Thursday, December 13, 2018

Ngyenpa Gu Zom (The day of nine evils)


An affair between Brother and Sister that happened unknowingly had  caused an inauspicious day in the Bhutanese calendar called "Ngyenpa Gu Zom" meaning meeting of nine evils. 

Ngyenpa Gu Zom is considered by the Bhutanese to be the worst, most evil and inauspicious day of the year. It also remind  through this observation that an illegal relation between relatives is of evil nature which should be refrained at any cost. 

Legend has it say that a demon couple Pha Dorji Lokthreng and Ma Sasin Barma had a Son and four daughters. One day, they took journey around Ri Gyalpo Rirab, (King of the mountain) together but halfway they separated and  each took a different route. 

After a very long years to a point that they didn't  recognised each other brother Rahula came across one of his sisters, Drogsing, the eldest on the 7th day of the 11th month. Not realising that they are siblings, they shared incestuous relationship on that day because they also met on the day the nine evils assembled. This led to meeting of the nine evils. 

Every year this evil day fall on 7th day of the 11th Bhutanese month. This year it fall on 14th December 2018. 

During this day we need to stay in neutral and should refrain from either doing good or bad. The belief is that there will be no merit in any good deed done on this day, and any bad deed will gain multiplied negative karma. It is believed that any job done on this day is not going to bear any fruit, and people should not venture long journey.

I saw lots of post in social media enjoying the day with extraordinarily spread of food. Today you should not enjoy. You are just promoting the evils.

It is also to be reminded here that in Bhutan some marriages still take place between far relatives like Son/daughter of Uncle to Daughter/Son of Nephew and so on. Such undesirable relation will only bring evil atmosphere in the families and need to be stopped. 

The day was granted Public holiday till 2007 and stopped thereafter. There was no point in observing the evil day as Govt holiday.  Good it was stopped, otherwise unknowingly it will be  celebrated with feast.

Have a controlled evil day tomorrow.