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Tiger and its general characteristics with birth sign and specific characteristic as per birth element

General Characteristics 
Tiger is the animal that represents authority. They are proud and will exert their leadership as they are born leaders.  Forceful and aggressive, they are usually in the lead and it is difficult to deny them their rights. 

A goal-getter, the Tiger has a great deal of self-confidence and no setbacks can stop them from achieving their goals.  They set high realistic goals and work hard to achieve them steadily and consistently. They are only happy when they see everything settled and completed.

The Tiger loves to be the centre of attention and they look for approval from peers and family. The astute and quick thinking Tiger knows how to take advantage of situations to rise to power and positions, where he will excel even further in what he sets out to accomplish.
A humanitarian, the Tiger will fight for noble ideals, especially when it concerns something close to their hearts – a loved one or their honour. They are definitely not the type to be oppressed and pushed around and are known to be rebellious, always ready to put up a good fight for the rights of others.
Tigers radiate enthusiasm. They have tremendous amount of energy and these qualities enhance their ability to command and persuade others. As they are always eager to please, they are well known for their lively and charming personalities that easily endear people to them.
Adventurous and highly competitive, the Tiger loves challenges. He is always active and out trying new things – just to prove that he can accomplish it just as successfully as the challenge before! Tigers are constantly on the lookout for the next mountain to climb or the next milestone and love to take chances and tempt fate. More often than not, they emerge even stronger than before and won’t hesitate to tell you all about it!

The Tiger believes in the “all or nothing” or “do or die” approach and this is how he chooses to live his whole life. As Tigers are very assertive, once they set sight on something they want, it’s very hard to stop them. Not motivated by money or power, they are not easily influenced to take sides or sway from their original goals and have incredible focus in what they set out to do.

Tigers usually think and act fast, and hence can be regarded as abrupt, hasty or impulsive. Their direct and outspoken character may not be welcomed by everyone. As they want to get things done fast, they prefer to work alone. They are also quite self-centred and like to do things their own way; they often don’t like putting value on others’ opinions believing theirs is the best way.

The Tiger will be very disturbed and even depressed if they fail at a task or feel unproductive in their daily lives and at work. As success-oriented as they are, they also don’t take criticism well, especially from loved ones.

The Tiger likes to dominate and be in charge and has little tolerance for error or incompetence. He will even revolt against authority and superiors to prove a point. At their worst, if Tigers feel they are not respected or being put down, they can become hostile and plot revenge. They might sometimes even take hasty action without analyzing the situation which could result in quite a storm!

Vibrant and competitive, the Tiger will excel in business activities which are aggressive. However, the best types of work that appeal to them are those that require them to champion for the rights of others, especially the oppressed.  Their passion, energy and focus will bring great results for the benefit of others if they choose to do social work or promote a good cause.
The Tiger does not like to take orders. Self-sufficient and independent, he will work hard to move up to secure his own position of authority; it’s not unlike a Tiger to move up in the ranks quickly and even at a very young age, far surpassing many of their peers. They are charismatic leaders and excel in management or leadership positions.

They should work in jobs that are challenging as the Tiger is known for making frequent job changes when they are bored or in a position where things are stagnant. They also like jobs that that have tradition, weight and formality.
The Tigers are good actors, explorers, revolutionists, and pilots. The best industries for them to get involved in are sales and uniformed careers.

Love and Relationships 
Being with Tigers is always exciting. They are legendary for their charm and charisma and will sweep you away with their presence. You will be smitten with their unpredictable nature as they surprise you with gifts, grand gestures and their exciting, courageous ambition. The head-strong, impulsive streak of the Tiger may cause plenty of heartache though – he is likely to have affairs even after he is in a committed relationship.

He expects his partner to live by different rules though. Despite his own tendency to wander, the Tiger is very possessive; a Tiger might wear his partner out with his constant demands and incessant need for attention. Further, the Tiger loves excitement and activity, so you must always be able to keep up with his plans, movement and non-stop activity.

The Tiger’s partner must also be able to stand the mood swings and the rollercoaster ups and downs. Do not expect Tigers to be understanding partners as their nature is to dominate; they are not used to playing the submissive role. Their partners need a huge amount of tolerance and patience to remain in a long-term relationship with a Tiger, and can expect to be giving out a lot more than they’ll get back.

