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Pig and its general characteristics with their birth sign and specific characteristics as per birth element.

General Characteristics 
The Pig is the darling of the zodiac. He is much loved for his honest, kind and forgiving nature. Not one for confrontation, the Pig believes in harmony and maintaining the peace. He is the ideal idealist and dislikes anything which causes conflict or division, such as schism. A lover, not a fighter, the Pig will do anything to keep the peace. You’d be hard pressed to find anyone more helpful or giving than a Pig.

A connoisseur of fine things, the Pig also enjoys the finer things in life. He’s in his element when he’s out having a good meal, drinking great wine, surrounded by a large group of friends. His self-indulgence could very well be his biggest weakness. Fortunately for the Pig, he finds it easy to attract wealth so he can upkeep himself and his family to the standard that they have become accustomed to.

Generous, sincere and warm, the Pig is well-liked wherever he goes. His friendship is also treasured because people know that the Pig will always be completely honest in his opinions and feedback.

Those born in the year of the Pig are among the most amenable signs. One of the best qualities about the Pig is his loyalty. He remains committed for life to his friends and his principles, and would never do anything dishonest.

Pigs can be practical, logical and down to earth. This may make people think that they are cool and reserved, and even a touch arrogant, because they don’t usually show emotion openly. However, despite whatever callousness they may display in their actions, their hardiness is also a great strength – they are very rarely offended and will single-mindedly, steadily push their way forward to achieve what they need to.

Unlike the traditional views of Pigs that they are lazy, those born under the sign of the Pig are very hardworking. The resilient, strong Pig works hard and often plays harder.

The Pig’s generosity of heart and wallet is often taken advantage of. It is so easy to exploit him because he simply doesn’t have a suspicious bone in his body. This gullible and naïve nature makes him all the more endearing though and his friends will loyally try to protect him the best they can.

However, the Pig can be stubborn and loyal to the wrong people. His eternal optimism and belief in the good of people will likely bring his downfall. Even after his trust has been proven to be mistaken, he will often not admit that his judgment of character was wrong and risk getting conned again! One of the Pig’s main problems is his soft heart which can make him become a doormat. He is always obliging and finds it next to impossible to say “no”.

The Pig can be complacent and not open to change. These Pigs prefer to stick to a known routine, preferably one that isn’t too active, demand too much of him or require for him to give up the little luxuries of life.

Job opportunities and money will seem like they drop from the sky for the fortunate Pig. He is suited for a broad range of careers and may gravitate to those sectors which appeal to his love for luxury. The Pig may enjoy work in hospitality industries, or with specialist wines, gourmet restaurants, antiques, arts etc. However, although he likes these extravagances, he is a hard worker and will do what is required to do his job well.

In contrast to the self-indulgent opulence the Pig enjoys, the Pig is also very generous at heart and is attracted to social or charity work. He works best when the work is done for others or when he has the opportunity to help someone better their life. With his social and attractive qualities, he is excellent at fund-raising. The altruistic Pig strongly advocates humanitarian causes as he is most happy to be of service.

He works well with people thus is great as part of a team. Somehow, people will always help the Pig, so that he will be able to achieve whatever he wishes for.

Love and Relationships
Pigs are loving and faithful to their partners, and caring and considerate towards those they love. Whether it is romance or familial, the Pig treasures real friendship most of all.
The Pig, both male and female, will have no lack of suitors even though the male Pig is particularly relaxed about chasing conquests. If the ladies wish to step up the pace, they will need to pursue him and make the first move instead!

In love, as in other relationships, the Pigs are also naïve and can often succumb to the wrong person. His easy-going nature could very well mean that he is taken advantage of, even by the people closest to him. However, if the Pig meets the right one, he will adore his partner and pull out all stops to pamper her.

The Pig has no problems dealing with any matters related to finance or business. He is able to plan for his own future as well as bear all necessary financial responsibilities, especially for his family or his own business. Security and material success comes easily to the Pig for he is diligent and driven, and he avoids disharmony and stays clear of conflicts.

The Pig has to be careful of his indulgences though. If he is not good at managing his finances and chooses luxury buys over realistic budgets, the Pig may lose all his money quite quickly.

Social Life
Cheerful, caring and warm, the Pig makes friends easily and his friendships last for a long time. He is dependable and always sought for help because you can always count on him. Not only is he willing to give you the shirt off his back if you’re in trouble, he is always accommodating to friends who need his help.

He is also very forgiving and prefers not to be confrontational. He would rather give in to keep the peace than rock the boat, even if it means he doesn’t get what is due to him. He has a good sense of humour, enjoys entertaining and pleasing others, which again makes him a popular character amongst others.

Life Lessons 
The Pig needs to learn to trust the right people who can help to look after his interests. He also needs to stand up for himself and say “No” to protect his own interests. It’s not that the Pig agrees because he doesn’t want to look bad. The Pig genuinely wants to help but more often than not, he is not able to. If he could restrain his enthusiasm to a more realistic and practical level, then he will end up not disappointing others.

The Pig also has to watch his propensity for comfort and luxury. If his desire for comfort overwhelms him, people will start to see him in a different light and friends may drift away. He needs to know when to put on the brakes when he is on a self-indulgent spree, otherwise he can finish his resources quickly. Despite his luck with money, if he’s not careful, the luck (and money) will run out.

The Pig is a good ally with the Rabbit and the Sheep. These three have a gentle, caring and sympathetic energy which complement each other. The Sheep and Pig are delightfully mellow together and support each other equally. The Sheep is the slightly more assertive of the two and will protect and guide the naïve Pig to safe pastures; while the cheerful Pig will uplift the worrisome, bleating Sheep.
The best out of both worlds are achieved with the Rabbit and Pig combination. The Rabbit has the smarts out of these two and is happy to orchestrate beneficial situations from the background while the Pig is happy to be upfront.

