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His Holiness Buli Trulku Rinpoche

From the time of the historical Buddha to the present day, unbroken succession of great beings have achieved enlightenment and have dedicated themselves to teaching others the path that leads to enlightenment. In Tibetan Buddhism, there is a widespread tradition of recognizing the reincarnations of highly realized teachers. Such incarnations are known as Trulkus. They take rebirth, out of compassion, to help miserable beings, or to carry on the unfulfilled activities of their previous incarnations. 
Kyabje Buli Tulku is one of such reincarnations and had passed several rebirths of the lineage. 

1.    Phagpa Magapa was the foremost lineage holder of Kyabje Buli Trulku. He was one of the ten close disciples of the Buddha Gautama and was known for his clairvoyant vision.
2.    As a Tsang Legdup.
After the death of Phagpa Magapa, he was reborn as Tsang Legdup. 
He was born at Tsang Nemo of Uetsang Ruzhi in central Tibet.
3.    As a Yudra Nyingpo.
Yudra Nyingpo was the successor of Tsang Legdup. As a Yudra Nyingpo, he was born in the region of Gyalmo Tsawarong. It was in this life as a Yudra Nyingpo, Buli Rinpoche become one of the twenty-five heart disciples of Guru Rinpoche and the reincarnation of Legdrup of Tsang. 
4.    As a Choeing Rangdrol.
His Eminence Choeying Rangdrol was recognized as one of the incarnations of Dorji Lingpa’s son at Lhodra in Tibet. As prophesied by his father of his karmic activities in Bhutan, he travelled through Haa, Paro, Wangdue, Trongsa and ultimately settled at Bumthang Chumey. He then established Buli Lhuendrup Choeling Monastery and propagated Dorling Tradition.
5.    As a Choing Lhuendup.
After the death of Choeing Rangdrol, Buli Rinpoche was born at Kelai village in Trongsa, Mangde Tshozhi. He was known as Choing Lhuendup in this reincarnation.
6.    As a Kencho Gyeltshen.
He was again born in Trongsa, Chendebji and was known as Kencho Gyeltshen in this reincarnation. 
7.    As a Tenzin Namgyel.
He was then incarnated as Tenzin Namgyel at Gyeltsa in Bumthang, Bhutan.
8.    As a Sherub Jungney.
After the death of Tenzin Namgyel, Buli Trulku was reborn in Kela. In that reincarnation, he was called as Sherub Jungney.
9.    As a Shacha Namgyel.
It was second time that the Rinpoche was born in Kela. It was in that life, Rinpoche name was Shacha Namgyel.
10. As a Khachap Dorji.
The ninth Reincarnation of Buli Trulku was born in Bumthang Chummey, Bhutan at Buli Wogmin Lhuendrup Choeling to Yap Choejey Pema Tashi, the Dungkhar Dunjud and Yum Kuenzang Choden from Peling DungjudTamzhing Choeje.
The Present Buli Trulku Sonam Loday Rinpoche, the 11th Buli Trulku
His Eminence Lam Sonam Loday was born on 15th day, 10th Month of the Bhutanese Calendar in 1949 with lots of auspicious signs at Kurtoe Yogpaling Yoesel Choeling Lakhang to Lopen Thinley, a “descendent of Dungsam Yurung Khoche, from Lemi, Trashigang and Ani Damchoe Zangmo from Drepong, Mongar. 

The parents and relatives of Buli Trulku were amazed to find young Trulku miraculously dug the traditional three-mud fire stove and produced the water. They found water flowing towards the east. They offered young Buli Trulku 'Tashi Delek khadar' saying you are destined to propagate Dharma in the east. It happened as destined and his dharma is flourishing in the shar(east).
Lama's Mum and Dad hail from a spiritual and noble family. His mum used to see the vision in her dream, note down and handover to Buli Trulku. Today many things are happening as per the vision, seen by his mother and lama himself.

