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Cultivate Generous Thought and practice giving gifts to the Sanghas.

The Buddha once explained that it is a meritorious act even to throw away the water after washing one's plate with the generous thought: 

"May the particles of food in the washing water be food to the creatures on the ground." 

Even when the waste is discarded with pure thought as it benefits some one, it is also an act of indirect giving and do accumulate merit.
For example, when you throw empty mineral water bottles in dustbin think as above, it bring good virtue as it benefits some waste collectors. 

When, these waste brings so such merits, just think how much merits you will accumulate when you practice giving real gifts.

Giving is one of the essential preliminary steps of Buddhist practice. When practiced in itself, it is a basis of merit or wholesome karma. When coupled with morality, concentration and insight, it leads ultimately to liberation from samsara, the cycle of repeated existence.

So in the practice of giving keep one's mind pure, select the worthiest recipients available ( usually monks) , and choose the most appropriate and generous gifts one can afford.

The Seven Lines that Dispel All Obstacles and Enfold All Profundity by Tertön Rangrik Dorje

This is the practice for the fortunate one. Recite daily to dispel all obstacles. Very short profound prayer and mantra to Guru Rinpoche.

༄༅། །བར་ཆད་ཀུན་སེལ་ཟབ་འདུས་ཀུན་ཚིག་བདུན་མ་ཞེས་བྱ་བ་བཞུགས། །
The Seven Lines that Dispel All Obstacles and Enfold All Profundity
by Tertön Rangrik Dorje

བྱིན་རླབས་ཀུན་སྩོལ་བླ་མ་པདྨ་འབྱུང་། །
jinlab kün tsol lama pema jung
Bestower of all blessings, the Lotus-Born, Padmākara;

དངོས་གྲུབ་ཀུན་བདག་ཡི་དམ་རྟ་མཆོག་དཔལ། །
ngödrub kün dak yidam tachok pal
Lord of all accomplishments, the iṣṭadevatā, mighty Hayagrīva;

ཕྲིན་ལས་ཀུན་སྟེར་མཁའ་འགྲོ་རྣལ་འབྱོར་མ། །
trinlé kün ter khandro naljorma
Fulfiller of all activities, the ḍākinī Vajrayoginī1;

བར་ཆད་ཀུན་སེལ་བཀའ་སྲུང་ལྕམ་དྲལ་སྡེ། །
barché kün sel kasung chamdral dé
Dispeller of all obstacles, the guardians, male and female;

གསོལ་བ་འདེབས་སོ་བར་ཆད་ཀུན་སོལ་ལོ། །
solwa deb so barché kün sol lo
To you we pray. Dispel all our obstacles!

བསམ་པའི་དོན་ཀུན་ཡིད་བཞིན་འགྲུབ་པ་དང་། །
sampé dön kün yishyin drubpa dang
Accomplish all our wishes, just as we desire!

ཕྲལ་ཕུགས་ཀུན་ཏུ་དགེ་ལེགས་ཆར་དུ་སྙིལ། །
tral puk küntu gelek char du nyil
Let virtue and goodness rain upon us, now and forever!

ཨོྃ་ཨཱཿ ཧཱུྃ་གུ་རུ་དེ་བ་ཌཱཀྐི་ནི་དྷརྨ་པ་ལ་སརྦ་སིདྡྷི་ཧཱུྃ། །
om ah hung guru dewa dakini dharmapala sarva siddhi hung
oṃ āḥ hūṃ guru deva ḍākinī dharmapāla sarva-siddhi hūṃ

ཞེས་རྒྱ་ཆེའི་དོན་འདུས་ཟབ་པའི་གནད། ཐུན་མོང་མ་ཡིན་ཁྱད་པར་ཆེ། སྐལ་ལྡན་རྣམས་ཀྱི་ཉམས་སུ་ལོངས། རིག་པའི་རྡོ་རྗེའི་ཤར་མར་སྤེལ། །
This profound key-point distills the extensive meaning, extraordinary and exalted, and is a practice for the fortunate ones. It was spontaneously written down by Rigpe Dorje.

| Translated by Stefan Mang and Kaleb Yaniger, 2018. Edited by Libby Hogg.
↑ Lit. Fulfiller of all activities, the ḍākinī, the yoginī

Tibetan Eye Chart that is handy today

This timely Tibetan Eye Chart which was developed by Tibetan Lama long ago (before the light was invented ) is now becoming very essential in today’s context.
With the outburst of digital world people literally can’t stay their eyes away from fiddling electronic gadgets. Everyone is seen busy with their Mobile phones most of the time.

Watching anything on small screen strains our important eyes. There is danger of loosing eye sight slowly. All experienced blaring of eyes from time to time on usage of mobile phones.Therefore, we must give exercise to our eyes.

For generations the people of Tibet have used natural methods to correct visual weakness and improve their eyesight. Chief among the methods employed has been the use of certain exercises which have proved useful over long periods of time. 

The figure on this chart was designed by Tibetan Lama Monks to give the necessary corrective exercises and stimulation to the muscles and nerves of the optical system.
The eye Muscles focus similar to a camera shutter.
The purpose of these exercises is to strengthen the eye muscles to improve vision.
A few minutes practice morning and evening will bring immediate effects and over a period of months a most definite improvement will result.

How to Use the Chart

These exercises are to be done without eye glasses or contacts.
Do each movement for 30 seconds while in a sitting position, spine straight and do not move the head side to side. Move only the eyes.

1.) With the palm of each hand cup both closed eyes to relax them.
2.) Move the eyes clockwise around the outer circle of dots
3.) Repeat this movement in a counterclockwise rotation
4.) Move the eyes back and forth between the dots at 2 and 8 o’clock
5.) Repeat this movement back and forth between dots at 4 and 10 o’clock
6.) Blink the eyes briefly and finish therapy with the palming same as exercise as No. 1
Repeat exercises as desired being careful to avoid strain. 

After beginning therapy wear eyeglasses and contacts as little as possible. In time these crutches will become unnecessary.

