Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Dream Yoga if correctly practiced can see your past, present and future life.

According to the teaching by His Eminence Khenchen Lama Rinpoche, motivation forms the key to unlock success, be it practicing dharma, studying, doing job or undertaking meditation.

Rinpoche mentioned in Dream Yoga:

“Like in every other meditation, motivation is very important – it is fundamental. First begin with motivation. In Dream Yoga, the motivation is for sentient beings to reach the Liberation of Dream Luminosity”.

A correct posture to sleep and correct visualization is also an important factor.

“Secondly, lie on your right side like Buddha Shakyamuni did at his Parinirvana. Visualize yourself as your Yidam and you are lying with your head on Guru Rinpoche’s foot. At your heart chakra, visualize your Yidam Sarasvati or Manjushris and they are small. At your throat chakra, visualize Guru Rinpoche/Padmasambhava”

After lying and visualizing as stated above Rinpoche advices to concentrate on few thoughts listed below and avoid thinking too much on other subjects:

“You do not have other thoughts. You have only one wish. This wish has three parts:
1.    That you will go to Dewachen;
2.    That you understand your previous lives and
3.    That you will do meditation in the dream.
Only focus on these things. After that do the following mantra:


Do one of these mantras for a short time and then do dedication. Together with the visualization, this is Dream Yoga meditation. Then go to sleep”.

Rinpoche lists some of the benefits of Dream Yoga as under:

“It is very important to focus on this one thing, your wish. When you do this, you will see your past, present and future lives. You will know who you are. There are three fruitions in Dream Yoga. The first fruition is you understand samsara and this life. Secondly you will understand tantra and Dharma things. Thirdly you will understand luminosity, clear light and liberation mind. This is a short teaching and everything is here”
According to Tibetan Dream Yoga, you can meet enlightened beings and get teachings while still you are in sleep. Such is the benefits.

“Once you have harnessed your dream powers, develop the intention to meet enlightened beings while you sleep. Ask that they bestow you with important knowledge and help your growth toward higher consciousness. You can also intend to travel to different planets and planes of existence, and take on the body of a creature such as an eagle or bear, experiencing what it is like to be them. Ultimately, dream yoga can help you recognize your limitations and blockages to growth and provide opportunities to overcome them. You can gain confidence, and even heal from your past when you become proficient at this ancient art”.

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