At the age of six, Buli Trulku travelled to Kurtoe Phuning Goenpa and learned writing and Rigney from Lam Tshering in Mongar Dratshang and Lopen Jangchuk of Tagchu Goenpa. He received Longchen Ningthik Wang Lung Thri and Choga Chaglen and Torzog from Lam Kezang of Mugpa Khar,Yoeselchoeling Monastery and Lam Yangmarethroed. He received Tshoklay RinchenThrengwa from Wangthang Rinpoche and ChejogThrid Lung from ChoingRinpoche.
In the year 1960, at the age of 12, he was recognized and enthroned as the incarnation of Buli Trulku at Dechen Norbu Sergi Dramthang Goenpa by Lam Sonam Zangpo,
Dungsey Thinley Norbu Rinpoche,
Kham GoloTrulku and Jadrelwa Jangchup Dorji. 
In 1964, at the age of 16, Buli Trulku, with the help of Lam Longdrol, met Kyabje Dujom Rinpoche at Kalimpong in India as destined by his past karma. 
He received complete initiations on Tersar Tradition from His Holiness. Kyabje Dujom Rinpoche subsequently named him as Longchen Gyepa and later as Sonam Loday.
He studied with our present Je khenpo and Gyeltshen Tulku under Mema Lama.
His Eminence was instructed to stay under the guidance of Lama Karpo of Yonphula,Tashigang, whom Kyabje refered to as his lama.
From Lam Karpo His Eminence received Wang Lung Thri and Menngag on TsaSum Terchoe and Zogchen Teachings. The lama undergwent retreat at Phuningla at Aja, Singye Dzong and Drejong. He then established Yongphula Thegchok Darjey Goenpa and has many disciples. 

The prophecy in the form of Gurma attached below is given to Buli Trulku in his vision (dreams) by Avalokiteshvara (Chenrezig) in 1991 during the pilgrimage to the sacred place where Avalokiteshvara was born from water and cliff. The sacred place (Ney) is located at Diranga in Arunachal Pradesh. The Avalokiteshvara (Chenrezig) came to Rinpoche's vision in the form of a human (White) and sang the Gurma to acknowledge & bless Buli Trulku and the hermit (Tsampa) for taking the trouble to visit all the way from Bhutan.
The statue Rinpoche holds is the sacred terma of Avalokiteshvara (Chenrezig).

In 1983, he moved to Zangthi as per the instruction from his root teacher Lam Karpo and at the repeated request by the people of Shingkhar Lauri. He then established Kinga Jigdrel Singye Chholing Monastery at Zangthi, Lauri Geog, under Samdrupjongkhar District in Bhutan.

Rinpoche was seriously ill and was admitted to Lauri BHU in the year 2003. At the same time, Rinpoche's daughter was also seriously sick at his residence in Younphula.
Tara appeared to Rinpoche in his vision while taking a nap in the BHU. She gave him the eight lines of prayer and instructed to recite it and disappeared. Rinpoche wrote it down and instructed his disciples(Tampas) who accompanied him to recite it. Tara appeared again to Rinpoche right after a few thousand recitations by his disciples and assured that everything would be fine.

Amazingly Rimpoche was recovered from serious illness and at the same time received the call from Younphula that his daughter got cured too.
Rinpoche built the present Tara statue and Lhakhang near his residence basically to thank her and amazingly holy water dripped from the statue, roof, and walls during the inauguration ceremony.

In the year 2005, he established Droduel Tshangchen Shedra coinciding with auspicious day of the “First Sermon of Lord Buddha” with initial enrollment of 60 monks and nuns.
Today, he has thirteen institutions and meditation centers including two in Arunarchal Pradesh, India. More than 300 Tshampas (practitioners) have completed three-year retreat till date and currently has about 50 practitioners undergoing meditation.
On 21st November, 2014, Buli Trulku established a non-profit organization called Duejom Terling Shedra Foundation. Duejom Terling Shedra Foundation will play vital role in upholding the light of Buddha Dharma for all time to come besides helping the monks, nuns and practitioners.

