Monday, March 25, 2019

Amulet (gau), a travelling altar

Amulet Box is a portable shrines generally made from metal in a repose style of construction. The purpose and function of an amulet box is for protection when traveling. 

They often, but not always, have a small window on the front with a religious image inside. Typically the front is very ornate and decorated with the Eight Auspicious Symbols and other motifs. 

Amulet boxes are also commonly used to store all manner of sacred materials such as small texts, blessing cords, consecrated medicine, relics, and the like. 
Objects such as this were generally carried when traveling some distance away from home, such as on pilgrimage, or for extended business trips or education.

I always carry my  Guru Rinpoche’s Amulet wherever I go.

So, why don’t you make one, get it blessed and carry along with you.

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