed to the Metal Dragon who charges towards a goal. They are patient enough to know that good things come to those who wait. Don’t mistake their patience for inertness or passiveness. Just remember, who won the race: the rabbit or the tortoise?
The Water element will also make him expansive, open and gentle with others. The Water Dragon enjoys company, cooperativeness and sharing.

The Wood Dragon

The Wood Dragon is characterized by his uncanny ability to attract fortune and luck in spite of his often peculiar choices. Wood Dragons possess a natural curiosity towards everything and are unafraid to explore the unexplored. 

Unaffected by what others say, coupled with their creativeness and innovativeness, they have what it takes to be the revolutionary developers necessary for society’s growth.  They are able to generate a dominating force within anything they set their minds to. They are original, innovative thinkers and doers – they enjoy intellectual stimulation more than to strive for corporate success. Success to them falls not within society’s definition; they may be successful in life, but perhaps not in their career.

They are non-confrontational and it is uncommon for the Wood Dragon to be on anyone’s hate list. Although they are unaffected by what others say, they will avoid stepping on anyone’s toes – why cause trouble when harmony is a viable option? However, his naturally curious nature will also mean that he has a tendency to overanalyse things to a point that exasperates everyone else around him. Don’t forget that he is still a Dragon and has a naturally large ego that must always look out for itself and what will be most advantageous to him.
The Fire Dragon 

The Fire element strengthens the naturally fiery Dragon. They breathe power and ambition, and are unsurprisingly the most competitive of all Dragons. They have intense energy and place high expectations in all areas of their life: love, career, self-development etc.

As self-cultivated perfectionists, they become an unstoppable force due to their high intelligence. They have the Midas Touch and will succeed in whatever they do. If they choose to be, they have the potential to become great leaders. This is especially so if they are able to subdue their temper and energy-exhausting pace. Others may mistake their overzealous and powerful approach towards leadership to be dictator-like! The Fire Dragon demands as much from others as he demands from himself. Their emotions have a tendency to control their actions, and at times they may react recklessly causing them to accumulate plenty to regret.
However, although they may shoot fire at others, they in actual fact place great care towards others’ well-being. They will be the first to donate towards a charitable cause and the first to uncover the truth on behalf of the wrongly accused.

With their vibrant charisma and larger-than-life personality, it’s no doubt that most Fire Dragons become celebrities.

The Earth Dragon 

The Earth element allows the Dragon to be more grounded, level-headed and stable. Their friendships are long-term commitments, and they tend to be more sociable than other Dragons. However, despite the fact that they are naturally liked by everyone – peers and teachers, colleagues and employers – they have the tendency to remain impersonal, mostly because they are more concerned with creating realistic, practical outcomes than indulging in fanciful ideas.
Their innate talents can be developed and enhanced due to their patient and hardworking nature. As self-motivators, they constantly have the need for personal improvement even if the external world does not call for it. This causes them to be contemplators, who like to spend plenty of time in introspection.

Their need for logic and common sense sees many Earth Dragons maturing into morally-sound and well-rounded individuals. They have clear objectives in life that are realized due to their business acumen, flexibility and creativity. With their reasonable, level-headed approach to goals and their naturally generous nature, they are able to generate wealth as easily as they are able to obtain support for their work. Then, once they have what they need, they have the skill of churning everything to its greatest potential. This Dragon is especially resourceful and broad-thinking, producing benefits for the greater good.

It’s not unusual for Earth Dragons to receive accolades within their profession.

Cultivate Generous Thought and practice giving gifts to the Sanghas.

The Buddha once explained that it is a meritorious act even to throw away the water after washing one's plate with the generous thought:...