The process of repair and the reforming of the curvature of the back of the eye require specific exercise and the increase of the nutrients used only by the eye for its repair and maintenance. 

Like any other muscle the more exercise the more nutrients are needed.
So find out which nutrition is good for eyes and consume that.
Hopefully, it will improve your eye sights.

Please take care your eyes.

Daily increase your merits.

Nargarjuna said:

“Since life is full of harms and more impermanent than a water-bubble blown by the wind, it is a wonderful surprise to have the chance to wake up from sleep, breathing in and out.”

Daily when you wake up in the morning think of the impermanence nature of us. Understanding that our life is like a water bubble that can burst at any time it is wise to practice dharma and be compassionate to all sentient beings.

As explained by Buddha in the sutra teachings, if you recite
seven times, it increases any merit you collect during the rest of the day 100,000 times.


Mantra source: Arya Parimata Chakra Sutra.

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Individual characteristics based on Mewa as per Tibetan Astrology

Mewa: 1 White 

Color: White 
Element: Iron 
Direction: North 
Length of life: 71 years. There will be four difficult times during the life. 
Birthmark: Has a birth-mark or mole on the right side. Is left-handed. 
Practice: The practice involves obtaining a Chenresik statue (loving kindness, compassion) and practicing this sadhana. 
A person born in this Mewa is given by a heaven-god, and will therefore have not many but only one single descendant. His foots generate whirls of wind, therefore he likes to travel.
Past life: In his past live he had been at first a king of this world and then he was born in the heaven.
Present life: he has now been born in the human realm. Signs and influences of his previous lives in the different realms are shown in this life as mole chains located in the lower abdomen or in the right side of the back or in the right arm. Alternatively, if the person does not have mole chains in the right side, he will be left handed and will have precise birth marks in the lower part of the body.
Character: If he is a man, he will be a brave. If he is a female, she will not be inferior to others for what concerns properties, but she will need to change her house. In case the person is a woman, she will like men very much.
One of his ancestors is the Yang (prosperous) of the family. Because of loosing this Yang (prosperous), probably his descendants will suffer from handicaps, rheumatisms, arthritis, eyes problems, blindness or alternatively, if the above mentioned illnesses will not happen, his descendants will suffer by shoulder pains, nose and eye problems. There will always be unhappiness with the mind not remaining in the heart. By nature he will be nervous, short tempered, but good of heart.
His earlier part of life will be characterized by significant changes of fortune and there will be a psychological suffering and sadness. His later part of life will be happy and harmonious.
Health: This will be subject to two conditions: either the person will become an orphan or he will be influenced by the negative energy originated by a grudge coming from - his mother's or sister's side. This negative energy is not very favourable to his protectors, therefore he will probably suffer from sensory organ problems or from parents dying during a journey or from missing bones of the head, the consequence of which is that the person will hold two places of residence. His character will be short of breath, nervous and short tempered. His favourite property will be dairy animals. He will like milk products and wine.
Children: He will have difficulties in having a child and his children will come more from~ outside of his house.
Wealth: The property will be instable and there will probably be a separation or he will two different children, belonging to different parents. Among his descendants, he could be a single child in three generations.
Life Span of life is fixed to 71 ~years and four obstacles will occur.
Next life: The person will probably be born as a goat, a sheep, a duck or a swan or a Noe jin or a human being living in the mountain, or he will be born in the Naga realm.
Pacification: If the person is going to build an Avalokitesvara statue, he will be reborn as a male in a rich family or he will be born as a god or as a Brahman in this world.
Spirits: This person will be provoked by King Spirit, Thumb size spirit and Gongpo spirits, therefore he will feel the burning of the mind. There is a big danger that a Gongpo spirit will enter into his heart. His protectors are white female Naga spirits and they will protect him from any negative influence.
Advice: If the person is good and clean from a hygienic point of view, then his protectors will always be favourable with him and he will avoid the negative energies deriving from a dead body and a marriage.

Mewa: 2 Black 

Color: Black 
Element: Water 
Direction: S.W. 
Length of life: 61 years. There will be three bad periods. 
Birthmark: There is a birthmark on the right-hand or arm, the heartside, or the neck. 
Practice: The practice is that of Vajrapani, which is strength and the clearing of obstacles. Become like the vajra -- indestructible. Get a statue of Vajrapani or a stupa. 
A person born in this Mewa, whether male or female:
Past live: His past life was in hell, then he became the son of a daemon, then a cannibal. As a sign and influence of his past live, in this life he will probably separate from his parents early and will make a perjury to his father and uncle. He will need to change his house. If he is the first child of the family, then he will be easy to grow up. He will suffer from the competition and the jealousy of his father's side relatives. He will be nice and gently speaking but inside of strong character. He will have a cold mood and will talk a little but significantly. These are the symptoms of his past life influence.
Present life:
While young, he will suffer from various problems as a consequence of his birth having brought some obstacles to his parents, relatives, friends, or to the property. In his life there will possibly be some suffering which will make him cry. Even if he does his work with a positive mind and a good heart, people will treat him wrongly.
He has done his job to the best of his capacity, but he will obtain very little appreciations. If he is a religious practitioner, he will have powerful psychic energy. He will like meat and, by nature, will be very nervous and aggressive. Even if he shows kindness to others, he will get a negative response. He will make other people happy but very little satisfaction will come to him.
Character: It is said that even if people eat hundred tastes contained in the food, still they do not feel satisfied. He has done the job with full energy but his work has not been finished at all. He had a precious respect of his friends, partner and children, but he has not got a good fortune to stay with them. It is said that a single is like an arrow.
As a consequence of a fratricide committed by one of his ancestors, his character will be influenced and turn into a strange one so that he will care of his work in the morning and will become careless in the evening. He will possess an unchangeable mind and a powerful speech.
He will be separated from his parents and will miss a bone in the head, so his property and life will be instable; it is said: if the iron palace has no doors, the king will be lifeless and if a cock is put under the dust it will spread all the dust in the space. These will happen metaphorically in his life.
Health: In general there will not be many physical problems, but if he gets a disease, it can be dangerous to his life.
Children: The portion of children allotted to him is fixed to two or three.
Next live: He will be reborn as a cannibal or a bear, a monkey, or a preta.
Pacification: If he is going to build a Vajrapani statue and ' practice, then life can change in future and he will be reborn as a Tsang ri (Heavenly god)' or as a Shang lon (son of a wealthy spirit) or he will be reborn as a male in the human world. Signs and symptoms of this show in his right side back and right or left arm, left chest or in the shoulder or in the neck, where there could be a mole.
Spirits: He will get a provocation from a Sadak and from a De-bo and Dud and War God will protect him. He will not suffer from minor spirits.
Because of two male and female bDud spirits provocation, his birth will have a negative effect for his relatives. Their Yang (prosperous) will be lost. He himself will be difficult to grow up. When he is grown up, he will separate from his partner or it will be difficult for him to grow up his children.
Advice: In the history of his ancestors, there could be a story of fratricide, and a lack of children. In the future his descendants will suffer from the same, therefore he must be conscious of this.