Retreat Centres and Monasteries established or supported by Venerable Bhuli Trulku

1.    Thegchog Dargye Choling Gonpa at Yonphula,Trashigang.
2.    Ngagyur DroduelTshangchen Institute, ZangthiKingacholling retreat centre, DujomTerling Monastery, at Zangthi, Tshothang.
3.    Baytseling DujomTshemo Retreatcentre, YoselCholling and DongagCholing Monastery.
4.    DungmanmaSangagcholling retreat centre and monastery.
5.    Lauri RoenangUgyenGyepailing retreat centre.
6.    TashiYangtseMagagpa retreat centre.
7.    ThegchenPemacholing and ShamphugRong TagtsangII retreat centres in Arunachal Pradesh.
The  reasons why we consider Lama Sonam Loday (Buli Trulku) as an extraordinary being. If you have more please add. 
1. Holy water dripped from the statue, roof, and the walls during the consecration ceremony of Tara Lakhang.
2. Tara appeared in his vision when he was seriously sick and gave him the prayers to recite. Amazingly he became all right after his disciples recited 10,000 times. 
3. Many people have been reborn at Zangthi where Lama resides. They narrated their past lives and some even described their escape from hell because relatives constructed prayers wheel and performed good deeds.
4. Tara Jigchop Nagmo appeared with prayers when Lama was performing Tara Ritual at one of the teacher's quarter at Menjung CS. Lama drew Tara and wrote the prayers in front of Lopen and tsampas but only he saw the Tara.
5. Auspicious signs and holy water dripped from the walls of Zangdo Pelri while performing Annual Drupchen. 
6. Lama constructed Dangsung Ruhula Genkhang as directed from the protecting deity himself in his vision. Dangsung Rahula appeared in the form of a monk and disappeared in the present site indicating the location of Genkhang.
7. People from Arunachal Pradesh used to hunt in the Bhutanese territory. They used to buy hundreds of cattle and take them to Arunachal pradesh to slaughter from Lauri. They used to bully and beat Bhutanese people traveling to Shar Khalathang. Lama has not only stopped them from hunting but also build relationship bringing tranquility in the region. 
8. Lama has subdued nagas and local deities from harming people. The dark water used to flow from a tree and harm people residing at Shar Kalakthang Arunachal Pradesh India. Lama subdued evil and brought happiness to the community people.
9. Lama is a humble but great master. He is a yogi master, astrologist, artist (expert in 13 arts) and a healer. 
10. Avalokitesvara(Chenrezig) appeared in the form of Human (white color) during his pilgrimage to Chenrezig ney at Diranga in Shar Khagthang. Chenrezig sang Gurma and handed over to Lama. 
11. Lama has discovered and opened Tshangchen Lhayee Ree Ney above Kuenga Jigdrel Singye Choeling Zangdopelri. He has also opened ney at Larjab in Tashiyangtshe.
12. Revived and restored Tshothang Lake. Lama had a vision and named Khando Yeshe Tshojay Lhatsho.
13. Amazingly stone adequate to construct Zangdo Pelri was found near the construction site. Moment construction completed, Tsampas could not find a single stone at the same site. 
14. Lama had a vision about stone terma at Paro Taktsang and has discovered Sun and Moon.
(Sun represent Vairochana & Moon represent Yudraningpo, among 25 disciples of Guru Rimpoche).
15. Lama lives a simple life, never traveled abroad, do not own car, entire children are monks and nuns, do not consider himself as a Tulku, Rimpoche, and lama. However, he has given authentic teaching starting from preliminary practices to advance practices to his disciples. He has preserved the sacredness of teaching by teaching it in the right place and to right disciples. 
16. Lama has a pearl of great wisdom to predict past present and future.
17. Constructed second Taktshang at Vajra Ling Gonpa at Shar Khalatang. The holy water dripped from the walls and roof during the consecration ceremony.
18. There no water source at his residence at Deothang. As he offered serkem holy water started spouting from the cliff. Same occurred at present meditation centre at Zangthi. 
19. There is a chain (Ter) where Rinpoche recited Throema at Yonphula and his Master Lam Karpo preserved and still, this ter is with Yonphu La Rinpoche
20. The offering by one of the disciple transformed into flower every morning in his altar. He called Lama to observe and tell him whether it was a good sign. Lama told him that he would pray to Guru Rinpoche and see the omen in his dream. Lama saw in his dream, Guru Rinpoche in the mid of Ngapas and Monks teaching and handed over the prayer to lama. Next morning, Lama gave the prayer and told tsampa to recite it. The offering did not turn into flower after the recitation of prayer. Today Lama has Ngapas, monks and nuns as his disciple because of the prophecy of Guru Rinpoche seen in his vision.

 Long Live Rinpoche