The capable Tiger will never be short of opportunities to make money and will never worry about money. However, as they love enjoyment and comfort, they often squander away their cash without much thought. They must remember to save up for rainy days.
The Tiger is also not very good at investing as he has a tendency to rush into things without much thought for the long-term effects of his actions. A Tiger’s investment plans are often short sighted.

Social life 
Since Tigers are restless and love exploring, a cosy home means nothing to them although it is much appreciated. Remember, a Tiger is a giant cat, is fueled by curiosity, independence and a love of freedom to wander. He is at his best when he’s out there in the great big world, meeting people, doing things, chasing dreams.

A naturally sociable creature, the Tiger loves making friends and is most comfortable when surrounded by many friends. Generally, the Tiger is a warm and generous person, and will always welcome social visits. He will open his heart, home and wallet to you any time.
The Tiger is also a party animal, and will usually be surrounded by hoards of people during social gatherings. The confidence they exude and the great conversations they can hold naturally draw people to them. They are also great hosts and do not mind spending to impress – expect great parties with lavish meals. They love to entertain and throw the best parties to be the centre of the attention.

Life Lessons
The Tiger should sometimes slow down and think matters through. It is good to prepare well for whatever he intends to set out to do, instead of charging ahead impulsively. He must learn to realise that there is a higher chance for success if he only stopped to plan his moves more strategically. Charging forward may have short term gains in the battlefield but not for the long-haul war of life.

The Tiger also needs to stop being so suspicious of everyone around them and open their hearts to a few confidantes and close friends to support them. Although fiercely independent, the Tiger will also need encouragement and a pat on the back. He needs to relax his need for power and authority, and practice a little patience for people who may not act as fast or as powerfully as him – stop and chat to your subordinates once in awhile, you may be surprised to find that they too have great ideas if only they were given time and space to express themselves.

The Tiger should not push himself nor others too far, and must take care to not make enemies along the way. The Tiger should learn to develop a more balanced approach to life and not just pounce on anything that comes their way.

The Tiger, Horse and Dog form one of the four trios of the Chinese zodiac. This group is action-orientated and works for the bigger causes of humanity. Tigers will do very well to work with or find partners in the Horse and Dog, who will champion a good cause just as strongly and passionately as the Tiger. The Tiger will appreciate the Horse’s similar outlook in life and honesty, and find comfort in the Dog’s loyal, supportive company.
The Tiger will also have harmonious relationships with a Boar, whose caring, friendly side will indulge the Tiger’s many impulsive ideas and plans. They also both love the good life, which make them excellent friends who will spend time together enjoying good food, company and shopping.

The Tiger will also find good friends in the Rat, Rooster, Dragon or another Tiger – their energy, enthusiasm and ambition will gel nicely with the Tiger’s powerful drive.

The Tiger despises slyness and cunning characteristics, which make them dislike Monkeys and Snakes, known for being sneaky and evasive. Although both the Tiger and Monkey are competitive and intelligent, there is a mutual distrust and no one wants to be in the second place. The Tiger is also suspicious of the shifty, calculating Snake who loves strategies and material wealth.

The Tiger will also find himself at odds with the Ox, whose stoic, approach to work and life, will frustrate and suffocate the Tiger. Both are also very stubborn in their own ways – the Tiger being aggressively obstinate and the Ox deliberately unmoving. Each with their own huge ego, it will be very hard to find a compromise.

The Tiger and the Five Elements

The Tiger element is Wood 

The Tiger sign is of the Wood element. Generally, Wood bestows an expansive, open characteristic to people born under this element. They find it easy to get along well with others, especially in a group context and bring good, energising vibes to any situation. They are compassionate people, who look for ways to help others and bring justice.

The Metal Tiger 

Be prepared to steer clear of the Metal Tiger once he’s got his mind set on something. This very independent character isn’t likely to listen to what you have to say and will charge headfirst into his passions and goals. He is highly competitive and very confident (perhaps too much) and can tend to overstretch his expectations, becoming easily impatient if they aren’t fulfilled as he wants them to be. That said, they can also be very hard workers who are able to maintain a high level of energy to get the job done… so long as and only if it’s something they believe in.

The Metal element also makes him quite inflexible – once he’s set his mind on something, it’ll be a challenge to get him to think otherwise or accept another point of view. He might also be prone to acting impulsively and unconventionally – he’ll need to be careful he doesn’t also offend people along the way.