Mewa: 3 

Mewa Color: Blue 
Element: Water 
Direction: East 
Length of life: 50 years with three difficult periods. Birthmark: On the calf of the left leg. 
Practice: The suggested practice is that of Vajrasattva (Dorje-Sempa) practice. Vajrasattva purifies and removes the limitations, obstacles and imperfections of the mind. 
Past live: His reincarnation has been helped and driven by a spirit bSenmo or kLu-srin or Gnyan, therefore it is said he is the son of this spirit. In his past life he was born as a bragsrin (abominal man of the rocks), in his second past life he was born as a cannibal, finally he was born as an elephant.
The karmic forces and influences of past live in his present character: this person loves sleeping and has a big and brave heart. His belongings are instable. Signs of these influences could be birthmarks on his leftside leg and on the lower abdomen. As a consequence of his birth, his family lost the Yang (prosperous).
Character: He will be greedy and tricky. Without properly knowing the religious and spiritual practices he will like to show his knowledge. If he is a man, he will be a little talkative; if the person is a woman, she will suffer from losing her husband early. He will not be humiliated by upper class people, but he will get humiliations from the lower people. People hidden in the shadow will be his enemy in the future.
There can be the danger that by speaking he will separate from his partner, husband or wife. He is a person who always changes his mind, he does what he wants and is difficult to be influenced by others. He is ambitious and difficult to satisfy. Spirits always try to interfere with him and this brings unsuccesfullness in his work. He did good and kindness to others, but he will receive blames by other people.
People will not let him go into a high position and he can not stand a lower position. He is a person easy to deceive and sometimes blames and criticisms will deceive him. He is a person who is expecting the good results coming from his past live.
His ancestors are appearing from the polished surface of a sword; they have been successful to hold the place of his generation, but because of this, his ancestors were killed or died under a knife or another weapon. From his father's side, some members of his family have been separated from the family or have been in poor situations.
He is the man who got a leg to support his own body, but got no clothes to cover his leg and this means that in the last he will remain single or hold two places.
He will be a self-made man with little physical sickness.
Health: Generally this person will enjoy good health, but he will die from a chronic disease or an accident. For him and his descendants, the cause of death will be a falling or rolling down from a mountain, a sword or suffocation.
Among his children, there will probably be problems of internal organs or swallowing, skin disease or oedema, hemiplegia or epilepsy.
Children: This person is like a tree with many leaves and little fruit; similarly, he is a man with many marriages but few children.
Wealth: This person has a good divine protector, which however went away because of his negative and contaminated works and therefore the Yang (prosperous) of the property and wealth has been stolen by a hDre or an enemy. Consequently, his wealth is instable like an illusion or like the vapors of water.
Life span: The life span is fixed around fifty years, with three obstacles.
Next live: In his next life he will probably be reborn as the daughter of a cannibal or as an elephant or as a ptarmigan (mountain bird)
Pacification: If the person make a very generous gift and recites the Mantra of Vajrasattva around ten thousand or one hundred thousand times and if he builds a statue of Vajrasattva, he will be reborn in the West with a different [than oriental] language as a daughter in a rich family. As a sign of this happening he might have a birthmark on the back ribs, arms or on the pelvic area.
Spirits: Just after his birth, spirits Dre-wo and Sen-mo provoked him. During his life he will get a provocation from a Sa-srin and a kLu-srin. Also, a kLu-srin and a Gongpo are his protectors, who help him to be protected from the negative influences.
Advice: It is dangerous for him to make burning near the spirit of the house or of the land. He should keep attention to negative forces and to the energy which obscure his intellect and awareness.

