Thursday, February 27, 2020

12th Mahasiddha Tsalukipa… Caluki/Culiki: “The Revitalized Drone” of the 84thMahasiddhas

Celuka was born of low caste in Mangalapur and had always been idle in his action and thoughts, blaming it on lethargy all the time. Nevertheless, he had been frightened by the nightmare of samsaric existence. As he was sitting beneath a tree one day, yogin Maitripa passed by him and asked him what he was doing. Celuka revealed to the yogin that he intended to obtain a sadhana to escape samsara sufferings. However, he lacked a master who could instruct him the proper methods and paths and was lazy to search for one. He then made a request to the yogin for advice to overcome his laziness.

Yogin Maitripa suggested that Celuka take an initiation to dispel his laziness and granted him the initiation and empowerment of Samvara. Celuka was instructed the methods and significance of the meditation. Celuka was to meditate on his body, speech and mind and through keeping his psychic energies in the central channel of his body, he would eventually overcome his idle mind and attain enlightenment. 

Celuka meditated as told for nine years, dispelling his ignorant mind.

Cultivate Generous Thought and practice giving gifts to the Sanghas.

The Buddha once explained that it is a meritorious act even to throw away the water after washing one's plate with the generous thought:...