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Rooster and its general characteristics with their birth sign and specific characteristics as per birth element.

General Characteristics 
Roosters – you love ‘em or you hate ‘em. One of the most colourful characters of the Chinese zodiac, Roosters will always want to be the life of the party… and whether you like it or not, they will find their way to the heart of every occasion. They are fun and frank – but it is precisely these great qualities that can also make them many enemies as people see them as obnoxious and arrogant.

The Rooster knows how smart and fast he is; he also knows he’s attractive and likes to preen his feathers. Giving him the right kind of support will make him one of your most valuable friends. But if you get on his wrong side, this energetic, strong personality will peck you to death and make sure he gets the last word in. The Rooster is not one to lose any battle and will make sure you know just how capable he is – he has little patience for anything below the standards he has set, so be prepared to work extra hard to keep up with him.

Like many a hardy cockerel, Roosters are strong characters who will always have a lot to crow about. They are outspoken, amusing, entertaining, well-liked and often the centre of attention.
They are intelligent and astute in their judgment of other people – sometimes to a point of being over critical and even offensive. They are also very capable and have a great deal of energy, making them hard and responsible workers with tremendous stamina in completing any assignment they have put their minds to. You can also put your trust in the Rooster. He is a loyal and honest character who you can depend on to support you, fulfill his promises and always have your back.

Roosters are also known for being great perfectionists, with grand ideals and high expectations of both themselves and others. This means that you can always rest assured he’ll get the job done… ahead of time and more than what you had asked for. Not one to take defeat easily, the Rooster is always game for a challenge and once committed, will see it through until the end.

The Rooster’s high ideals and perfectionist attitudes can also be his most unlikeable quality. This can often make him arrogant and bossy, and he is likely to offend many by his insensitive and highly critical words. The Rooster must always have the last word as he believes that his way is the only correct and best way, and he will have no qualms about stepping on people’s toes to get his point across.
Because the Rooster is almost very capable and sets high expectations, he becomes easily impatient if others cannot match up to his ideals. This reinforces his cockiness; his stamina then helps him fight long, hard debates just to make sure his argument is heard and his disgruntled displeasure known. People will easily lose respect for the Rooster who will see his frankness as rude, haughty and self-centred.

Career and Working Life
The efficiency and fastidiousness of the Rooster makes him a valuable asset to any working team. Though he can be domineering and may have the tendency to bulldoze his way through, he has the unusual ability to draw some benefit from every situation. As someone who is not afraid of challenges, he will not have any trouble in staying ahead of his game.

Being hard workers means that Roosters will be good pitching in and getting their hands dirty with a whole team. At the same time, their drive for perfection, energy, love of the limelight and passion makes them excellent leaders that will organise people and details well. 

Love and Relationships
Both male and female Roosters are generally known to be loyal and never to desert their partners. However, the playful male Rooster – who is also very charming and handsome – is more likely to stray. He’ll never abandon people he has already committed to but you will need to keep a close eye on his wandering eyes!

The female Hen remains much closer and committed to the family unit, doing all she can to ensure all is perfect and safe for them. The single thing the Roosters needs from their friends or family is the assurance that they are the centre of attention!

A Rooster is among the most gifted signs in handling finances and has very sharp business acumen. Just as any chicken can peck the hardest of grounds to find food, the Rooster is known for being able to make something successful out of every opportunity.

While he is good with finances, he is also extravagant and can be lavish in his fashion and behaviour. He may have the tendency to waste a lot of money on things that seem frivolous.

Social Life
A dressy show-off, the Rooster thrives in the limelight and loves being the centre of attention. He is amusing, entertaining and above all, attractive – male Roosters are especially good looking. People do like to be around him and the Rooster makes good friends, because he makes sure he chooses exactly the right people to surround him.
However, his flamboyance and directness can be misunderstood as the Rooster can have the tendency to step on many people’s toes and offend people without even knowing he has. Actually, in his mind, he is just being honest and sees no harm in what he’s saying. He also seldom harbours ill feelings for long and though his words may sound big and threatening, it is unlikely he will actually do anything harmful or malicious to the people around him.

