Sunday, December 30, 2018

Where is your Kay Tag Khorlo (the wheel of birth marks) located?

Whenever a child is born, it is very important to note the lunar date, day and the exact time of birth. With this important information it is easy to calculate your child's Kay Tag Khorlo. Kay Tag Khorlo predicts what your child would be in future.

Kay Tag Khorlo is calculated based on the type of constellations on a particular day of your birth. There are 27 constellations in total. These constellations were spread all over the body in a Kay Tag Khorlo diagram ( available in Kay-tsi astrological scripture).

You need to just check in which part of the body the particular constellation is located. Accordingly you will get exact location of your child's Kay Tag Khorlo.
How to interpret Kay Tag Khorlo? 
·     Heart: Signifies wealth 
·     Foot: Bound to live short life 
·     Knees: Indicates a plenty of travel 
·     Hand: Signifies an urge to steal others properties 
·     Wrists: Bring sorrow 
·     Navel: Signifies poverty 
·     Forehead: Become leader 
·     Mouth: Indicate devotion to Dharma 
·     Sex organ: Indulge in Sexual relationship with multiple partners 
·     Shoulder: Indicates physical strength 

Don't panic if it is bad after all this is how you are destined to be. 

Note: Applies to the natural birth only.

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