He has a great deal of ambition, but quite unlike the other Tigers, this one is focused more on his own interests and less on the interests of the greater good. He’s much more into himself and accomplishing what he wants (or thinks he wants), whether it upsets others or not.

The Water Tiger 

This exceptionally intelligent Tiger works fast, plays hard and finds it easy to be successful in everything they get into. The Water element also makes him good at managing inter-personal relationships – he is intuitive, sensitive and empathetic to others, able to tune into the subtlest nuances and changes around him. He will excel especially in anything that involves working closely with people – such as in service and hospitality lines, media, teaching or counseling.
The Water Tiger is also an excellent speaker, able to enroll many people to his cause and to support his ideals, usually for the betterment of the world. With both good communication skills and sensitivity, he is able to achieve his aims and at the same time, be a good role model and friend for people in need. Most relationships with a Water Tiger are likely to be mutually beneficial ones.

The gentle but persistent water element also ensures that this hardy Tiger isn’t one to give up easily. He’ll keep at his goals with steadiness and precision, taking care to make the best decisions based on intelligent, careful observation and analysis.

The Wood Tiger 

All Tigers are able to rally people to action and the Wood Tiger is no less able to enlist many supporters and friends to achieve his goals. However, this is one of the more moderate Tigers who approaches situations and people with a practical, level-headed and sociable approach.

The Wood Tiger would work very well in large cooperations and as a team, being a good mediator who stands up to bullies and stands up for those who are weaker. This is someone who is always willing to look for the best in others and not likely to be easily swayed into thinking badly of others. This makes him a great person to be around but also one who may be easily taken advantage of. He is also creative, able to initiative positive changes around him while establishing strong friendships that will help him achieve these ends.

This Tiger is also a very sociable one, able to juggle many social groups as well as personal interests, activities and work. Life is always exciting around this Tiger who will always look for new ways to change the world around him, and always for the better. His only large failing is perhaps his lack of discipline, which makes it difficult for him to keep track of everything he first started off with a big passionate bang.

The Fire Tiger 

Full of energy the Fire Tiger will never fail to make an impression wherever he goes. He is very independent and highly capable, leaving an indelible mark on anything he gets his paws on. Because of his strong capabilities, the Fire Tiger likes a good challenge – bring it on, he declares, he will show you how it’s done. He is quick in his reflexes and ability to absorb information, making him both a good learner and a good worker who can execute directions excellently and efficiently.

Fire Tigers are also very expressive – they’ll make sure their voices are heard. They have extremely high ideals and are very righteous. Be sure not to wrong them for they won’t back down until justice prevails. Whatever they have set their mind on, they will pursue to its fullest. The Fire Tiger has tremendous energy and will achieve everything with huge will-power and an unwavering determination. He knows his stand very well and he is probably faster and sharper than most of his opponents.
Be well prepared if you enter into any argument or oppose this Tiger for you’ll more than likely be at the losing end. It won’t be easy to tell him he can’t do something; he won’t ever take no for an answer nor be easily discouraged from his goals. This trait can also make the Fire Tiger quite arrogant and very impetuous; with his forceful nature, he won’t think twice about pummeling his way forward based entirely on what he alone has decided.

The Earth Tiger 

The Earth Tiger is very self-confident and he has every right to be so. He has both the power of the root Tiger sign as well as the realistic, sensible maturity of the Earth element. He makes decisions based on a thorough consideration of all factors and how feasible something is. He isn’t likely to be carried off by fanciful ideas or impulsive decisions that sound nice but are difficult to execute. He is very capable for his ability to work hard and with great discipline – a lot can be accomplished if you are working with an Earth Tiger.
This Tiger is very intelligent – all the more so because he not only has the ability to absorb a lot of knowledge but is also very capable of applying it to bring out the best results and returns. A realist at heart, he is more likely to stick with what he knows and make it grow, than to be distracted by new ventures and interests. As with all Tigers, he will love power, authority and recognition; he will also like a good fight, especially on behalf of the underdog.

However, he will be more careful about acquiring these things, preferring to work his way to the top with careful strategy and diligence. More than anything, the Earth Tiger is very kind and will always have the interests of friends and loved ones at the heart of all he does. He has a naturally altruistic nature, as most Tigers do, and a desire to be helpful to others.

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