Life Lessons
The Rooster needs to realise that although he is intelligent and the things he has to say are valid, his delivery is not always the most skillful. He needs to learn how to be more tactful and more sensitive to others’ feelings. He would also do well to be more patient and accommodating to people’s differing levels, aptitudes and skills – he’d actually achieve much more that way, which is what he strives for being the perfectionist he is.
He should realise that not everyone can meet his very high expectations. He must accept that not every person nor situation can be at the level he sets, and not to allow himself to get disappointed if things don’t go exactly the way he wants them to.

The Rooster belongs in the same harmonic trio as the Snake and Ox, so any pairings with people born under these signs or in the hour ruled by these animals will be successful. Quite an intense and intellectual group, the Rooster, Snake and Ox are all equally capable but complement each other most in their personalities. The fun-loving Rooster brings liveliness to the mysterious, serious Snake; the charm of the Snake tempers the Rooster’s frankness; and the stable, level-headed Ox keeps them both grounded.

Great things can also happen when the Rooster is paired with the Dragon – they are a match for each other’s intellectual prowess. With the Rooster’s skill and the Dragon’s power, they are an unstoppable duo. Roosters also pair well with Pigs – both are hardy characters but their friendship works because the Pig is as patient and obliging as the Rooster is offensive and pedantic.

Of all the signs, the Rooster will find it most difficult to befriend the Rabbit, whose gentle, diplomatic nature is most at odds with the tactless loudness of the Rooster.

Roosters, as one of the louder, more aggressive signs, will also find it difficult to get along with Horses and Tigers, who are also headstrong and powerful. They need to map out their own territories very clearly and determine who’s boss if they are to work together.

It will be difficult for Roosters to work with the Rat whose penchant for nitpicking and being top dog is just as strong as the Rooster’s. Signs like the Sheep, Dog and Monkey will find it difficult to keep up with or accept the Rooster’s highly critical nature. His constant tendency to find fault and to spend hours obsessing over details will irritate the impatient monkey and bring the insecure Sheep down. The stable Dog will not understand his extravagant and offensive actions.

The Rooster and the Five Elements

The element of Rooster is Metal 

The Rooster is of the Metal element. Generally, people born under a Metal sign have a great deal of confidence and are resolute in their drive for success… sometimes to a point of being hard-headed and stubborn! There is a strong sense of attractiveness around this element – they have an energy and confidence that makes them very likeable.

The Metal Rooster 

As Roosters are already of a Metal sign, this Rooster carries a double metal element – this means that they are extra steely, determined and hardworking in their goals. Carrying great focus, he will impress others with his passion towards work, drive and high ideals, which he will see right through to the end. He will also have a naturally charismatic draw about him – people will be attracted to his strong energy. Metal Roosters have what it takes to be famous!

The Metal Rooster’s big passions in life will also mean that he has very strong principles and the wish to bring about meaningful change around him. It is not unlikely for these Roosters to champion social change or put all their energy into working hard for a cause. Their strong resolve, influence and persistence will often mean that they will be successful at effective notable change.

This strong determination and highly analytical mind however will also be his strongest downfall. The Metal element can make this metal Rooster inflexible, obstinate and downright arrogant. He can become over-analytical, picking on everything from work, to family to relationships – even if there is nothing wrong. He holds on very strongly to his opinion, becoming very closed to the views of others. With his headstrong impulses, he will bully his way forward, crowing at the top of his voice until everyone else has no choice but to give in to him.
The Water Rooster 

The most reasonable and gentle of all Roosters, the Water Rooster is intelligent, firm and a good worker. He has the additional ability to communicate well with others and can enrol people easily to his cause or to help him achieve his goals. Many of the other more arrogant Roosters could do with learning from the Water Rooster’s gentler example.

