Wednesday, August 28, 2019

SHIN RTSE (Horoscope for the death person)

You must have noticed that whenever there is death in the house, the first thing before touching dead body is to look for an astrologer to see “Shin rtse”, horoscope of a person's death. Death horoscopes serve several purposes:

·      defining the right time for disposing of the body,
·       understanding the presumed rebirth destination, and
·      revealing how the deceased’s family can improve their rebirth.

It is assumed that once a death occurs in a family, the other family mem- ber's life would also be in danger. In order to avert this misfortune, the death horoscope is religiously consulted by providing certain fees. According to horoscope, mantra  are chanted and  series of rituals lined up  and performed as a protective measure. In some cases the death due to certain timing also do harm the whole community. In this senerio, the family  member should inform the community and accordingly joint rituals are to be organized and performed.

If possible lama  must be invited  to conducts a preventative ceremony before the astrologer casts the death horoscope to prevent any of the eight classes of demonic spirits from harming the deceased. Generally, the chanting of mantras may combat the demons and ward off evil spirits, as well as help interpret the death chart.
The astrolger when making death chart the following important points are noted:
1.    On which object, the death person's mind or soul is found attached to and whether this household items must be removed or not.
2.    On which article or objects the spirit who took away the life of that person resides. If spirit still reside inside the house than fire ritual mask dance is to be performed to chase the demons  away to prevent future attacks at living family members.  This is very important.
3.    The funeral day and time of which the dead body be removed from one's house. Some time due to bad days body is to be  perserved for month also.
4.    Colour of the cloth for wrapping the dead body.
5.    Direction of the face of the dead body inside the box.
6.    Ages or Lota of persons who should not see or touch the dead body.
7.    Kind of life within the six realms which the dead person is likely to take in the next life.
8.    Indication for special performance of Rituals or making of idols required for higher birth than the present one.
9.    Indication to make statue/thangkas (scroll) of Buddhas within 49 days of his or her death which are for the betterment of the dead person.

Additionally, the horoscope may reveal the past life of the dead and whether or not the death was well-timed.

This is very important as this is done out of love, sympathy and emotion for the dead person being permanently separated from us.  The prepare a death horoscope prepared by astrologer is  faithfully and precisely followed for the good of the departed soul.

Consult any astrologer to learn more.

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