Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Important purification Mantra to be placed above the house entrance door.

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This is the ten syllable immaculate Ushnisha Mantra, pronounced “Om Pemo Ush-Nih-Sha Bi-Ma-Le Hum Phat” constructed in ancient Lantsa Sanskrit below which are the corresponding letters in the classical Uchen script. 

This is a purification mantra traditionally found displayed on a beam or above a doorway. 

It is said to have the power to bless and cleanse everyone who passes below. 

The footnote below the mantra translates as: - 

“Whoever sees, hears, recollects or touches this supreme, king-like ten syllabled incantation; will have all deeds of immediate consequence purified; and the door to miserable states blocked”.

Thus it is taught in the Sutra of the Ten Wheels of Kshitigarbha.

Please print, laminate and place above your door.

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