Monday, February 11, 2019

Why did Guru Rinpoche left hand and foot prints on the rocks?

Guru Rinpoche predicted that in the future, there would be people who did not believe that he was real or that anyone could do such miraculous things. 
Guru Rinpoche body impression seen inside the cave, Bumthang Kurjey. Photo taken in 1905 by John Claude White
 As a testimony, he left hand prints in the rocks around four different lakes in Tibet, which can still be seen. He said, “I have definitely come to Tibet. These are my monuments.” 
Guru Rinpoche also left four footprints in the four directions, two in Tibet and two elsewhere, south of Tibet. He even left his body print in the mountains of Bhutan, near the Tibetan border. 
This is not just a story or a myth. You can still go there on pilgrimage and see his whole body impression in solid rock. 
These are reminders that Guru Rinpoche actually came into this world and shared his wisdom. 

1. Guru Rinpoche Head and shoulders impression seen at Gomphu Kora. 2. In the area around Muktinath Guru Rinpoche left footprints in stone. On this picture an imprint of his shoe and his right bare foot. 3. Guru Rinpoche left His footprint, and imprinted in the stone in Tso Pema India.4. Guru Rinpoche’s footprint in the Moon Cave at Drak Yerpa.
Guru Rinpoche himself said that in all the caves and places he has meditated people in the future could receive his blessing as if meeting him in person. There are different kinds of caves, which represent Guru Rinpoche’s enlightened aspects such as Body, Speech, Mind, Quality and Activity. 

Furthermore Guru Rinpoche mentioned that especially in the time of degeneration (Kaliyuga) visiting those Holy places would be very beneficial for one’s spiritual development and purification of sicknesses and obstacles.

May you all be blessed?

མཆོག་དང་ཐུན་མོང་དངོས་གྲུབ་སྩོལ། །ཞེས་དང༌།


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