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Rabbit and its general characteristics with birth sign and specific characteristic as per birth element

General Characteristics 
This graceful, well-mannered gentle character is among the most likeable in the zodiac. Always one to maintain peace and harmony, the Rabbit is a tremendous asset to any group – whether social or at work. He is the most elegant of the animals and likely to draw a large following for his soft, pleasing, amicable ways.

A purveyor of fine things, the Rabbit loves to surround himself with beauty, and is himself likely to always be immaculately dressed in the most classy, refined fashion. He lives by this code of beauty and comfort – he will even surround himself with beautiful things. A Rabbit’s home or office is likely to always be as precise and delicately designed as his own outfits.

His love of comfort and orderliness extends to situations and people in general – the Rabbit won’t stand for chaos, conflict or anything that disturbs his own self interests. This threat to his comfort zone is perhaps the only thing that will turn this fluffy, friendly character into an indifferent, stand-offish one. Then, he is just as capable of turning his clever tact against you, becoming obstinate, aloof and withdrawn in a cold and subversive war.

Rabbits have this extraordinary ability to handle conflict very well, calmly and always with deference to the other party. They will not have a single bad credit to their name and try as you might, you’ll never remember anything they did or said that was offensive. They find it hard to get angry and can therefore approach difficult, trying situations with a lot of patience and a level head. This is a quality many like to have in a friend so Rabbits are often very well liked and friends gravitate naturally towards them – for a calming effect if nothing else!
First impressions count and the Rabbit will make sure that his leaves an indelible mark on your mind. He is immaculate in all ways, leaving no room for criticism – you are so endeared by him that you’ll find yourself easily persuaded by the Rabbit to do anything he says and not feel in the slightest way offended or put out of your way.

Rabbits are also very eloquent speakers and good in communication. They speak and conduct themselves in ways that naturally please people and are good negotiators, connecting people together or helping opposing parties make peace. In being such perfect diplomats, they navigate every social event, business meeting or family gathering with perfect grace, in a way that both keeps them in control and makes others happy.

Rabbits, for all their self-preservation and beautiful exteriors are also overly sentimental and delicate. Their minds and heart must stay as unruffled and in order as their outward appearance, if not they can get easily upset and become even more cautious and distant in their dealings.

The level, unruffled exterior of the Rabbit however can veer on haughtiness. The Rabbit is reserved and civil, and he expects others to return the same courtesy. If they don’t, he can become snobbish, critical, indifferent and self-righteous.

In being guarded, the Rabbit can also come across as being snobbish and haughty. He holds quite fixed views on things and when disturbed, will create mountains out of molehills and complicate very small, mundane things. The Rabbit is a creature of comfort and if things get too challenging or uncomfortable, he’ll easily choose to remove the disturbances and just walk away completely from the person or situation.

Because of his strong dislike of confrontation and his want for a comfortable, tranquil life, the Rabbit will never reveal what he’s really feeling. While this allows for peaceful negotiations, it also means that it can be difficult to pry out what the Rabbit really thinks and know how to work around him.

The Rabbit’s refined habits, attention to detail and good judgment would help him excel in academia or in professions that require having to deal with people often – such as in public relations, law, counselling or the hospitality line.

He works carefully, with deliberate, well thought-out moves. Not one to rock the boat, the Rabbit will never do anything or make a decision without having all the information first. He likes his comfort zone and at his workplace, he will appreciate predictability, structure and methodical approaches to his job.

A Rabbit will know his limits and while many may find this boring or restrictive, his prudent pacing and steady focus allows him to achieve a great deal more than others who have unrealistic expectations and high ideals. Their care extends to their actual work, which will always be detailed, accurate and thorough, leaving little room for mistakes. Everything they produce is as spotless as they are.

The only drawback to this well-paced attitude is that Rabbits can also tend to be very conservative. They’ll often resist changes in plans or find it hard to bring new ideas, concepts and techniques on board.

Love and Relationships
People who are in a relationship with the Rabbit should consider themselves very fortunate – it isn’t often you find someone as faithful, caring and tender as the Rabbit.

Because he loves to surround himself with good things, the Rabbit will always build a perfect home, filled with beautiful things that he can enjoy with his loved ones. They will do whatever they can to keep things at peace and very comfortable, both inside and out. 

