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Personality Profile based on birth year

According to legend, when the Buddha was about to attain the final liberation of parinirvana, he wanted to meet with all the animals so that he could bless them, but only twelve came. In recognition of this, the Blessed One named the years of the twelve-year cycle in their honor, according to the order in which they appeared before him.

The animal associated with a year gives it its specific character and influences the life and the personality of those born under its aegis. This, however, is crude and general-more specific data (particulars of month, day, and hour of birth) is required in order to obtain a truly personalized profile.


The Rat is full of charm, loves company and acts with flair, is direct in dealings with people, and is widely appreciated. However, although amiable and generous on the outside, but in reality egotistical, calculating, and manipulative.

The Rat is independent and careful, keenly aware of the to protect its internal universe and accumulate wealth, rat likes money. The Rat's ambitions are realized in social the Rat must succeed at all costs. The Rat is selfish and readily abuses others, who must serve its plans. The Rat is discreet in own matters that concern it and able to turn almost everything to in own advantage. It is therefore successful in most of its undertakings, provided it does not become scattered, as can happen. It can adapt itself to all situations, is a skilled organizer, and has excellent prospects

The Rat is sensual and appreciates luxury. In its emotional life, it is sentimental and generous to those it likes, particularly its family. Once its confidence has been gained, it is excellent as an intimate friend.

Its outward behavior, at once brilliant and calm, conceals great interior aggression. A frustrated or crossed Rat becomes manipulative, aggressive, backbiting, vengeful, and obstinate.


The Ox is a real monolith. Stable, solid, tenacious, and obstinate, it is a great worker. Independent and discreet, it does not meddle in the affairs of others. It is incapable of frivolity and speaks only on the basis of sound knowledge-and can then displays the qualities of a first-class orator

The Ox's quiet strength, its sober intelligence and logic, its competence and its sense of responsibility make it someone to be trusted. It is an excellent leader and demands as much of itself as of others. In adversity, the Ox is impartial but at the same time does not easily change its mind. It is obstinate and traditionalist, materialistic and unemotional, and cannot be persuaded other than by its own weapon, logic.

On the outside, the Ox appears rough, surly, and reserved.  When misunderstood and unsatisfied, it becomes rigid, authoritarian, conventional, and resistant to change. Although naturally patient,  it should not be pushed, for it then displays a terrible anger that overturns everything in its path.

At the emotional level, the Ox is slow and naive and its fidelity can withstand any test. But if thwarted, it can play dirty.


The Tiger is a symbol of awakening to life, which it seizes enthusiastically and with determination. Unpredictable and daring, the Tiger dislikes monotony. It likes to put itself forward and command, but hates to obey and is a fierce enemy of hierarchy and convention.

The Tiger's fondness for independence leads it to an unconventional lifestyle. It has artistic imagination and keeps away from the beaten track. A noble and generous master, the Tiger meets challenges with audacity, but lacks moderation and has difficulty calming its emotions. When crossed, the bad side of its character appears and it can become violently enraged, for it is a superego and cannot bear to have its weak points touched.

The Tiger is a romantic and passionate lover, jealous but not very faithful, and always feels a need to pour out its heart. When its faults get the better of it, it is a hothead, a rebel, easy but quick tempered.


The Hare is a model of calm, virtue, and prudence and is loved for its elegance, its good manners, and its kindness. Its speech is soft and its subtlety of judgment makes it an excellent diplomat and a good negotiator.
The Hare is also worldly and enjoys luxury. However, despite these surface qualities, it hates the unexpected and the sudden: its principal concern is to maintain a life of calm and comfort in a peaceful environment. It is therefore discreet, sometimes indifferent, and dislikes confusion. It is not endowed with great bravery and seeks to avoid all difficulties sidestepping them if need be without becoming involved. Nothing more precious to the Hare than its own narcissistic comfort, and its main fear is the disturbance of its psychic balances private space. It is polite even to enemies but beware! The Hare is crafty and its attacks are subtle and threatened, it becomes suspicious and underhand even cunning, in fear of being trapped or driven to the wall. It is very sensitive to criticism. In love, the Hare is sensual but not very faithful, and does not like to become involved in emotions. It hates intrusion in its private life and is distant to its own family.


