Sunday, March 31, 2019

Prayer to turn inauspicious day into auspicious day.

While it is very important to follow an auspicious day either to travel long distance or perform some activities, sometime it is unavoidable under emergency condition.

During such situations one can recite the following prayer written by the great Mipham Rinpoche where he said, inauspicious days can be transformed into fortunate ones through this prayer recitation.

Auspicious Day Prayer
nyima tamché gewa yin
All days are virtuous,

gyukar tamché zangpo yin
And all constellations positive,

sangye tamché dzutrul ché
The buddhas are mighty and powerful,

drachom tamché zakpa zé
And the arhats have overcome impurity—

denpé dentsik didak gi
Through reciting these words of truth,
dakchak küntu delek shok
May everything always be well and positive for us!

jaya jaya sujaya

Now always an auspicious day for you la.

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