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Dog and its general characteristics with their birth sign and specific characteristics as per birth element.

General Characteristics 
The Dog is the most likeable of the signs being very amiable and extremely accommodating to others’ needs. He finds it easy and natural to be giving and helpful – altruism is an inherent part of who he is and all that he does.

Driven only by goodness, the righteous Dog will put his all into righting wrongs and helping to relieve the suffering of others. He himself has little personal ambition – he doesn’t have any particular desire to jostle for power, status nor wealth, which makes it all the easier for him to sacrifice any and everything he has for the sake of someone else’s happiness. They are at their best playing supportive roles. He is truly man’s best friend and is in his strongest element when he is able to help someone.

The Dog is also very grounded and realistic, with his two feet firmly on the ground. He is reliable, trustworthy and committed and you can be sure of his loyalty and friendship until the very end.

Stalwart and dependable, the Dog is most beloved for his strong sense of loyalty and devotion – you can count on him to be there for you to the end of your days. He is also highly ethical and won’t stand for injustice – the kind-hearted Dog will do everything in his might to stand up for the underdog and to protect his loved ones. Even if he doesn’t know you that well, he will always champion a cause to right a wrong and help those truly in need.

This is one of the most selfless and altruistic signs who easily puts the needs of others before himself. For others, he will work hard and steadily, he will go all out of his way to help and defend them, he will sit for hours and let you cry on his shoulder. He is generally easy-going in dealing with people and even if slighted, is not one to hold a grudge nor want to extract revenge.

He is also one of the most reliable signs – once he’s promised something, you can be sure he will honour his word. He is a good, stable worker and though he may not produce the most astonishing kind of results, his steadiness is a much respected, lifelong quality. The Dog is also very tough, with a high threshold for pain and hardship, particularly if it is for others’ benefit.

Much as he is a hugely loyal friend, the Dog must first be fully convinced that you are worth being a friend to. It will take some convincing to get him fully and strongly on your side. He doesn’t allow for in-betweens – you’re either his friend or you’re not and it’ll be hard to change his mind about either once he’s made up his mind. He is also a stickler for tradition and convention – it is difficult to get him to accept unconventional new ideas.

The Dog can have the tendency to be moody and pessimistic, especially about himself and his own capabilities. Because he has difficulty dealing with his emotions and expressing himself in a constructive way, he can tend to become moody, impatient and snappy. Often, a Dog may be regarded as cold to someone he’s not close to, but he’s actually just on guard and not quite sure how to open himself emotionally to others.

The Dog is also known for being critical and finds himself instinctively drawn towards negative patterns of thinking. He can be critical of both people and situations, with the pessimistic tendency to always anticipate worst-case scenarios. More often than not, his worries are just self-imposed burdens and not nearly as bad as he imagines them to be.

The Dog is always helpful and always ready to step forward to work. He’d make an excellent member of a team, willing to pitch in and help wherever he can without demanding any recognition or attention. His altruistic nature and loyalty will see him through any task and look out for his teammates too – he’ll be more than happy to step forward to help a colleague if it will lessen his burden.

He is also grounded and realistic. While some may find this boring and unstimulating, he will be the one the team can always depend on to keep the most level head and keep the team unified and happy. He is the perfect pacifist. You can count on the Dog to be the most honest worker too. He’ll never cut corners or try to shortchange his clients; he’s too ethical for that. He earns his success by sheer conscientious hard work, sincerity and determination.

Love and Relationships
This man’s best friend is a conundrum – though he is among the most trustworthy and reliable of friends, he himself has trouble trusting others. It will take him a long way to open up and accept someone completely, though when he eventually does, you know you’ll have a loving partner forever. Once in a relationship, they have little problems because they are so giving and will bend over backwards for the happiness and wellbeing of their partner. A Dog seems to live by the rule that if his loved ones are happy, he is happy, which makes for harmony all around.

The only aspect of a Dog which will have a negative impact on his relationship is his worrying, insecurities and general pessimism. This might weight heavy on his partner and cause tensions if the partner isn’t able or willing to constantly reassure him and boost his confidence.