The only cause for conflict in a Rabbit relationship is if there are sudden changes or unpredictable behavior. A Rabbit won’t stand for this and you will need to iron out misunderstandings very quickly to keep the Rabbit cool, at ease and on your side. 

The Rabbit has a lot of luck and is gifted with being able to strike good deals that will bring good returns. Though he is not a risk taker and isn’t likely to play with something as volatile as the stock market, he handles money, like everything else, with grace and care – he will makes good, sound decisions in business and sturdy investments that yield successful, solid results.

Social Life
The Rabbit is both perfect host and perfect party guest, having the natural social flair for being able to keep everyone around him happy. His gentle, soothing responses also make him a very good friend, supporter, listener and adviser – you can count on the Rabbit to make things right again for you.

However, his aversion for disruption and conflict can also make him very wary if things go awry. The Rabbit places limits on his activity and he won’t be willing to get his hands dirty, not even to help his friends. You have to be careful to keep things under control around the Rabbit and not ask too much – he’ll never show you his anxiety upfront, but he’ll be haemorrhaging internally from discomfort. In the worst cases, he may just up and go, leaving you to sort things out for yourself.

Life Lessons 
The Rabbit needs to develop more confidence and relax his need for perfection – he needs to understand that having everything at peace all the time is unrealistic and that things will never go as smoothly and calmly as he wishes. While he is already very good at diffusing heated situations, it would be an even greater advantage for the Rabbit if he could also learn to be more adaptable and to take risks, for the sake of his friends and colleagues if nothing else.

With his many skills – particularly in dealing amiably with people – the Rabbit would benefit a great deal from trying to venture beyond his comfort zone. It would add more to his already rich repertoire of friends and successes. If not, he risks losing friends and many good opportunities in life from playing too safe.

The Rabbit belongs in the same trio as the Sheep and the Pig, all of which are the most amiable of the zodiac who like to create and maintain peace. All three signs appreciate comfort and the finer things in life – they will know how to work with each other to maintain calm and pleasure in all that they do. They are also all emotional and expressive – they will be able to understand each other’s sensitivities perfectly and appreciate each other’s disdain for disorderliness.
Dogs and Rats will also be able to find common ground with the Rabbit. The earthy Dog will like the secure, stable Rabbit; both their naturally gentle, kind ways will enable them to create strong mutual trust easily. The Rat’s swiftness, directness and equal penchant for noticing the smallest details will also appeal to the Rabbit.

The Rabbit will find it most difficult to be around a Rooster, whose loud, obnoxious, direct ways will clash with his tactful diplomacy and orderliness. The private Rabbit will find the Rooster intrusive and antagonistic, while the Rooster will find the Rabbit just plain boring and too uptight.
Tough, direct, no-nonsense signs like the Ox, Horse, Tiger and Dragon may also dislike being paired with a Rabbit. The Rabbit will find their head-strong, obstinate attitudes too strong and brash for his liking; while the others may find him too docile and conservative. Particularly energetic, outspoken signs like the Horse and Tiger may find the Rabbit’s immaculate ways too restrictive and will be held back by his passive approach to things.

The Rabbit and the Five Elements

The Rabbit element is Wood

The Rabbit sign is of the Wood element. Generally, Wood bestows an expansive, open characteristic to people born with this element. They find it easy to get along well with others, especially in a group context and bring good, energising vibes to any situation. They are compassionate people, who look for ways to help others and bring justice.

The Metal Rabbit 

One of the strongest and most discerning of the Rabbits, the Metal Rabbit has very strong convictions in life, most of which are made by his own sharp analysis and intelligence. However, the Metal element can also tend to make him unbending and stubborn about these views! This Rabbit – more so than the others – has exceptional taste. He would be most acutely affected and influenced by the arts, music and the finer things in life. The downside to this is that he can become easily restless and bored should there not be sufficient mental stimulus around him.

The Metal Rabbit has very strong goals in his life. Coupled with a creative streak, his strong ambition and responsible outlook on life will help him achieve quite a lot without him even needing to exert much force. The Rabbit is naturally endearing and has a strong skill for maintaining a good, solid reputation– the Metal Rabbit uses this to his advantage and always manages to accomplish what he wants without offending anyone. They are quiet planners and executors; while they themselves may not look for limelight and praise, they make excellent unsung heroes who are the real force behind celebrities.