Like the flexible nature of water, this Rooster will be very resourceful and level-headed. He will be able to adapt to situations to influence others well, without being obtrusive or offensive. Water Roosters will be especially gifted with skills of communication and will make very good writers, journalists, speakers, counselors or in any field that requires interpersonal relations. They also have a tremendous capability to work hard and have unceasing energy. Many are inspired to action by this diligent and creative Rooster.

The Water Rooster also has a very good eye for detail which means he will excel in work requiring systematic processes, such as scientific industries. This meticulousness however, could also be his singular weakness. His perfectionist attitude can mean he becomes very fixated and bogged down with the smallest details, to a point that he loses track of the bigger picture.

The Wood Rooster 

Like all Roosters, the Wood Rooster also has the capacity for working extremely hard – perhaps too much at times! However, his woody nature makes him more open and sociable. He is likely to be the most cooperative of the Roosters, preferring to work within a team instead of pummeling himself to the top.

Like the trunk of the sturdiest trees, the Wood Rooster has a great deal of strength and can shoulder a lot at the same time.  Unfortunately, this means that he sets very high standards and expects the same of others; peers may find him too demanding and his expectations difficult to meet. While he’s a good teammate with the ability to pull his weight, he risks losing friends or colleagues if he can’t bend to accommodate their different levels.

This is also a very grounded sign who keeps his eyes and ears close to the ground – this means Wood Roosters are very in tune with the welfare of others and will work hard to improve social conditions for the betterment of people around him. He is honest and forthright and will strive to find justice and equality for all. People born in this sign would do well in social work, with NGOs, as lawyers or in any vocation which requires them to work for and with people.

The Fire Rooster

A fiery sign that will light up every room, the Fire Rooster is as dynamic on the inside as he is on the outside. These natural leaders have the gift of very sharp organisational skills as well as a charisma that’s hard to miss – they will find it easy to rise above, work independently, efficiently and find success.

The Fire Rooster is a sociable character with a strong love of attention and friendship – you can be sure he’ll either be the centre of attention at a party or be the one organising the best bash in town! However, he is also fiercely independent – he is more capable than others, and he knows it, which means that he’ll often prefer to rely on himself to get things done than to depend on anyone else. While he can cope fantastically well, he also has the tendency to become too dominating and possessive over what he has set out to do. You’ll be hard pressed to get a Fire Rooster to listen to you once he’s set his mind on something.

He’ll become obsessed over details and become very critical over what others are doing, especially if they’re not the way he projected. You’d have to be sure you can meet this Rooster’s expectations if you’re going to work with him or be prepared to be fiercely pecked by a sharp beak and scrutinized by a beady eye!

The most frustrating thing for everyone else though, is that in spite of his temperamental behavior and impatience, the Fire Rooster’s way is probably one of the most effective, efficient ways – you’ll have to entrust things to him if you’d like to get them done successfully… and with great flair!

The Earth Rooster 

The Earth Rooster, true to his element, will shoulder the burden of the whole world upon his shoulders if he needs to. The Rooster is also a very efficient, meticulous sign – the Earth Rooster is all the more so. He is identified by his ability to handle several different tasks at once, each as organised as the other.

Like all Roosters, this one also has a huge propensity for hard work. Many other signs will weary of this Rooster if he’s on their team (or their leader) for he will be sure to work you to the bone, and not think twice of it. He thinks, if he can do it, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able too. He also has high standards and isn’t afraid to make his voice heard if you’re not pulling your weight. He doesn’t want for any frills and excesses – he’ll tell it to you as it is and expect that you’ll be able to take it.

Earth Roosters are the least flamboyant of the lot. He is also the most practical and mature; unlike some of his other Rooster siblings, he’ll be less impetuous and more willing to take the time to study the details very carefully before acting. You can be safe in the knowledge that when this Rooster makes a decision, it is a sensible, well-thought-out one.

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