Monday, June 10, 2019

The 21st Emanation of Nobel Tara Lhamo Odzer Chenma

Noble Lady Tara Lhamo Odzer Chenma, Goddess Endowed with Light, Who Ransoms the Longevity and Life-force of the sick.
Tara Ozer Chenma is the divine great Mother of “brilliant light rays”, Ozer. She is particularly beneficial to us because she can protect our longevity. She helps us when our energy, vitality, or life force is endangered. She is also renowned as protectress of animals.
om jetsünma pakma drolma la chaktsal lo
Homage to the noble lady Tārā!
chaktsal denyi sum nam köpé
Homage to you, who have the power to free,
shyiwé tu dang yangdak den ma
You put forth the realities as a set of three.
dön dang rolang nöjin tsok nam
Supreme Ture, you completely destroy
jompa turé rab chok nyi ma
The hordes of grahas, vetālas, and yakṣas.

tsawé ngak kyi töpa di dang
This Praise with the twenty-one verses of homage
chaktsalwa ni nyishu tsa chik
Is itself the root mantra.
The twenty-first praise is the homage to Lhamo Odser Chenma, the “Goddess with Brilliance”, who can restore the life force. She is white, her left hand is in the boon-giving mudra, and her right hand is in the refuge-giving mudra, holding a blue lotus on which sit the auspicious golden fishes. 
At her three places: crown, throat, and heart, are OM, AH, and HUNG, respectively, which form the sublime protection against all obstacles. The light rays from these letters protect the three doors of beings from the harm of all outer obstacles caused by evil forces, both form and formless. They also protect beings from the inner obstacles of ill health, and the secret obstacles of dualistic affliction. 
The rays have the power to pacify them without a trace. Particularly, the rays from the three letters can restore the life force stolen by spirits, zombies, and yakshas, and eliminate their harmful intentions and actions. The homage is to TURE, the great compassionate lady who acts swiftly for the benefit of sentient beings. The true meaning is that Tara has the power to guide the minds of beings to be tamed in the “three approaches to liberation”. 

These are: emptiness, attributelessness and aspirationlessness, or, the suchness of an entity, its nature and compassion, and the clearing of all its obscurations. Ultimately the Vajra body, speech and mind are the primordially pure nature of all phenomena. By meditating on the sphere of the indivisibility of the three Vajras, the demons, sufferings, zombies, and yakshas are transformed by the great bliss of primordial wisdom.
Yozer Chenma, white in color, with one face and two arms. She sits in the dismounting posture. Her right hand is in the mudra of supreme charity. Her left hand, in the mudra of the Three Jewels, holds the stem of an utpala flower blooming at her ear. 

On its pistil is a golden fish. Light radiates from the three syllables OM AH HUM of her body, speech and mind. It summons those who steal the vitality and longevity of the sick: the dön spirits of suffering, rolangs of karma and yakshas of disturbing emotions. The vitality and longevity are brought back as a gift, collected and returned (to their owners). Visualizing this, recite the mantra.
This completes the write up on 21 Taras.

May you all the blessed.

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