Sunday, December 30, 2018

Selection of car’s color

I have received lots of request to advice, which color of vehicle to buy?  Yes I agree correct selection of vehicle’s color is very important. 

When driving your car you will always come into contact with your vehicle. So obviously picking right color can increase your luck. Similarly, selecting wrong color may lead to an accident, injuries and even death. Sorry if I am scarring you but I better if you don't follow.

Seriously select your car color based on your birth element compatibility as under:


Choose gold, silver, yellow, black, gray and brown color.
Reason: gold, silver, yellow is the original color for metal and these three kinds of color cars will not cause any adverse effects.
Black, gray, brown color cars represent earth and have mutual benefits with metal. If you buy and drive any of these three kinds of color cars it will bring good luck.

Don't buy red and green color cars.

Reason: Red color represent fire which subdue Metal and obviously driving a red car will be very unlucky, and easy to provoke disaster. Green color represent wood element and metal subdues wood, hence driving green car will led to many breakdown.

Select green, white and blue color.
Reason: Green color represent wood element so will bestow total harmony. White and blue color represents water, which is best friend of wood will bring good luck.

Avoid Red, gold, silver, gray, yellow, black and brown cars. 
Red color subdues wood, not suitable for driving. Gold, silver and yellow represent Metal that subdues wood, would provoke disaster. Gray, black and brown color cars represent earth, and wood subdues earth. So frequent breakdown will happen.

Buy Gold; silver, yellow, white and blue color cars.
Reason: Gold, silver and yellow color are metal colors and metals are lucky for water. Blue and White are the color of water which is good.

Avoid Red; black, gray and brown color cars, which are unlucky colors.

Pick Red, black, brown and brown color cars.
Reason: Green color represent wood perfect for the Fire. Green color will be very lucky. Black gray and brown colors represent earth and fire will benefit earth. Red color represent Fire so very good la.

Don't select Gold, silver, yellow, white and blue color cars. Gold, silver and yellow colors are metal and Fire melts them so enemy. White and blue colors are water color and Water extinguishes Fire. Very bad.

Go for Red, gold, silver, yellow, black and brown color cars. Many colors selection for you.
Reason: Red is Fire, harmony element for earth, which will always bring good luck. Gold, silver and yellow color cars are Metal color and earth benefits Metal. Black and brown color represents earth, which is also good. 

Please don't buy White, blue and green color cars.
White and blue color represent Water. Earth element is alway against Water element so not good. Green color represents Wood, which is also against earth. So avoid it.

So don't panic if you have purchased a wrong car, element pacification can be done.  

Have a great day driving around with your prized possession.

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