Not inclined to an extravagant lifestyle, the Dog takes a practical approach to everything, including finances. He goes about with his head squarely on his shoulders and will not spend unnecessarily.
This does not mean the Dog is stingy, he’s just prudent about the way he spends and will get the best out of every purchase. He won’t understand the need for things like impulse buys or extravagant, excessive spending.

Social life
The Dog will categorise you either as a friend or a foe. There is none of that uncertain in-between of “acquaintances” or “associates”. If you’re not his friend, he will always be wary of you. Like a cautious, snarling guard dog, he’ll subject you to a lifetime of criticism and show you his bad tempers. If you’re lucky enough to be his friend, you’ll be in for life and he will do everything he can to protect his friends.

Socially, the Dog will probably not be the life of the party. If life were a movie, he’d be the supporting actor; in sport he’d be the cheerleader. He’ll be the best audience for his more outgoing friends – he’ll listen attentively as you tell your stories, laugh at all your jokes and be the peace-making, unifying factor in any group of friends.

Life Lessons
Life would be happier for the Dog if he learnt to be more tolerant of others and forgiving of their misdemeanors. He should try to practise looking for the good in others and focusing on their strengths, rather than dwell on their faults and harp on the wrongs they have done.
It would also to be his advantage if he were less obstinate and more open to embracing new ideas instead of holding on so fast to older, traditional ways of thinking. In general the Dog could do with a lot of lightening up and letting go! He can be overly serious and anxious, worrying about outcomes that may never happen. This is the key point – if he realizes that he cannot control every situation exactly as he wants it, he will be able to live more freely.

Actually, because the Dog will usually give in to others and finds it natural and easy to sacrifice his own needs for others, it is relatively easier for him to get along with almost every other animal.
The Dog is in the same affinity trio as the Tiger and Horse. A spirited and noble-thinking group, they work exceptionally well together to fight for causes they believe in and champion the underdog. 

Individually, the Dog will indulge the Tiger’s headstrong tendencies, while the Tiger appreciates the firm grounding that the Dog insists on. While the Horse and Dog have contrasting modes of working, with the former being very impulsive and the latter very grounded, they are both very amiable, people persons and will be able to accommodate each other.

Other signs known for their friendliness and altruistic dispositions – such as the Rabbit and Boar – will also get along well with the Dog. They will always know how to work with each other gently and amicably, making full use of each other’s skills and talents without either side being demanding or imposing.

The Dog also finds a good friend in the Snake, whose ambition and drive he will like. At the same time, the normally cautious, untrusting Snake appreciates the Dog’s loyalty, propensity for goodness and honesty.

The Dog’s most direct opponent is the Dragon, whose powerful nature is perhaps a little too overwhelming for him.
He will also be at odds with the Ox. Both are very serious personalities and the Dog’s naturally defensive instincts will feel challenged by the Ox’s unmoving, unbending firmness. Similarly, the worrisome nature of both Sheep and Dog will be a cause for conflict between the two. Neither will be able to assure the other and their insecurities will only rub each other up the wrong way.

The Rooster, too loud and eccentric for the grounded Dog, will also prove a difficult match for him. He won’t be able to understand the extravagance of the Rooster.

The Dog and the Five Elements

The element of Dog is  Earth

The Dog sign is of the Earth element. Generally, people born with the Earth element are known for being unpretentious and honest. This element brings them a strong sense of stability and integrity. Earth people are very reliable and you can be sure of their loyalty, hard work, common sense and practical approach to making the best of every situation.

The Metal Dog 

The Dog is already known for being a very loyal sign – the Metal Dog is all the more so and can be depended upon to be a stalwart, lifelong friend. Altruistic in nature, this Dog will give everything he has for the sake of someone or something he has committed to, to a point that he may become too overprotective or possessive. It can also mean he often takes a backseat (particularly in relationships) becoming passive and even a little bullied.