Mewa: 4 

Color: Green 
Element: Wood 
Direction: S.E. 
Length of Life: 65 years. There are four difficult periods. Birthmark: On either thigh is a black circle birthmark. 
Practice: The practice is that of Vajrapani, which is strength and the clearing of obstacles. Become like the vajra -- indestructible. Get a statue of Vajrapani or a stupa. 
Past live: His reincarnation in the human realm was helped by a white female Naga spirit, therefore he is a son of Naga. In his past life, this person was a kLu and then he was reborn as a white deer. As sign of the influences of these past live he might have moles or a round and black birthmark on the right leg.
Present life: His descendants will get sensory organ problems or will suffer from many court cases and misfortunes because of having one Yang (prosperous) from the house. He will receive a lot of jobs or occupations which require travelling and many sufferings. People will use to talk a lot about him. He does a good job but results will be claimed by others. He does not like to stay in a lower position but people will not let him come up. There will be no big income, although he does not need to spend a lot.
Character: He loves to travel and to do a lot of mental work. He will be profound and with a negative mind. By nature, this person will love cleanliness. He is sensible,clearly speaking, but easy to get nervous. He will dispense generosities, but he will receive only blame and negativitites.
Health: In his house or land or place of working dwells a Sadak spirit, which is causing to him gout, rheumatism, skin diseases or pimples or mental disorders or depression.
Life span: The life span is fixed around sixty five years, with four obstacles.
Next live: Probably he will be reborn as a pigeon, a cuckoo or as a person hard of hearing. As a sign of this, he will clearly show a mole in the lower lumbar region or in the back shoulder or in the right arm or in the occipital region or in the forehead or he will have a mole chain. If he does not have this, he must be a left-handed person or there is a possibility to have a mole or wart in his face.
Pacification: If this person is going to make a Vajrapani statue or ten thousand or hundred thousand stamp clay, he will be reborn as a powerful tantrician, who makes esoteric practices, or as a magician or he will be reborn as the son of a rich family in the West.
Spirits: Through contamination, this person will suffer from instable property and will need to change place. Animals which belong to his relatives will suffer from the spirit. The shape or the spirit is similar to the crescent moon or to a bow.
Nearby his house there is a road or a passage for the travelling of Naga spirits, therefore his descendants will probably receive a provocation from them. A White female Naga spirit and the head of the Nagas (Klu-mGon) will protect this person.
Advice: Always he will have to pay attention to contaminated places, like dead bodies, marriage parties and and grudges. This person has to make a Naga puja and need to pay attention to .Nagas; if not, they will provoke him in the name of this contamination and he get a Naga disease. He has to worship these Nagas by offering different grains and Naga medicines (kLu-sMan). If the worship goes perfectly, he will receive great boon.

Mewa: 5 

Color: Yellow
Element: Earth 
Direction: Center 
Length of Life: 50 years. There will be two difficult periods. 
Birthmark: His birthmark is a certain nervousness. 
Practice: The suggested practice is that of Shakyamuni Buddha called the diamond vehicle (Dorje Chopa) (Prajnaparamita), cutting the vajra. 
Past live: He was a monk, then a prince or a king, then a bDud. This spirit helped him to be reborn in the human realm. Before these past live he was born as a rishi or a Buddhist monk or as a common sadhu (acharya) or a Gyalgon. Signs and symptoms of his past live in the present one will sometimes appear as having an instable mind and as talking unrelated things or having a very fast and sharp mind.
Life span: Life span is fixed around fifty years with two obstacles.
Present life: This person comes from a very concentrated elemental energy and by nature has a strong spiritual faith and a stable mind. He also owns a great knowledge. He will be depending on his parents and thus said, he was fortunate to be born in the right place.
Character: From his heritage he will get a provocation from a Sadak and a King spirit. Without noticing, he will lose his protectors. This may cause problems connected to a knife or to a danger of sterility, therefore this person should make a propitiation to his protectors. Generally, he will be powerful speaking, intelligent, highly ambitious and difficult to satisfy. He will like to help orphan children. Some people, to whom he had been helpful, will transform into his enemy and may create great blame to him. He will be unhappy of his work.
His heritage will belong to a learned family or he himself will be a great learned person. Physically, he will perform strong actions but internally he will not be ambitious. It will be difficult for him to gain satisfactions from others. By nature, he will have a heavy mouth [that means, he will not be very talkative] and will like to postpone his duties. Internally, he has a stable mind and has good control of himself.
If the child is female, she will get health problems related to others blamings; if the child is a male, health problems will start at adult time. Generally, various physical problems will always be present. Be it male or female, it will suffer by the contagious fever or other external problems like robberies or killings. Physically, it will also suffer from lymphatic, or serum or bile disorders.
Wealth: In general, good prosperity in land and properties, except animals, but his property will be instable
Children: Regarding the portion of allotted children, he is a person who will get difficulties in having children, but if he tries, the portion of children is fixed to five.
Life-span and advice: If he spends much time in the religious practice, he will be of long life.
Next life: In this life this person has been engaged with negative works, so in the next life he will probably be reborn as a monkey or as a hen.
Pacification: If the person is going to make a Buddha Statue or to print a Dorje choepa, then in his next life he will be transformed into a tantric practitioner or will born as a man with a good faith for the spiritual life. In his second next life he will be reborn as a son of a sRin (a pacification is needed) or as a son of a business-man.
Spirit: He will get a provocation from King spirit, Purkha, Dam-sri, klu, Nyen, Sadak spirits. A rGyalpo spirit may interfere with him and without reason he will get nervous and aggressive; he will lose control of his mind, which will become too flexible. Even his descendants will get a problem of hysteria or depression, will die suicide by knive or will be provoked by a Ma-mo.
As a sign of this, because protectors and spirits are not happy, he will have strange dreams. He will need to change his house or other people will push him to move from his house. He will also get a provocation from a protector of a monastery and of spiritual practitioners.
If he belongs to a Bonpo or a Buddhist or to other spiritual heritage, then he will not suffer from these problems related to the spirits.
Advice: This person should pay attention to knives and needs to make a propitiation to his protectors. There is a great need for a confession to the protectors in order to transform the negativities. Also a ritual performance of gDsugtor-sTongbZlog is needed and this person should try to be a good spiritual practitioner.

