Saturday, July 13, 2019

Huge animal life saved by a single Tibetan girl

This great magnanimity act happened on 1st September 2016 where a kind Tibetan girl called Dolma Yangchen rescued a massive 6,387 sheep from being slaughtered. I have posted the story on my Facebook page on 4th September 2016, which drew massive responses and witnessed continuous posting of appreciation messages.

Dolma Yangchen brought all the sheep for 5,109,600 Chinese Yuan, which is equivalent to Nu. 51.09 million. To each life of a sheep she paid approximately Nu. 8,000/-.

This is one of the rarest magnanimity acts, a reminder to all of us to save animals' life and ease the suffering of all sentient beings by being kind to them.

May the kind and compassionate lady Dolma Yangchen be an inspiring to all of us to stop eating meat.  Or the least we can do is to reduce eating animal flesh day by day and than ending it finally.

I felt that this of my earlier article be posted on my blog so that many people around the world will have access to it and appreciate the kind act of a beautiful lady.

Saving animal life is increasing one’s life from the Bhutanese astrological point of view. If your life force is black you have to save animal life and refrain from eating meat.

The best way is to donate to the animal saving trust fund if you have less access to the slaughterhouse.
Further she also frees lots of fishes into the rivers.

I wish her a very  long life.

Cultivate Generous Thought and practice giving gifts to the Sanghas.

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