Saturday, December 8, 2018

Without Yangcha ritual, a deceased can take away with him the prosperity of the family

We know that even if you have vast richness, on death you can’t carry even a needle with you. It is a universal fact. The last thing you do is only an act of returning element back to the earth.  

Nonetheless, it is widely believed that the deceased can carry with them the Yang, wealth auspiciousness of the house if certain Yangcha retaining act is not performed before dead body is taken to the cremation ground. If the deceased carry with him/her the Yang of the house, it will lead the surviving family to poverty. 

To counter this, there is a post death ritual, which is known as Yangcha, which means a Khadar is wiped on the body reciting “May you go to Sukhavati heaven, May you leave all the Yang back to us”. The procedure is given below.  This prayer will help to retain back the prosperity auspiciousness of the family. “Yang” means wealth auspiciousness and “Cha” means wipe.
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The procedure:
Get some jewelry and tie it in on a Khadhar (white scarf) and placed near the dead body. An arrow with five different colored cloths, representing five essential elements of nature (Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Space) are tied to it and placed nearby.

When the body is taken out, the bundle of the cloth containing jewelry is brought out along with it. Then before the start of the funeral procession the lama takes it out from the body with the recitation of prayer and hands it over to such a boy whose parents are alive. He takes it inside the house and hands it over to the head of the family.

It is believed that with this all the virtuous qualities of the departed soul and the prosperity of the household is retained there.

So please see that it is done and yang of the house is retained back.

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