Thursday, January 16, 2020

One Mantra can purify all your negative karma. Recite and liberate yourself when you have an opportunity.

Medicine Buddha mantra is much more precious than skies of gold, diamonds and wish fulfilling jewels. All this wealth means nothing because it can’t purify all the negative karma. 

Medicine Buddha mantra is much more precious than those wealth because it leaves imprints of the whole path to enlightenment in your mind. It ceases all the gross and subtle defilements and makes you achieve enlightenment. 

Medicine Buddha had taken 12 vows when he was Bodhisattva to help all sentient beings before he became a Buddha. 

Just remembering medicine Buddha’s name and his vows brings healing. Reading the twelve vows is also a healing experience. Reciting the Medicine Guru sutra is very powerful and brings out immense benefits to you and other sentient beings.

According to this Sutra, Bhaisajyaguru, Buddha selflessly wrote:
  1. I vow that my body shall shine as beams of brilliant light on this infinite and boundless world, showering on all beings, getting rid of their ignorance and worries with my teachings. May all beings be like me, with a perfect status and character, upright mind and soul, and finally attaining enlightenment like the Buddha. 
  2. I vow that my body be like crystal, pure and flawless, radiating rays of splendid light to every corner, brightening up and enlightening all beings with wisdom. With the blessings of compassion, may all beings strengthen their spiritual power and physical energy, so that they could fulfill their dreams in the right track.
  3. I vow that I shall grant by means of boundless wisdom, all beings with the inexhaustible things that they require, and relieving them from all pains and guilt resulting from materialistic desires. Although clothing, food, accommodation and transport are essentials, it should be utilized wisely as well. Besides self-consumption, the remaining should be generously shared with the community so that all could live harmoniously together.
  4. I vow to lead those who have gone astray back to the path of righteousness. Let them be corrected and returned to the Buddha way for enlightenment.
  5. I vow that I shall enable all sentient beings to observe precepts for spiritual purity and moral conduct. Should there be any relapse or violation, they shall be guided for repentance. Provided they truly regret their wrongdoings, and vow for a change with constant prayers and strong faith in the Buddha, they could receive the rays of forgiveness, recover their lost moral and purity.
  6. I vow that all beings who are physically disabled or sick in all aspects be blessed with good health, both physically and mentally. All who pays homage to Buddha faithfully will be blessed.
  7. I vow to relieve all pain and poverty of the very sick and poor. The sick be cured, the helpless be helped, the poor be assisted.
  8. I vow to help women who are undergoing sufferings and tortures and seeking for transformation into men. By hearing my name, paying homage and praying, their wishes would be granted and ultimately attain Buddhahood.
  9. I vow to free all beings from evil thoughts and its control. I shall lead them onto the path of light through inculcating them with righteousness and honor so that they will walk the Buddha way.
  10. I vow to save prisoners who have genuinely repented and victims of natural disasters. Those who are sincere will be blessed by my supreme powers and be freed from sufferings.
  11. I vow to save those who suffer from starvation and those who committed crime to obtain food. If they hear my name and faithfully cherish it, I shall lead them to the advantages of Dharma and favor them with best food and eventually lead a tranquil and happy life.
  12. I vow to save those who suffer from poverty, tormented by mosquitoes and wasps day and night. If they come across my name, cherish it with sincerity and practice dharma to strengthen their merits, they will be able to achieve their wishes.

Who couldn’t feel drawn to a Buddha willing to help us with such powerful vows, simply by virtue of calling his name?

Medicine Buddha’s mantra:
 ཏ་དྱ་ཐཱ༔ ཨོཾ་བྷཻ་ཥ་ཛྱེ་བྷཻ་ཥ་ཛྱེ་མ་ཧཱ་བྷཻ་ཥ་ཛྱེ་བྷཻ་ཥ་ཛྱེ༔ རཱ་ཛ་ས་མུདྒ་ཏེ་སྭཱ་ཧཱ༔
 "Tayata Om Bhekandze Bhekandze Maha Bhekandze Raja Samudgate Soha"

Mantra meaning in English

"May the many sentient beings who are sick,
Quickly be freed from sickness.
And may all the sicknesses of beings
Never arise again."

Practicing this mantra, it cures us of physical disease, if we chant it 108 times near a glass of water (and with correct pronunciation), the water will be blessed with the healing powers of the mantra.
If we recite this mantra every day (minimum of five malas,), the mantra will purify our negative karma. Also, the daily chanting of the mantra can help the practitioner to overcome physical, mental and spiritual sickness. 

So why wait, make your path by reciting Sangay Menlha's Mantras.

Cultivate Generous Thought and practice giving gifts to the Sanghas.

The Buddha once explained that it is a meritorious act even to throw away the water after washing one's plate with the generous thought:...