Mewa: 6 

Color: White 
Element: Iron 
Direction: N.W. 
Length of life: 70 years. There will be five difficult periods. 
Birthmark: Calf of the left leg. 
Practice: The practice suggested is that of the long-life (and purification) deity Vijaya Vsnisa (Tsuk Tor Nam Gyal Ma). 
Past live: He was born as a Lha, then as a hungry ghost, as a brahman, a deer and a cuckoo. Because influences of past live appear in the present body, he will have as birth mark a mole on the left leg or on the right arm or on the right calf. Mentally he is intelligent, but with an instable mind.
Present life: He is a person who loves travelling and sleeping. If the child is female, then she will be softly-spoken but internally aggressive.
Character: In general, he will not be rich and will hold two houses. Because his protectors are unhappy, he will suffer from having few descendants. There is little kindness from his parents side, but he himself will be strong, both physically and mentally. He will have many relatives but at the end there will be only one, he will have many girl-friends, but at last he will be single.
He is kind to others, but he will receive a negative response. By nature, his way of communicating and his face will be not beautiful, but he will have a beautiful mind. He will give good help to others, but this will be destroyed by his mouth.
If he receives a black magic by a shaman or a magician, it will harm him. He will need to change his residence and problems will arise more from his father's relatives side. There will be competition among relatives and he will be weak in front of his wife. He will be easy to make friendships, which do not last for a long time, like an apricot flower.
Health: Generally, he will suffer from little sickness, but if he gets a disease, this will be dangerous for his life.
Children: Portion of children is little but there will possibly be five children. In his heritage the missing bone in the head can influence at first his children, who can have damp and handicaps. His descendants will be more engaged with sexual miscontact and there can be a big danger that children will be twins or handicapped or with missing sensory organs
Wealth: In general, he will not be rich. Regarding his property, red-colored materials will be prosperous. The properties will be instable and there is a danger that the people will take his house.
Life Span: The life span is fixed to seventy years with five obstacles.
Next live: If the person is engaged with negative matters in this life, then in his next e will be reborn as a daughter of a shaman or as a shaman or as a Buddhist meditator or a bird.
Pacification: If the person makes a gTsugtor and a Statue of his spiritual master, this work can transform the negatives into positive and so he will be reborn again in the West as a great learned person or he will be reborn in heaven.
Spirits: Because of the unhappiness of his protector, he will suffer from having few descendants and bSerag, Dam-sri and Purkha spirits will provoke him. Bholha and the War God spirits will always protect him. Always will this person suffer by the spirit:s of heaven (Gongbo will disturb him in this life and a contaminated spirit arising from a contaminated sexual contact will provoke him.
Advice: This person needs to pay attention of sexual miscontacts and needs to take care about his nervous system and brain.

Mewa: 7 

Color: Red 
Element: Fire 
Direction: West 
Length of Life: 80 years and there will be 4 difficult periods. 
Birthmark: On the backside or chest. 
Practice: The practice is that of tara (green Tara), and thus healing, protection, wealth and a good birth. 
Past live:
In his past live he was born as a Mountain dwelling spirit and a semi-god. He is blessed by a Tsen (mountain dwelling spirit), therefore it is said that he is a wrathful butcher holding a sword (that means he will be by nature a wrathful and aggressive person). Signs in this life showing the influences from the past life are possibly some moles or some fleshy marks on the ribs or on the chest or on the left hand.
Present life: Happiness and sorrow are like the sun in spring [that means shining but cold].
Character: He is a person who does not avoid sinful deeds and has a strong ego. He will be powerful but there will be more interferences to bring him down. He will grow slowly and steadily up, but on the spot he will destroy his work like a hot pan-fry. Property will be like the bellows of a blacksmith [there is no relation, but they need each other, so his property and himself will not be together].
He will be nervous and easy to be forgetful. He will like red meat. If the child is a female, then as a woman she will love to sleep and will probably separate from her husband. There could be fighting since childhood with the father's side and since birth the child will like to fight.
He will need to pay a fine in court. A11 these characters are a manifestation of a bTsan spirit. He will have a brave heart and will be skillful. He will have a red skin, will be aggressive and will take pleasure to deal with red meat. Without reason he will receive blames and he himself will be escaping from his work but where there is food, he will be there. He will have a strong digestion power.
Health: There could be a story about his ancestors of brothers being killed by sword. He himself will be in danger because of a knife. On the name of the red meat he will receive a big trouble in health. Even his coming descendants will die by metal, or many of them will die during travelling. Physically, he will suffer from blood or gastric disorders or cholities. Since his childhood he will suffer from minor skin or chronic wounds or benign tumours.
Children: Number of children is fixed to seven.
Wealth: Wealth will be like the sun of spring and business will be prosperous in the white and red-colored properties like milk products and meat.
Life-span is fixed to eighty years with four obstacles.
Next life: If the person is engaged in negative matters, he will probably be reborn as an insect, or as a red hill dog or mountain wolf or in the preta wor1d.
Pacification: If the person builds a Tara statue and confess his negatives, he will be reborn as male or as a monk strict on discipline.
Spirits: A Mountain dwelling spirit of the sword can be conditioned to provoke him so that he will get more problems connected with the knive, then a Mt. dwelling spirit will protect him also, therefore he needs to make a rTen-mKhar (house of the spirit) and worship the bTsan Spirit.
Advice: Avoid fighting and playing with knives, especially avoid fighting with the father side.