Quiet as he is though, this could also mean that the Metal Rabbit does not find it easy to let people into his world. He’s also unlikely to share what’s really going on with him under the external façade – he may also have his evasive moods and you wouldn’t be able to figure out what’s going under his cool façade or how to best connect with him.

The Water Rabbit 

A sensitive and emotional soul, the Water Rabbit will often be led by his heart rather than his head. This is the most peace-loving of all the Rabbits who cannot bear disharmony and is also likely to be a loner, preferring solitude to large social gatherings (although he is able to handle people well). For all his silent ways though, this Rabbit is strongest when he has the peace of being alone – in his quiet place, he develops strength, plans his strategies and makes plans to execute them.

He is highly alert to the moods of others and the sensitive side of him will make him either highly suspicious of others’ motives or very inspiring and driven to action. However, this sensitivity will mean it will be quite difficult for this Rabbit to make firm decisions, since he is so susceptible to the changes and people around him. It would be good if this Rabbit can establish firm friendships and support around him that would better bolster his moods and the changeable environments around him.

This Rabbit however has great mental capabilities and is very sharp. He is innovative, has good ideas and by his naturally friendly, gentle disposition will find it easy to get support for his ideas and goals.
The Wood Rabbit 

Always one to maintain the peace, the Wood Rabbit could be too gentle and generous for his own good, being more likely to back down in the face of a challenge than to risk upsetting anyone. Being as generous as they are, Wood Rabbits are also likely to spend money excessively, albeit for the benefit of others – they’ll have to be more wary of their expenditure and keep a more disciplined hold on their finances.

The Wood Rabbit is quite intuitive and able to adapt easily to different situations. The Wood element in him makes him both stable and dependable, while open and empathetic. He works especially well in a group situation – the sense of teamwork appeals to him while the root sign of the Rabbit in him will ensure he brings harmony to others.  His openness however can also translate to fickleness – his generous nature could mean he gives in to everyone’s opinion to a point that no single point can be decided upon.

This Rabbit is also a great collector of knowledge who thrives on learning new things. This also makes it possible for the Wood Rabbit to take on different interests and tasks and manage them well. Now, they could learn to make the most of every endeavor by being firmer in their decisions and not letting others influence or take them away from themselves.

The Fire Rabbit 

This is the loudest and most outspoken of the usually tame and courteous Rabbit. Still, he hasn’t lost sight of the Rabbit’s diplomacy and while he is likely to have the temperamental outburst, he is usually easy-going and inoffensive, no matter how passionate he may be.

He is also a very fun character, likely to be at the forefront more than other quieter Rabbits. People like him and find it easy to follow him as a leader because of his natural wit and ability to speak engagingly, emotionally and creatively. Fire Rabbits would make very good leaders not just for their generous hearts and skill for spotting (and harnessing) others’ strengths, but also for the excellent way in which they handle conflict. The Fire Rabbit hardly ever has enemies and even if he did, you’d never know – he’ll resolve it without you even realising there was a problem in the first place.

The intensity of the Fire element also makes this Rabbit quite a perfectionist with high standards and ideals – in wanting the best for his colleagues and loved ones, he may be too exacting of them. The sensitivity of the Fire Rabbit can also mean he is particularly susceptible to mood swings, reacting negatively and rashly to changing environments around him.
The Earth Rabbit 

The Earth Rabbit makes sound and solid decisions, acting with care and logic. Making the most of the intrinsic diplomatic nature of the Rabbit, he is sure to think out every move before he acts and is not one to react simply out of an emotional impulse. It would be a true asset to have an Earth Rabbit on your team or family, to be able to make decisions that you know you can rely on.

This is a much quieter Rabbit, one who is more likely to rely on himself, alone, than seek the advice of others when trying to solve a problem. In spite of his introverted nature however, the Earth Rabbit also likes adventure and isn’t afraid to venture into new grounds. He makes a good pioneer, with good ideas that are both sound and effective.

Always one for good living and fine things, as all Rabbits are, the Earth Rabbit can tend towards being quite materialistic and does not have good control over his finances. His inward-thinking nature can also make him quite indulgent and selfish, looking after only his own needs and desires without acknowledging the needs of others.

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