Metal Dogs can also tend to be outspoken, especially if it’s for something that they believe in strongly… and boy, can the Metal Dog be righteous. He has extremely high ethical codes and will do whatever it takes to fight for justice, expecting others to be just as principled and noble as himself. He will make himself heard and speak up for others – this is one of the frankest more forthright people you will meet. No beating round the bush, this conservative, serious character will tell it to you as it is.
Their loyalty however, can have a dark side too. It can mean that if someone has wronged them, they become enemies for life and the Metal Dog can be relentless in their drive to get rid of enemies or to force them to align their views to his.

The Water Dog 

While Dogs are often quite guarded and find it hard to trust others, the Water Dog is the most pliable and open. The friendly, loyal character of the Dog is brought out all the more with the Water element, which makes him more sensitive to others and more able to establish good relationships with them.

The Water Dog maintains a very cool and approachable façade; he is often charming and very good looking too, making it easy for him to draw many admirers and develop large circles of friends. He works well with people, maintaining very fair views and holding strongly to what he believes he’s right, as all Dogs do – this would make him excel in vocations such as counseling or law. The Water in him makes him especially good at expressing himself in ways that will please and help others.

His more open nature also allows the Water Dog to listen to and accept others’ views. He is adaptable and able to fit into different environments, with the skill to approach problems openly and with new ideas. The only downside to this is that he can be very “open” with himself too, which can lean towards being too self-indulgent.

The Wood Dog 

Solid and stable as oak trees, the Wood Dog has very firm principles and a reliable, stable nature. People will like working with him because of his intrinsically altruistic nature and desire to make others happy. It may be a bit hard to get through to him at first – he is a Dog after all, and they are always a little cautious of letting people in. However, once you’re in, you have a friend for life. The Wood Dog likes solid, lifelong friendships.

The Wood Dog has his head squarely on his shoulders so even if he is attracted to material wealth, he won’t be over-indulgent and will know how to strike a good balance. This also means that he will also know how to follow the best and more ethical course of action; the Wood Dog has a very strong sense of morals. He expects the best from himself and others, and most of his life with be defined by heroism. You can count on the Wood Dog to save the day and stand up for others.

Any team would do well to have a Wood Dog in their midst for he will set out to accomplish everything he’s decided upon. He’ll also do it well, ethically and is not afraid to develop and improve himself along the way. He has a lot of energy, capacity for hard work and a logical, clear mind that makes measured, mature decisions.

The Fire Dog 

Expressive and dynamic, the Fire Dog is among the most popular Dogs who will draw not only many friendships but also many suitors! This Dog is more likely to take risks, with a natural draw to adventure and exciting new challenges. When things get tough however, the Fire Dog may not be as well prepared and often shirks from adversity.

At the heart of all he does, the Fire Dog is just as passionate and strong-willed as his other Dog siblings about upholding his ideals and what he believes is right. Try forcing a Fire Dog to do something he doesn’t believe in or attacking his principles, and you could be up for a big fight. Unlike other dogs, he doesn’t just make a threat – he’ll see it through.

While he has the natural friendliness and charm of all Dogs, the Fire Dog has a particularly independent, strong spirit. He is led by his strong ideals and a clear, honest way of doing things which will gain him the respect of many.

The Earth Dog 

The Earth Dog is careful and practical but also holds on to his ideals and standards very strongly. Because of these qualities, he can be a very hard worker, sometimes expecting the same devotion and stability from others. Not one to be afraid of sharing his views, he will also be a straight-talker, very honest and direct, perhaps to a point that is overly critical. You can however, depend on him to give good advice and even be there to help you see it through.

Of all the Dogs, the Earth Dog is practical enough to listen to the views of others and is more amenable to accepting others’ decisions. Like the steady Earth, this Dog is a realist, one who plans quietly and wisely and doesn’t make rash decisions. He is also more able to manage his emotions, and won’t be likely to swing between extremes of feelings. Intuitive and sensible, this Dog will know how to work best with others in a team. He is good at harnessing the best out of the resources he has and the talents of people around him.

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