Thursday, January 31, 2019

Buddhist Mantras to cure many health problems.

Buddhist Mantras to cure many health problems. Practice and be protected.

1.Mantra to cure swelling
Om Non Non Zed Non Zhu Soha

2.Mantra to cure burns:
Om Sa Sa Mama Sod

3.Mantra to cure burned wounds:
Om Zana Zagda Um Pad

4.Mantra to cure acne:
Om Big Big Dog Riy Soha

5.Mantra to improve cardiovascular system:
Om Zini Zini Maha Zini Soha

6.Mantra to cure heart diseases:
Om Gaga Zaza Rim Rim Soha
- They should eat a hawthorn.

7.Mantra before a surgery:
Om Zagchu Duva Khere Magiy Soha
- To read 7 times right before a surgery.

8.Mantra to cure cataracts in the eye:
Om Ganiy Diy Soha
- Wash with saliva from mouth.

9.Mantra for eye diseases:
Om Hen Hen Pun Pun Soha

10.Mantra to improve visual acuity. My personal experience tells it might be more effective for plus dioptres.
Om Zagchu Zagchu Zana Zagchu Ye Soha

11.Mantra to cure diarrhea and nausea:
Sadi Mara La Pad
- In heavy situations it is also recommended to write it on a paper and ingest.

12.Mantra to give milk for a new mom:
Om A Na Zhi Ga Na Soha

13.Mantra for prophylactics from epidemic diseases:
Dadi Yata Ali Mudra Li Mahada Ner Zaray Zanchen Hi Gandi Higan Zadu Vaza Muni Arya Soha

14.From all diseases:
Om Mi Zho Pad Pad Soha

15.Mantra to cure antritis:
Om Gēre Gēre Bad Soha

16.Mantra to cure nose bleeding:
Tiv Tiv Riv Riv Chod Chod Um Radna Zadi Zadi Sidi Sidi Hum

17.Mantra to cure cough:
Om Dama Dudiy Sod Soha
- Have to drink milk

18.Mantra for boils :
Husu Husu Chi Ga Soha
- Also, should eat onions and read a mantra over them.

19.Mantra to cure stomach
Om Darda Dure Hiruge Zahe Lid Zahe Hum Pad Soha

20.Mantra for sore throat:
Om Lina Lina Pad Tola Soda

21.Mantra to cure mastitis:
Ta Dar Tal Eiy Da Talma

22.Mantra for breast disease:
Om Tolo Soha
Bend down and count 32 bottles.

23.Mantra to improve hearing:
Om Nidi Yeva Shazh Shapa Soha

24.Mantra for osteochondrosis:
Om Turemsi Tser Mi tseg Soha
Do a massage with a honey

25.Mantra to cure wounds:
Om Saran Hum

26.Mantra for muscle cramps:
Om Hunu Lin Soha

27.Mantra against horrific dreams:
Om Zaga Li Yaa Soha


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