Sunday, September 13, 2020

We are at the moment experiencing what Lord Buddha experienced at his palace

We think only of ourself. Eat more than what is required. Seek only pleasure. Wears expensive fashions. Beautifies heavily. Refuses to step out without make up. Visits drayangs and entertainment clubs. Consumes what not, drinks what not. Talk only harsh words. Show egos and pride. Has little respect to parents. 

We are totally duelling in a live samsara of negativity.

One teaching of lord Buddha was about his life story. It teaches that his enjoyment at the palace (that was temporarily created by his Father) has no meaning whatsoever to dwell on earth. 

He found the universe, full of suffering. Lord Buddha want to find remedy to cease it. To search the truth he left such enjoyable palace for us. 

After undertaking many years of hardship finally he got enlightened and so the remedy was found.

We need not to go to such extreme measures to practice Buddhism. Just following his doctrine we could shun the suffering.

Don't you all think it is important that we need to come out from such temporary life style possibly arranged by mara and concentrate on Buddhist way of life when time permits.

Such devotion generate merits to better off a smooth path for next birth. Taking birth as member of human beings is  actually getting an opportunity to decide either to go UP or DOWN based on individual activities.

So think it over.

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