Friday, December 28, 2018

Zhag Nyen (Bad day for spending money)

Every month one day will fall as Zhag Nyen, a bad day. During this particular day one should not give away money to anyone. Even shopping should be avoided. 

If money is spent during such inauspicious days, it will result in gradual draining out of your wealth and luck. This also applies to disposing of your property and belongings.

The followings are the Lunar month and date that you should allow your money to rest in your purse.

Lunar  month 1 date 30
Lunar  month 2 date 15
Lunar  month 3 date 11
Lunar  month 4 date 25
Lunar  month 5 date 8
Lunar  month 6 date 16
Lunar  month 7 date 30
Lunar  month 8 date 9
Lunar  month 9 date 15
Lunar  month 10 date 25
Lunar  month 11 date 10
Lunar  month 12 date 25 

So follow the astrological advice and see the difference.

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