Friday, January 11, 2019

What is the main purpose of Namkha (thread web) that is put in a Dzoe during Rimdro (rituals)?

The Namkha, is a spirit catcher made from twigs, straw, bamboo, colored threads, and feathers/cotton that are woven into a web to harmonize personal energy of an individual, strengthen protection and attract good luck. 

Different type of Namkha pattern with thread colour are chosen as per astrological calculation taking into consideration the symbolic animal, element and Mewa of birth year.  It is then placed usually behind the Lue (individual representation made with flour mold). 
After making Namkha, a special ritual is carried out to activate its harmonizing and protective power. When certain prayer is recited, it directly invites all harmful evil spirits to the spot that eventually attract on the thread pattern, rushes and get entangled. As like insects struggles on the spider web all malevolent spirits also do faces similar entrapment. This Namkha along with eatable is finally discarded at a particular direction based on the bad direction of patient or person to who this ritual is carried out.

It is believed that malevolent spirits that suffered under such entrapment avoid coming back to the house. Obviously one is then free from such spirits provocation.

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