The Dragon is a flamboyant person, impetuous and lucky.
The Dragon is said to be blessed with four things: wealth,virtue, harmony, and long life-as long as it is in control. The Dragon is full of energy and convinced of its own superiority. It is a natural leader and has great wisdom. In order to live to the full it must feel itself as the object of destiny and have some special mission to perform. The Dragon is a "person of the moment and likes big enterprises. It may be a little inclined to megalomania, but is always sincere.

The Dragon is full of enthusiasm, institutive, and endowed with a superior intelligence. It is widely admired, which allows it to exert its influence and express its manipulative tendencies. It follows only its own judgment and despises the opinions of others. The Dragon is full of its own idealism, but it can run aground and does not know how to cut corners.

The Dragon is very demanding and is never satisfied with those around it-they always lack breadth and never achieve the desired height. Nothing and nobody is good enough for the Dragon, which is why it is irritable, frustrated, unhappy, and always asking for more. If it meets strong opposition, it will fight bravely and will not mince its words. It speaks out frankly and has no tact. It is impatient and prone to attacking without guarding its retreat. Its anger is terrible and wounding but it forgives easily once it has recovered its calm. The Dragon never accepts defeat, and nothing can overcome it.

In society, it likes pomp and is a born showman. It is a visionary and mocks at preachers and failed idealists. However, it is generous and energetic and a good friend whose advice is valuable. The Dragon is very open and cannot easily conceal its explosive feelings. It is a sincere but demanding lover.


The Snake is a deep thinker endowed with innate wisdom. It also has a great talent for seduction, as well as good manners natural grace, good humor, and a taste for refinement. The Snake attracts company, enjoys style and all the good things of life, for it is an elegant sensualist. The Snake talks little, keeps its own secrets, thinks a lot, and trusts only its own judgment. At times it can be headstrong and stubborn. It does not tolerate hardship or defeat and can become jealous and play dirty-it is then implacably calculating and coldly waits the moment to strike, not hesitating to trick hypocrites. Although the Snake is sociable, it is touchy, untrustworthy, and easily angered. Its anger is violent and vengeful.

This sign must accept its karma, and cannot escape from it.
However, a Snake knows how to change its skin and learns quickly from experience. The Snake is very fond of sex, exclusive, possessive, and jealous. It dominates its partner but is always faithful.


The Horse has abundant energy and a lively mind; it is passionate, eager, and charming. It is adventurous and soon leaves the family to explore the world. It likes exercise and is always on the move, leading a life of excitement. It is very sociable, more brilliant than intelligent, and draws to itself inventive people who will help it to attain success. It is an eloquent leader, sometimes talks too much and cannot keep a secret. Its nature is changeable and unstable.

The Horse is falsely independent: it wishes to be free but has a gut fear of failure, and for this reason it needs a supportive environment and looks everywhere for props. Its family and friends must arrange themselves around the Horse and in order to secure this position, it uses charm and assurance. The Horse is an opportunist who cannot bear to be ignored.

Although the Horse is an egoist, it is neither jealous nor possessive, but its impatience can lead it to disaster. Its interest fades almost as soon as it is aroused.


The Sheep is good-natured, gentle, and easy going, with a warm and tender heart. The Sheep has a strong sense of justice, but is indulgent and easily forgives. It loves nature and sensitive to art but never strays from the beaten track.

Independent by nature, the Sheep can adapt to circumstances and seeks the protection of powerful people. It follows the trend, is terrified by obstacles, and leaves it to other responsibilities. It is a first-class team member but has no initiative and cannot exercise leadership. In its desire to be protected, it can easily allow itself to be used.

The Sheep is a pessimist and a worrier, easily loses its practical sense, and takes refuge in dreams, becoming whimsical, eccentric, or even theatrical. In adversity, the Sheep sulk in a corner and its weakness is disarming. It gets what it wants without violence and by devious paths and does not hesitate to become a parasite.

