Monday, October 14, 2019

Mantra to Bless the Rosary

Many Buddhist people always keep rosary to keep count of their mantra recitation. Lama and monks also keep rosary to keep count of certain numbers of mantra as per scripture’s requirement. Rosary is therefore part and parcel of a Buddhist practitioner.

To enhance the benefits of using rosary to recite various types of mantras, there is one specific Mantra, if recited can bless the Rosary and multiply it effectiveness by many folds. This Mantra is given below:

Early in the morning it is very virtuous to recite this Rosary blessing mantra. By reciting it will increase all the merits you accumulate during the day by many times and also make your life very meaningful.

What you have to do is take out your Rosary and recite this mantra seven times and then blow on your rosary. All the recitations you do of the secret mantras taught by the Tathagata are multiplied by one hundred sextillion times (1023). 

This mantra was taught in the sutra Unfathomable Mansion of Increasing Jewels”.  Buddha taught it so that sentient beings’ merits could be increased. Due to the power of Buddha’s compassionate wish to bring sentient beings to enlightenment, reciting even one mantra can become very powerful.

Hope you will recite this Mantra and bless your rosary every morning and reap the maximum benefits for the benefits of all sentient beings.

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