Wednesday, January 30, 2019

All offering required purification

After offering:

- Butter/Dalda lamp
- Sang
- Incense sticks; 
- Fruits, 
- Syerkam, 
- Sur 
- Food

Or whatever type of offerings are made it is very important to recite three times ཨོྃ་ཨཱ་ཧཱུྃ། OM AH HUM. 

This mantra is the seed syllables of the Buddha's body, speech, and mind. After that sprinkle the offerings with water from Bumpa. 

Visualize that the offerings are now purified and blessed. 

If you don't have bumpa than sprinkle water by dipping a piece of kusha grass  or clean leaves into clean water.

Remember, if Yongchab  (sprinkling) is not done, than the offering is considered impure.

Generally, the bumpa contains the blessed water (which may contain saffron, bumpa rilbu or medicinal ingredients) and the peacock feathers fit into the top of a conical tube, the bottom of which sits in the water in the bumpa. 

The peacock feathers do symbolizes peacock who can eat poison. It therefore represents purification (transforming). 

The tube is taken out and flicked or shaken and the residual water in it is used to bless the offerings.

So Yongchap is very imperative to purify the offerings.

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