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Making of sacred Iron using Drupthop Thangtong Gyalpo’s iron ores in modern steel plant

Any iron made by Drupthop Thangtong Gyalpo is the most sought after steel in the Vajrayana Buddhist community. This is because of the fact that Drupthop Thangtong Gyalpo is one of the most significant Mahāsiddhas of Tibet. Drupthop Thangtong Gyalpo was a yogi, philosopher, poet, exorcist, teacher, architect, engineer, painter, sculptor, doctor, treasure revealer and an iron chain suspension bridge builder, a universal genius with supernatural abilities.
(Thangtong Gyalpo's Statue at our company's monastery at Ramitey)
Amaxingly, Drupthop Thangtong Gyalpo originated the use of iron chains in his own version of simple suspension bridges and was the first person to make iron chain bridge in the world. All iron made by Drupthop Thangtong Gyalpo was processed through his own power and skills. Many iron chains were processed in Bhutan and taken to Tibet.
(On Drupthop Thangtong Gyalpo's bridge at Paro Tashoka)
Thangtong Gyalpo’s idea of making bridge was motivated by an incident at the ferry over Kyichu by Lhasa.  Thangtong Gyalpo wanted to cross the river but was refused by the ferryman because of his apperance (being dressed  as a begger) and after a blow on his head with the rudder was thrown overboard. This endowed him with an insight into the dilemma of the poor and the injustices against them. He vowed to built a bridge at this very place, so that all people without discrimanation could cross the river. As determined he had built a iron chain bridge over.

Many Rinpoches, Lama and even layman look for Thangtong Gyalpo’s iron as it is a relic by itself. It is used for making Phurba which is  believed to have extra blessing and power. In the past, many iron chain links got stolen and sold in the market. Today whatever is left  were preserved in the monastery with proper documentation.
(Dhupthop Thangtong Gyalpo's iron chain perserved at Gomphu Kora Monastery)
With the demand of Thangtong Gyalpo’s iron still in rise, that directly  threatens the existing chains kept in the monastery in various part of the country, I have taken initiative to produce some iron bar using Drupthop Thangtong Gyalpo’s semi processed iron ores collected from Drupthops three smelting places in Paro by Lopen Naphey.

I am very happy to state here that I am very sucessful in making the Drupthop’s iron in the modern steel plant at Lhaki Steels & Rolling Pvt. Limited. The Process:

Semi processed iron ores of Drupthop Thangtong Gyalpo collected from three smelting places in Paro. 

Charging of 70 kg sacred iron ores that will have iron content of 6.8 kg of iron  in the furnace.

Stiring of metal and removing of slag.

Boiling of metal charging 3.5 MVA of power in a 8 MT induction Furnace

Final state of molten metal after adding metallurgical flux, Silico Manganese, Aluminiun shot and Ferro Silicon.

Final temperature of molten  metal 1,662 degrees celcius before pouring into the ladle

Pouring of molten metal into the ladle for transferring to Continuous Casting Machine

Purging of Nitrogen gas from bottom of ladle with a task to fully homogenized the chemical composition, equalizing of metal temperature and removal of any foreign particles.

Placing and pouring molten metal into tundish at CCM.
Temperature of metal at CCM for casting of billets
Pouring molten metal into ossilation copper mould to take square shape of billets
Casting of billet at CCM

Testing of chemical composition using spectrometer

Rolling of steel in the automatic mill 

Final Rolled steel in square shape
Final product with ingredient of Drupthop Thangtong Gyalpo’s iron and blessed by his statue, Sacred Guru Rinpoche  statue, Terton Pema Lingpa's Tsa Tsa and consecrated using Kathok Situ Rinpoche's blessed colored rice.
Also made a replica of Drupthop Thangtong Gyalpo's Chain link without forging ends.

As I am in possession of Drupthop Thangtong Gyalpo's Tooth and Cloth Relics, may be I am  destined to make this iron.
To know more of Drupthop Thangtong Gyalpo please copy below link and get the free pdf copy from the net. This was published by Center of Bhutan Studies.
May holder of this iron be blessed

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