Saturday, May 4, 2019

The fourteen emanation of Noble Tara Tronyerchen

Noble Lady Tara Tronyerchen, Frowning Lady, Destroying the Evil of Nine Kinds of Harm-doers, Eight Classes of Spirits, Damsi and Obstructing.
This Tara is known as Thronyer Chen. Thronyer is “frowning, wrathful”, so she is the very wrathful, frowning one. She is a special emanation of Tara whose activity is removing subtle obstacles due to misleading influences, which are usually our most stubborn obstacles. 
She deals with our last “wrinkles” or, we might say, the last two per cent of our delusions, deep within the elemental nature of human beings.
om jetsünma pakma drolma la chaktsal lo
Homage to the noble lady Tārā!
chaktsal sa shyi ngö la chak gi
Homage to you, who on the earth’s surface
til gyi nün ching shyab kyi dung ma
Strike your palms and stamp your feet;
tronyer chen dzé yigé hung gi
Your brow deeply furrowed, with hūṃ you smash
rimpa dünpo nam ni gem ma
The seven netherworlds to nothing but dust.

The fourteenth homage is to Thronyer Chenzed, who subdues the eight classes of harmful spirits and nine malignant spirit brothers. She makes the world tremble and quake by striking the mountains and islands with the palms of her hands and stamping upon them with her feet. 

By the power of her regal frowning, the resounding vibration of HUNG, and the glare from her radiant vajra light, which is like a fire-shower, she shatters the hearts and heads of all malignant spirits: samaya breakers, demons and others from the seven underworlds and above, and makes them faint into the state of dharmata.

The seven underworlds, which are like layers of seven roofs, are: the abodes of demons, the general base, the higher base, the baseless, the specific base, the base of essence, the perfect base, and the pure base. In reality, the two soles striking symbolize striking the crucial point of the path of the non-duality of pristine wisdom and the basic sphere, which uproots the seven latencies or seven cognitions with their objects.

On the throne of lotus and moon appears Noble Lady Tara Tronyerchen, black like rainclouds, with one face and two arms. She sits in the dismounting posture. Her right hand is in the mudra of supreme charity. Her left hand, in the mudra of the Three Jewels, holds the stem of an utpala flower blooming at her ear. 

On its pistil stands a pestle. With the sound of HUM, she radiates light, showering flaming vajras. By this light and by her hands and feet hitting the earth, she splits the heads of powerful evil spirits, damsi, gongpo, and misleading demons. They fall unconscious in the state of dharmata.

Meditate on this and recite the ten-syllable mantra.