Wednesday, April 3, 2019

The eight emanation of Tara, Zhen Migyalwai Pamo

Tara Zhen Migyalwai Pamo Invincible Heroine, Destroying Criticism and Harm. Zhen Migyalwai name, roughly translated means “invincible lady”. You can’t win against her. So, if you’re a mara, or demon, better leave her alone! Or better yet, be nice to her. This Tara can also protect against troublemakers, persons who criticize and harass others, and people who bring lawsuits.
om jetsünma pakma drolma la chaktsal lo
Oṃ, Homage to the noble lady Tārā!
chaktsal turé jikpa chenpö
Homage to you, Turā, most terrible lady,
dü kyi pawo nampar jomma
Destroyer of even the most powerful demons.
chukyé shyal ni tronyer den dzé
With a lotus-face and deep-furrowed brow,
drawo tamché malü söma
You are the slayer of each and every foe!

The eighth homage is to the dark red frowning lady, Zhen Megyalwai Palmo, the “Invincible Fearless Lady”. We praise the lady who averts criticism and other harms, which are the source of humiliation caused by our afflictive emotion of pride. 
Her hand implement is a vajra. By reciting the mantra TURE, which means “Swift Lady”, another of her names declaiming her swift compassionate action, she arises in wrathful form from the tranquil dharmadhatu, and subjugates the demons difficult to tame: the afflictions, the aggregates, the lord of death, and the maras.
She transforms her blossoming lotus-like peaceful face into a wrathful, scowling face, and destroys the evil mind of outer enemies. 
She eliminates those who hate and abuse the dharma and its upholders, those who cause obstacles for practitioners, and those who harm sentient beings. 
In reality, she executes all foes without a trace: the afflictive obscurations that are the foes of liberation, and the knowable obscurations that are the foes of omniscience. The definitive meaning is that the base of the wrathful male and female deities, (the serving faculties) are the pure abiding nature of the four attributes of body, and the four classes of illusory conceptions. 
They eliminate the foes of omniscience: the knowable obscurations, and the foes of liberation: the obscuration of afflictive emotions.

On a throne of a lotus and moon appears Noble Lady Zhen Migyalwai Pamo. She is dark-red, with one face and two arms. 
She sits in the dismounting posture. Her right hand is in the mudra of supreme charity. Her left hand, in the Three Jewels mudra, holds an open utpala flower blooming at her ear. 
Above it is a vajra, blazing with fire and sparks. Hot, jagged rays of light radiate from the vajra, completely burning, scattering and destroying the demons and enemies of disturbing emotions, those who make arguments, lawsuits and other troubles. 

Meditate on this and recite the TURE mantra.

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