The Sheep has a great deal of filial spirit. In love, it is superficial and unstable, but a protective partner is good for it

The Monkey is inventive and well adapted to life, and likes movement and great undertakings. It is wily, lively, agile, and at home in any work. In company, it seems brilliant, good humored, and pleasant, as well as playful and affable. However, the Monkey is a clever diplomat and a born strategist who never acts without a plan in mind. It solves problems easily and is good at everything. Nothing pleases the Monkey more than its own ingenuity, for the Monkey has a superiority complex. Its humor is always at the expense of others and it believes it is immune to criticism. The Monkey never allows itself to be trapped and escapes from difficulties by means of clever dances of which it alone knows the secret. It likes to strut and chokes itself with fine words.

The Monkey is an opportunist and seizes any chance that presents itself and profits from it. It is entirely amoral and performs good or bad acts with equal indifference as long as they are to its own benefit. It has little time for scruples

It is cultured and has a great thirst for knowledge, but as soon as it has mastered something it abandons it and turns to something else. It may meet obstacles and difficulties but its lucidity and suppleness enable it to land on its feet. In love, the Monkey is still an adolescent, seductive and passionate.


The Rooster is endowed with a sparkling and honest nature and a great appetite for life. It hates routine, likes fantasy, and enthusiastically seeks novelty. The Rooster has an inquiring mind and a lively intelligence. It is alert, organized, honest, and frank, and sometimes brutal in its criticisms.

These gifts make it see itself as out of the ordinary, and it like to appear so. It enjoys witticism and display where it can use its colorful appearance. It is confident, amusing, joyful, and garrulous and loses no opportunity to talk about itself. It loves discussion provided the subject is itself, and it excels in controversy.

The Rooster seems sure of itself but is really deeply anxious about its image. To ignore it is the worst insult. It is selfish stubborn and thinks it is always in the right. It prefers to work for itself rather than be exposed to the criticisms of superiors. Its dreams are somewhat fantastic and ambitious, and if it fails it always thinks it can do better next time. It is a perfectionist and a scientist, but it can get lost in detail. Nevertheless, it is a good organizer and manager with sound financial sense.

Although conceited and pedantic, it is generous and surrounds itself with many friends. Its flair assures it the attention of important people. In its emotional life, it knows the heights and the depths and it finds difficulty in achieving balance. If it learns how to calm itself, it can find happiness in simplicity.


The Dog is loyalty and honesty personified. It is intelligent, has a strong sense of justice, and is a conscientious worker. It is an obliging friend and cannot help itself from lending hand. However, it is careful and analytic, takes a long time make decisions, and avoids being in the forefront. Its judgment is sound, and it is trustworthy, devoted, and altruistic.

The Dog cannot tolerate hypocrisy or ill will, but its anger is brief, inspired by its sense of morality. The Dog is not playful for its life is too serious. The Dog moralizes and analyzes situation so much that it becomes pessimistic.

The Dog is intuitive. It scents danger and exaggerates it, which makes it a worrier. If cheated, the Dog can display bitter cynicism. It may be a little alarmist. Its life is a heavy burden, and if it persists in taking everything seriously, it will have few opportunities for happiness. The Dog's affections are lasting if it is able to master its pessimism.


The Pig is honest, simple, and good-natured. It is jovial and natural and comes straight to the point. Its heart is pure and without malice. It is a "good person" with stable and beneficial friendships, and can be trusted. It is sincere, amiable, and charitable, but it is how to say no, it is a favorite victim for con artists. It is tolerant, hates lies, and prefers silence. However, when crossed it can defend itself savagely.

Although it appears to be unselfish, the Pig is fond of money. It is generous to friends and likes to share but expects to be repaid when the occasion arises. If need be, it will help itself.

The Pig is known for its sensuality, and it pursues pleasure diligently, sometimes as far as depravity.

Reference: Tibetan Astrology, philippe cornu

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