Mewa: 8 

Color: White 
Element: Metal 
Direction: N.E. 
Length of Life: 50 years and there are 3 difficult periods. Birthmark: On right cheek. 
Practice: The suggested practice is that of Shakyamuni Buddha called the diamond vehicle (Dorje Chopa) (Prajnaparamita), cutting the vajra. 
Past live: In his past live he was born in a barbarian country, then he was born in the heaven. Because of the influence of his past live, there could be mole signs on the right leg or on the right chick.
Present life: He is a child who has been blessed by the Deva of Tushita, therefore he is said to be the son of a Deva.
Character: He is slow, profound and little talkative, but inside he is strict. He will hold two residences and will be protected by a high spirit. He will have a white complexion, a sharp nose and a big ego.
He will gain respect from people because he is the jewel of the world. Even if he himself is engaged in negative matters, he is under the protection of a high God and will get sympathy from people and few difficulties in his life.
Even if he gets a sickness, it will be easy to cure, especially in the later part of his life he will be happy. It is said that water is coming larger when it is nearly to stop, the lamp is getting brighter when it is nearly to finish, the sun is getting warmer when is nearly to set.
Even after dying, the ritual ceremonies of death will be properly performed by his children. He is a good person and has a good protector, who is like a good earthen pot with an even better handle (it means that his protector is a very good protector). He will be good in handicrafts, intelligent, with a sharp mind, but sometimes he will be easy to perjury and speak unrelated things.
He will be well learned and with a good faith for the spiritual life. Noble people will love him and lower class people will be against him. There will be danger of disputes between him and his son and this can be used by other people to disturb his family.
If he is a spiritual master, then he will be a respectable person, but he will have a great tendency and susceptibility to grudge just by a little mistake.
In general there will be good health, even if he gets sick, he will easily be cured. Because of his grudge, the people will start to have negative feelings towards him and because of this energy, sometimes he will get angry and restless.
As a manifestation of his protectors becoming unhappy, he himself will become nervous without apparent reason. He will be speaking without subject, running without reason and without object he will like to beat: this will happen to him.
Children: His portion is fixed to three or six. He has the fortune to have good children and to become a successful lawyer. Also his children may become successful lawyers.
Children: He will become wealthier in the later part of his life.
Life span:Life span is fixed to fifty years with three obstacles.
Next life: Probably he will be reborn as female human being.
Pacification: If this person makes a Buddha statue, then he will be reborn as a sculptor or a spiritual practitioner, after then he will be reborn as a Deva in the heaven. Signs indicating his future live appear as a mark in the left thigh.
Spirits: The village protector War God and King spirit will protect him and he will have to make propitiations to them. Negative
spirits: there will be a danger that protectors angry with him and hGondre and King spirit spirits from neighbour people can be harmful to him.
Advice: There will be only one danger: he should be very cautious not to grudge towards relatives or others. If the person is engaged in this, the spirit of grudge will provoke him, and this can be destructive in the future. Therefore, be aware about grudge.

Mewa: 9 

Color: Red 
Element: Fire 
Direction: South 
Length of Life: 73 years with five difficult periods. Birthmark: On face, neck or left-leg. 
Practice: Suggested practice is that of Manjushri, the development of the mind and intellect. 
A person born in this mewa is the son of a Deva physician.
Past live: In his past live he was an underground spirit dMu, then he was born as a dog in a rich family, then as a shaman practitioner, then in his last life he was the son of a heavenly god's physician, therefore this person is said to be blessed by the great physician of the sky.
Present life: He is the person who is holding (metaphorically) seven holy-hook flowers in the right hand and seven in the left. If he does not separate from these flowers, he will not need to depend on anybody. Even if his parents are poor, he will be rich: it is the result of his own fortune.
If he separates from these flowers, he will break his Yang (prosperous) and will diminish its power. The consequences will be: if the person does not possess a rich property, then his relatives will turn into enemies; if he is a female, then no harm will result, but if the person happens to be a shaman or a Buddhist or a spiritual practitioner it will be even worse for him.
Character: In general he will have a white and open mind with a big jealousy and a strong desire for the property. If he does not dry his Yang (prosperous), then he will be happy in the later part of his life. From a black material a spirit will possibly provoke his children. To prevent all negativities, a Yang (prosperous)-sgrub ceremony should be performed. If he does not separate from the Yang (prosperous), no problem will occur for a mouthful of food and a handful of work.
Enemies will arise from where he never thought before. Hundreds of men will be rolling the arrow and hundreds of women: will be flapping the wools against him [ that means everybody will be very angry with him]: therefore the man will wander around and the parents will miss the bone of the head. There is a big possibility that his relatives will become his enemies and that he will become a public focus.
Noble people will love him but lower class people will hate him. In his past heritage very precious jewels or antiques were lost and this caused him to lose his Yang (prosperous), but his latter part of life will be full of Yang (prosperous) and will boost with the oil of fortune. He is a man who has given up the religion of others and escaped from his father's religion and is at present devoted to a very strange religion.
He is a person who needs to spend a lot of money, and is also an emotive person. In short, during his parents' and his own life he lost Yang (prosperous) of men and properties, therefore his property will be instable like dew, which appears and easily disappears. The first part of his life will be difficult, but the latter part will be happy and rich. His Yang (prosperous) exits among the animals.
Life span is 70 years with five obstacles.
Next Life:
Next life, if he is not careful in being involved in negative actions, he will be reborn as a dog, a Monkey or as a poor woman.
If the person makes a Manjusri statue and recites his Mantra, he will be reborn as a son of a rich family in the West or he will be reborn as a rich, miser person or in alternative, he will be reborn as a god dwelling in the sky clouds. This shows in some signs, like having a mole or a fleshy mark on the heard, on the face, on the neck, on the back or on the left side leg.
Spirits: Mountain dwelling spirit and the son of a sMan-mo will protect him and a spirit who dwells in a mountain water or in a small forest will provoke him
Advice: If he keeps animals, a Yang (prosperous) propitiation will recover and collect his Yang (prosperous)'.
Thank You.

Saturday, June 19, 2021

Guru Rinpoche’s Day (10th day of 5th lunar month) 20th June 2021

Tomorrow is Guru Rinpoche’s Day 


On the tenth day of the fifth month (in history), the tīrthikas of southern India causedgreat harm to the teaching of Buddha, through vast display of magical powers. But our Guru Rinpoche smashed them to dust along with their gods and guardians, and raised the victory banner of the teaching of the Buddhas. Guru manifestoed as Guru Sengé Dradok.


In the fifth month, if you pray to Guru Rinpoche all harm from obstacles, enemies and döns is pacified, and the objects of your wishes are brought under your control.


Today we are very fortunate to get access to yet another Mind Terma of HE Terton Mingjur Dorje Yantse Trulku Trashi Palden (14years old), Guru Rinpoche’s Soldep.  Trulku Rinpoche has shared to me.


These profound new prayers meant for the 10th Day if recited will bring immense blessing to you and to all sentient beings. New Termas are very effective to current era.

