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Five Sisters of Long Life

(Photo Courtesy: Himalayanarts.org)
These are ancient Tibetan Mountain goddesses who were won over by Guru Rinpoche and bound by oath to Buddhist dharma. Invite them to your house and receive immense blessing of different categories.
Let me introduce the goddess. Refer the precious images. 

Tseringma is the all-powerful Earth Goddess of Protection. She is the leader of the five long life sisters and she rides on a snow lioness. 
She protects you from premature death caused by the elements. On her right hand she carries the 9-spoked vajra and on her left, a long life flask embellished with the Buddhist swasktika knot. 
She offers supreme protection against all forces that threaten your safety. Tashi Tseringma rules from the Centre. 

Shalzangma is the all powerful Earth Goddess of Beauty and Love. She appears in a blue body and holds a silver mirror and the banner of the Gods. 
Shalzangma rides on a mare and her main specialty is to restores one's youthful glow and beauty, making you attractive and pleasant in the eyes of others. 
Shalzangma brings harmony in relationships, increases the attractiveness and complexion of one's face. 
She is a highly respected guardian of the East. 

Lozangma is the all powerful Earth Goddess of Wealth and Abundance. She is the sister who governs all aspects of prosperity luck, asset wealth and property. 
She has a yellow body, and on her hand is a bowl of delicious food and a mongoose spouting jewels. 
Longzangma rides a Tigress. She can help remove financial obstacles and increase one's income luck and luxurious enjoyments. 
Lozangma appears in the entourage of all the wealth Buddhas and guards the the South direction. 

Drinzangma is the long life sister who grants wishes, makes everything auspicious and brings authority in all things. Her body is red in colour and she carries a wish-fulfilling jewel while riding on a doe. 
She repels all ill effects of bad omens and bad dreams, and gathers auspicious conditions for good things to ripen! 
She is an expert on removing obstacles related to bad timing based on bad dates and negative planetary alignments! 
Whenever you are officiating the launch of your business, products, weddings and births, display Dringzangma together with her four other sisters.
Drinzingma brings awesome good luck and guards the West location!

Drozangma is the green long life sister who increases one's inner vitality, regeneration and life force. 
She prevents harmful nagas from stealing away one's life force or causing diseases. 
Drozangma rides a female Turquoise Green Dragon while holding Durva grass on one hand, and a snake noose on the other. 
She commands all minor naga spirits and exercises influence over the elements. 
She protects against natural disasters, epidemics and contagious diseases. Drozangma guards from her palace in the North.

Origin of five long Life Sisters.

These five sisters together are known as the Five Long-life Sisters. 
They are Tibetan mountain spirits living on the Tibet-Nepal border belong to the special class of worldly deities. Subjugated by Guru Rinpoche in the 8th century they became vowed protectors for Buddhism. 
They traveled to India and received further Buddhist instruction in the 'Dark Noisy' charnel ground from the teacher 'Lobpon Chog gyi Gocha' and mahasiddha Kanha. 
In the 11th century, wishing to test the resolve of the great yogi Milarepa they created apparitions for the purpose of distracting him from meditation. 
Unable to cause any real harm due to the vows made to Guru Rinpoche they failed and three days later returned and humbled themselves before the yogi Milarepa. 
(Photo Courtesy: Himalayanarts.org)
Again vowing to protect the Buddhist Dharma they offered up their life-essence in the form of mantras. 
Requesting teachings, he bestowed the 'Enlightenment Thought,' and various Vajrayana practices along with candali and mudra yoga; the two special practices of the Hevajra Tantra. 
Some months later, at the same location, the Tseringma sisters returned and requested detailed instructions on the practice of 'Karma mudra' which Milarepa consented to give. 
These are the three encounters between Milarepa and Tseringma. From the students of Milarepa arose many diverse lineages of practice, which have permeated through all the schools of Tibetan Buddhism down to the present day.

Sacred Places of Tseringma in Bhutan
The Paro valley is said to be particularly prosperous, as there are dwelling places of each of the five Tseringma sisters there:
1. Tashi Tsheringma, riding on a lioness resides in Drangje Gönpa at the centre; 
2. Thinggi Zhalzangma, riding on a mare resides in Ramna Temple to the east; 
3. Miyo Langzangma, riding on a tigress, in Tengchen Gönpa to the south; 
4. Chodpan Drinzangma, riding on a doe, in Dzongdrakha to the west; and 
5. Taykar Drozangma, riding a turquoise dragon, in Gangteng Temple to the north. 

Local people believe that if a person goes on a pilgrimage and visits all five of these sacred sites in a single day they will obtain the blessing of wealth and good fortune.

༄༅། །ཞིང་སྐྱོང་སྨན་བཙུན་མཆེད་ལྔའི་གསོལ་ཁ་ནི།
Offering to the Five Medicine Sisters, Guardians of the Earth
by Mipham Rinpoche
ཧྲཱིཿ དབྱིངས་ཀྱི་ཡུམ་ཆེན་ལྷན་སྐྱེས་ཌཱཀི་ལྔ། 
hrih, ying kyi yumchen lhenkyé daki nga
Hrīḥ! Five ḍākinīs who arise simultaneously with the great Mother of Space,
shyingkyong mentsün ché ngé tsul tönpé
Manifesting as the five medicine sisters, guardians of the earth,
bumtrak khandrö khor dang chepa nam
Together with your retinue of hundreds of thousands of ḍākinīs:
sol lo chö do cholwé trinlé dzö
We supplicate you! We make this offering to you! Carry out the activities we request of you!
om bendza tramo ha bam harinisa ma ma dakini balingta khahi
Jampal Gyepé Dorje wrote this on the thirteenth day of the first month of the Water Dragon year (1892) when there was a need for a text to accompany the accumulation of offerings.

Cultivate Generous Thought and practice giving gifts to the Sanghas.

The Buddha once explained that it is a meritorious act even to throw away the water after washing one's plate with the generous thought:...