Saturday, February 9, 2019

Worked at King’s palace

The year 1993 was no doubt a very fortunate year for me as I got a very rare opportunity to work at His Majesty's Palace at Samtenling, Thimphu.
 I with another teacher Lopen Lhaba Dorji spent two months to install stainless steel boiler fabricated by Royal Technical Institute at His Majesty's Palace.

We were given all access to the palace and served lunch along with teachers stationed there to teach Princes and Princess.

I was stunned by the simplicity of His Majesty's life. The palace was actually not a palace. It was a simple bungalow made with wooden buckles (outer pipe tree's cover) and plastered with ordinary mud. Even the painting was so simple and brief. Initially, I was looking for the beautiful palace and thought that was rooms made for the palace's workers but I was wrong. It was His Majesty's Palace.

A single basketball scoring board was the only game facility at the palace. This is how our 4th King lived.

A moment of comparison His Majesty's simple life with that of serving ministers who stayed a luxurious life, a tear rolled down from my eyes. I wiped with my white teko and concentrated on doing a good job. Imagine we are putting a boiler, actually electrical heating equipment (gezer) would be the best choice but His Majesty had chosen a simple heating system.

His Majesty worked selflessly for his people leaving all the comfort of his life to his subjects.

By the way we have done a good job and His Majesty the Fourth King appreciated that. I am extremely happy about it.

Working at His Majesty's place was my greatest achievement.

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