རྣལ་སྨྱོན་ཁྲག་འཐུང་རྒན་པོས་མཛད་ཅིང་ གཡང་རོང་ཤེལ་བུམ་ནག་པོས་ཡི་གེར་བཏབ་པའི

༄༅། །གུ་རུའི་གསོལ་འདེབས་ཡིད་བཞིན་ནོར་བུའི་ཕྲེང་མཛེས་བཞུགས་སོ། །།འཆི་མེད་ཚོགས་ཀྱི་རོལ་གར་ཡང་ཟེར།


དེ་ལྟར་མོས་གུས་དང་བཅས་གསོལ་བ་བཏབ་ན་དངོས་གྲུབ་འོང་བར་སྔར་གྱི་ཆོས་རྗེ་སརྦ་གུཔྟ་སོགས་ཀྱིས་གསུངས་པ་ཡོད། བདག་རྣལ་སྨྱོན་གཏེར་སྟོན་དྲི་མེད་ཀུན་བཟང་གླིང་པ་བཀྲ་ཤིས་དཔལ་ལྡན་ནམ། དུས་མཐའི་སྔགས་རྒན་འཆི་མེད་འགྲོ་འདུལ་རྩལ་རྡོ་རྗེ་མེ་འབར་ཞབས་ཀྱིས་སྨྲས་པ་ལགས་སོ།། །།
གུ་རུའི་གསོལ་འདེབས་ ཡིད་བཞིན་ནོར་བུའི་ཕྲེང་མཛེས།

Thank you Trulku Rinpoche

Friday, June 18, 2021

The Prayer to Orgyen Rinpoche, that 'Invokes the Heart of his Wisdom Mind' by Pawo Lerab Tsal

