Monday, July 29, 2019

What does our astrology tell for people born on any of the seven days?

There are many ways of seeing birth horoscope and one simple method is weekdays.

A person born on Sunday will have a good figure but less fortune. Their teacher and higher people will love them. They are intelligent and may live abroad.

Male: Life span will be medium
Female: Short lifespan

Person born on Sunday will gain love and favor from higher people. He or she will have fair complexion and honest by nature.

Male: He is rich and will lead a luxurious life. By nature he is very decisive. He will lead a better, more comfortable life aboard.
Female: She is rich and will make good housewife.

A Person born on Monday will have a white complexion. Will be tall in stature and is cunning. They will often receive love and care from others. They will experience financial ups and downs.

Male: He is wealthy and powerful
Female: She is beautiful, sincere and attractive.

A Person born on Tuesday will perform sinful activities and will have a short temperament. They possess strong hatred towards others and have a red complexion. They are divisive and egoistic.

Male: He will face problems as in his grow up.
Female: She will have a short life span.

A Person born on Wednesday will often face health problem. They are sharp-minded, kind hearted, short tempered and possess a dark complexion. Delay in their work is the main draw back of a person born on Wednesday. They are straightforward. Blue color clothing and green vegetables are good or suitable for them.

Male: Their mother will experience certain hindrances in their life.

Female: Decline in parent's wealth, but she will become rich and powerful.

A person born on Thursday is gifted with a strong intelligent and is religious by nature. They have a red complexion, are violent and will experience ups and downs in their life. They will gain property from others.

Male: He is quick witted, handsome, good looking and well educated.
Female: She will live a long life span and have a good husband and friends.

A person born on Friday will have a fair complexion and will be loved by their teacher. They involve in business and hot and bile disorders are likely to come into their life. White color of beverages, foods cloths are suitable for them.

Male: He will live a long lifespan and is highly intelligent.
Female: She may often face illness, but she will have prosperity.