Saturday, April 17, 2021

How to handle empty Statue?

Many buy statues and initially keep empty. And for some, the empty statue remains for years. You must have also heard people saying that keeping empty statue is disrespectful and the holder would go empty. 

Well, leaving a statue empty is like offering nothing to the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and deities. Yes, it can create obstacles. It is very important to put something inside the statue. The most effective I would suggest is putting inside “The Four Dharmakaya Relic Mantras” with some incense.

According to His Eminence Lama Zopa Rinpoche, “The Four Dharmakaya Relic Mantras are the main mantras that give power to holy objects. They are what make holy objects most powerful and beneficial, and make it easy for sentient beings to purify negative karma and collective extensive merit.”

“The Four Dharmakaya Mantras are a sacred relic. They are the highest relics of Buddha, relics of the dharmakaya. Other relics, the ones that we normally see, such as relics of the robes or parts of Buddha’s holy body, are secondary relics. These four mantras are the highest relics.”

If you have empty statues, please download the mantra from the link below, print and put inside your statues, your statues are made live now and it will bless all sentient beings. And of course, You.

Thank you for keeping holy objects in blissful statue till you put Zung.

Phub Dorji wang

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