This prayer to Guru Rinpoche, one that invokes him is an appropriate prayer to this day of degeneration age
Recite daily to put things in order.
༄༅། །ཨོ་རྒྱན་རིན་པོ་ཆེའི་གསོལ་འདེབས་ཐུགས་དམ་རྒྱུད་སྐུལ་ཞེས་བྱ་བ་བཞུགས་སོ། །
The Prayer to Orgyen Rinpoche, that 'Invokes the Heart of his Wisdom Mind'
by Pawo Lerab Tsal
ཕྱོགས་དུས་རྒྱལ་བ་ཀུན་གྱི་ངོ་བོ་ཉིད། །
chok dü gyalwa kün gyi ngowo nyi
Embodiment of all Victorious Ones, throughout the whole of space and time,
སངས་རྒྱས་གཞན་ལས་ཐུགས་རྗེ་ཕྲིན་ལས་མྱུར། །
sangye shyen lé tukjé trinlé nyur
Your compassion and your actions swifter than any other buddha,
བོད་ཁམས་སྐྱོང་བར་ཞལ་གྱིས་བཞེས་པ་ཡི། །
bö kham kyongwar shyal gyi shyepa yi
You who vowed to care for the land of Tibet,
ཨོ་རྒྱན་རིན་པོ་ཆེ་ལ་གསོལ་བ་འདེབས། །
orgyen rinpoche la solwa deb
Orgyen Rinpoche, to you I pray!
བཟོད་མེད་གདུང་ཤུགས་དྲག་པོས་སྙིང་ནས་འབོད། །
zömé dungshuk drakpö nying né bö
I call out to you with my heart, with a yearning that is hard to bear,
མི་མངོན་དབྱིངས་ནས་ཐུགས་རྗེའི་སྤྱན་གྱིས་གཟིགས། །
mingön ying né tukjé chen gyi zik
Look on me, with eyes of compassion, from your invisible realm of space.
སྙིགས་མ་ལྔ་བདོའི་མཐའ་ལ་ཐུག་པའི་ཚེ། །
nyikma nga dö ta la tukpé tsé
Now that this final age of the five degenerations has arrived,
ཡུལ་ལྷ་ཡུལ་ཕུད་འབྱུང་པོས་ཤུལ་བཟུང་ན། །
yullha yul pü jungpö shul zung na
When local deities are usurped by jungpodemons,
གཞི་བདག་གནས་སུ་འཁོད་ཅིག་པདྨ་འབྱུང༌། །
shyidak né su khö chik pema jung
Restore them to their rightful place, O Lotus-born.
ནགས་ཕྱོགས་མི་དང་འདྲེ་བདུད་ཁ་དར་ན། །
nak chok mi dang dré dü kha dar na
When evil human beings, spirits and demons are on the rise,
དཀར་ཕྱོགས་དབུགས་དབྱུང་མཛོད་ཅིག་པདྨ་འབྱུང༌། །
karchok ukyung dzö chik pema jung
Encourage the good and urge them onwards, O Lotus-born.
ཆོས་སྐྱོང་རྣམས་ཀྱིས་དམ་བཅའ་བཏང་གྱུར་ན། །
chökyong nam kyi damcha tang gyur na
When the dharmapālas forsake their sacred pledge,
དམ་ཚིག་ཕྱག་རྒྱས་ཆིངས་ཤིག་པདྨ་འབྱུང༌། །
damtsik chakgyé ching shik pema jung
Bind them with the seal of the samaya, O Lotus-born.
དམ་མེད་ཤི་འདྲེས་བར་ཆད་བརྩམས་གྱུར་ན། །
dammé shi dré barché tsam gyur na
When ghosts of the dead, devoid of samaya, start to make obstacles,
འདྲེ་རྒོད་དམ་ལ་ཐོག་ཅིག་པདྨ་འབྱུང༌། །
dré gö dam la tok chik pema jung
Subdue such untamed spirits; bring them under your control, O Lotus-born.
སྐྱེ་འགྲོའི་ཤེས་རྒྱུད་བགེགས་ཀྱིས་བརླབས་གྱུར་ན། །
kyendrö shé gyü gek kyi lab gyur na
When the minds of living beings are influenced by forces that cause obstruction,
ཁ་ཕྲོལ་བགེགས་ཚོགས་སྐྲོད་ཅིག་པདྨ་འབྱུང༌། །
khatrol gek tsok trö chik pema jung
Separate them, and drive out all the obstacle-makers, O Lotus-born.
སྨོན་ལོག་དམ་སྲིས་བསྟན་ལ་བར་ཆོད་ན། །
mön lok damsi ten la barchö na
When damsi demons, with perverted aspirations, impede the teachings,
དྲག་རྩལ་ཤུགས་ཀྱིས་སྒྲོལ་ཅིག་པདྨ་འབྱུང༌། །
drakstal shuk kyi drol chik pema jung
Liberate them with fierce and wrathful force, O Lotus-born.
རྒྱལ་འདྲེ་འགོང་པོས་བོད་ཁམས་འཕུང་བ་ན། །
gyal dré gongpö bö kham pungwa na
When the gongpo chiefs of the gyaldré spirits wreak destruction on Tibet,
མཐུ་སྟོབས་ནུས་པས་ཐུལ་ཅིག་པདྨ་འབྱུང༌། །
tutob nüpé tul chik pema jung
Subjugate them with the might of your power and strength, O Lotus-born.
མཐའ་བཞིའི་དམག་གིས་མཚོན་ཁ་ལྡང་བ་ན། །
ta shyi mak gi tsön kha dangwa na
When the armies of neighbouring lands take up weapons against us,
མཐའ་དམག་དུས་འཁྲུག་ཟློག་ཅིག་པདྨ་འབྱུང༌། །
tamak dü truk dok chik pema jung
Turn back the turmoil of war and invasion, O Lotus-born.
ལྷ་སྲིན་མ་མོའི་དལ་ཡམས་འཐིབ་པ་ན། །
lhasin mamö dalyam tibpa na
When epidemics due to gods, rākṣasas and mamos multiply,
ཐུགས་རྗེའི་སྨན་གྱིས་སོས་ཤིག་པདྨ་འབྱུང༌། །
tukjé men gyi sö shik pema jung
Heal them with the medicine of your compassion, O Lotus-born.
འབྲོག་པར་ཕྱུགས་ཉེས་ཡུལ་པར་ལོ་ཉེས་ན། །
drokpar chuk nyé yulpar lonyé na
When livestock come to grief and farmers suffer bad harvests,
འབྲུ་ནོར་ལོངས་སྤྱོད་སྩོལ་ཅིག་པདྨ་འབྱུང༌། །
dru nor longchö tsol chik pema jung
Grant us grain and resources and wealth, O Lotus-born.
ས་ཡི་བཅུད་ཉམས་སྐྱེ་འགྲོའི་གཡང་ཉམས་ན། །
sa yi chü nyam kyendrö yang nyam na
When the vital nutrition of the earth is depleted, and the spirit of abundance among living beings fails,
བཅུད་གཡང་བྱིན་ཆེན་ཕོབ་ཅིག་པདྨ་འབྱུང༌། །
chü yang jin chen pob chik pema jung
Recharge their vitality and prosperity with your blessing, O Lotus-born.
བསྟན་དང་བསྟན་འཛིན་སྡེ་དང་བཅས་པ་རྣམས། །
ten dang tendzin dé dang chepa nam
Make the teachings and holders of the teachings
དར་ཞིང་རྒྱས་པར་མཛོད་ཅིག་པདྨ་འབྱུང༌། །
dar shying gyepar dzö chik pema jung
Spread and increase in number, O Lotus-born.
ཆོས་མེད་བདག་སོགས་འཁོར་བར་འཁྱམས་པ་ན། །
chömé dak sok khorwar khyampa na
When I and others, bereft of Dharma, wander in saṃsāra,
བདེ་ཆེན་ཞིང་དུ་དྲོངས་ཤིག་པདྨ་འབྱུང༌། །
dechen shying du drong shik pema jung
Lead us to the heaven of Great Bliss, O Lotus-born.
ལྟ་སྒོམ་སྤྱོད་པ་གོལ་སར་འཆུག་གྱུར་ན། །
ta gom chöpa golsar chuk gyur na
When our View, Meditation and Action go astray,
དོན་དམ་རང་ངོ་སྤྲོད་ཅིག་པདྨ་འབྱུང༌། །
döndam rang ngotrö chik pema jung
Make us realize the ultimate as our true nature, O Lotus-born.
འདི་དང་ཕྱི་མ་བར་དོར་ཐམས་ཅད་དུ། །
di dang chima bardor tamché du
In this life, the next and in the bardo state,
འབྲལ་མེད་ཐུགས་རྗེས་ཟུངས་ཤིག་པདྨ་འབྱུང༌། །
dralmé tukjé zung shik pema jung
Never leave me, but hold me with your compassion, O Lotus-born.
མདོར་ན་སྡུག་བསྔལ་ཉེས་ཚོགས་ཅི་བྱུང་ཡང༌། །
dorna dukngal nyé tsok chi jung yang
When I face suffering or harm of any kind,
རྟག་ཏུ་ཐུགས་རྗེས་སྐྱོབས་ཤིག་པདྨ་འབྱུང༌། །
taktu tukjé kyob shik pema jung
Let your compassion protect me always, O Lotus-born.
om ah hung benza guru pema siddhi hung
ཞེས་པའང་དེང་སང་གི་དུས་དང་བསྟུན་པར་ཨོ་རྒྱན་རིན་པོ་ཆེ་ལ་གསོལ་འདེབས་ཐུགས་དམ་སྐུལ་བྱེད་འདི་ནི། སྐྱབས་མགོན་རིན་པོ་ཆེའི་བཀའ་སྩལ་ཕེབས་པར་བརྟེན་ནས་ལྷུན་གྲུབ་སྟེང་གི་ཕོ་བྲང་ཆེན་པོར་དཔའ་བོ་ལས་རབ་རྩལ་གྱིས་སོ།། །།
This prayer to Orgyen Rinpoche, one that invokes him and is appropriate to this day and age, was composed by Pawo Lerab Tsal (Cheyol Rigdzin Chenmo) at Lhundrup Teng in Dergé, following the instructions of Kyabgön Rinpoche.

Cultivate Generous Thought and practice giving gifts to the Sanghas.

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