Saturday, May 11, 2019

Mother's Day, celebrate with certain commitment

Tomorrow is very important day to every individual to reflect on his or her mother. Second Sunday of May month is observed as Mother’s day. It will go stronger and will witness greater celebration in future. And there is every reason to mark this important day.

Mother is one who has given life to us. I am here because of my mother. You are there because of your mother. 

I have observed in Facebook, many friends wishing great day and thanking their mother proudly. Very good, that is how you have to behave as a son or daughter.

While I have no say for the small kids, the grown up children should not only wish their dear mom but should commit in giving something back. If you are employed give certain % of your salary. If you are businessman or businesswoman may be certain % of the profit you have earned. If you are farmer you may try to reduce her workload by giving helping hands. If you are students, make your mum very happy by bringing good result.

You know, if your mum earns certain money, she will not waste that. She may denote to the monastery or give to some needy people or plan for a pilgrims. As a mother they are very compassionate human beings. Such acts will liberate them greatly. 

Just posting photo and scribing few lines without loving from the core of heart will make you hypocrite son or daughter that will earn you negative energy. 

Nowadays, children make their mother cry by revolting against them. Don't ever do that. Don't ever make your mum CRY. 

The tears that roll down from your mum's eyes will replicate to you one day. What you do to your mum will be reflected by your children.

Nobody in the world can repay back his or her mother. But at least do well to your mother. 

A very Happy Mother's Day.

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