The Pig is also good mates with the Rat, appreciating the Rat’s instinctive awareness and self-sustaining survival skills. Other animals the Pig gets on with are the Tiger and the Dragon, both dynamic personalities who will bring the best out of the Pig. Roosters and Pigs get on quite well as neither gets offended by the other and are both have happy, lively dispositions.

The Snake is the biggest enemy of the Pig. It is said that the Pig is no match for the powerful Snake who will just chew him up and spit him out without a second thought. If they have to work together, it is best to use trustworthy friends to mediate between them.

The Pig also may clash with the Monkey because of differences in attitude. The Monkey’s principles, or rather the lack of them, may appall the straightforward Pig. Likewise, the Pig’s fondness for self-indulgence will turn off the astute, shrewd Monkey.

The Pig and the Five Elements

The element of Pig is Water

The Pig sign is of the Water element. Generally, the Water element indicates the potential for a powerful communicator and someone who is able to skillfully manipulate people into seeing a particular point of view. Those born under the Water element are observant and very quick to take advantage of opportunities and harness resources to fulfil their aims. They are also versatile and adaptable, embodying the very nature of Water, which is fluidity.

The Metal Pig 

The Metal Pig is passionate and extreme in whatever he does whether in romantic relationships or at work. He tends to be very trusting and gives his all especially in relationships with others. He is very honest in expressing his feelings. However, he often tends to give others more credit than it is due, putting himself at risk of being disappointed.

The Metal Pig sociable, friendly, outspoken and industrious in his work. It is not unusual for him to do more than is required of him, willingly and happily. This Pig is very generous with his time, efforts and care of others. He has great perseverance and the endurance to see a task through to completion no matter how difficult it may be. Quitting when faced with challenges is not his style.

The Metal Pig tends to rely more on his feelings than logic; his judgment can sometimes be far from objective. Ultimately, as he is still a diplomatic Pig, he does not like confrontation and prefers to keep peace with everyone. He will always resort to conciliatory means in his dealings with others.

However, this does not mean the Metal Pig is a push over. When challenged, he can be a very forceful opponent and will fight all the way to prove a point. When provoked, he can be aggressive and fierce, without losing the objectives he has in mind.

The Water Pig 

The Water Pig is a very sociable person. He loves parties, social gatherings, enjoys having a good time with people and can be quite indulgent. Like the Metal pig, he is also extremely trusting of others. He is great at influencing people to get what he wants but at the same time can be easily influenced by others as well. If he is not careful, people can easily use him or take advantage of him.

The Water element makes him extremely diplomatic and he believes strongly in showing goodwill to everyone he meets. He tends to see the good in others and refuses to believe that people have any evil intent unless proven otherwise. You would do well to have a Water Pig as a friend, who will be your most loyal and stalwart supporter.
Water Pigs are very passionate in all they do. They are also expressive and like to share their feelings – they are real good talkers! He finds it very easy to be transparent and open about himself and does not believe in having any secrets. He makes people feel very comfortable with him as he exudes an energy of openness and has no ulterior motives.

Open as he is though, the Water Pig can also tend to be very indulgent, particularly with material pleasures and will often be found at lavish dinners, drinking expensive wines and bedecked in the finest clothes. He’ll need to keep a tighter rein on his spending or the only assets he’ll have are his branded shoes!
The Wood Pig 

The Wood Pig has a big heart. He is always seeking ways and means to help others and will never say no to a friend in need. He is accommodating to others and very sympathetic to anyone who tells him a sob story. He is particularly passionate and driven when working for others, such as in NGOs or charities.
Socially, the Wood Pig is good-natured and tends to treat everyone as his equal. He is very good at influencing and enrolling people for a certain cause but at the same time can be easily influenced by others.

Practical, down-to-earth and very hardworking, he is always on the lookout for a project to take on. He is very ambitious and concerned with personal gain and is not above manipulating others to get what he wants. However, he is so skilful at this that most people won’t even realize that they have been manipulated by him. In fact, he inspires the confidence of others with his eloquence and passionate personality and they will want to help him.

Like all Pigs, the Wood Pig also loves to entertain and is always the star in parties. He has the ability to create goodwill wherever he goes.

The Fire Pig 

The Fire Pig is active, outgoing and extroverted. He is passionate, courageous and very emotionally intense. Extremely determined, he will not sway from what he has set his mind to do. He will see through the completion of the tasks or projects he undertakes. More often than not, the Fire Pig will rise to the top as a powerful and passionate leader, bringing success not just to himself but to everyone who has the fortune to be working under him.

He is daring, has great confidence and loves to take risks despite the consequences. He trusts his intuition and uses it to make judgments where logic seems to fail. He will venture into many unknowns and come out victorious against many odds. The Fire Pig will never be complacent, always quick to pounce on opportunities before someone else beats them to it.

The Fire Pig is also a family person and dotes on his loved ones. He is motivated by his love for his family to work hard so that he can provide for them lavishly. He is giving and generous to all, always ready to help anyone even strangers. He loves taking care of people and being with them.

However, the emotional Fire Pig has a tendency to be harsh and difficult if things don’t go his way or when he is down. He does not take disappointment and failure too well. As driven and energetic as he is when set on a mission, he can also swing to the other extreme of deep depression and frustration when things don’t go his way.
The Earth Pig 

The Earth Pig is easy going and relaxed by nature. He is homely and is happiest when at home with his family. He is a great planner and never carries out a task without a plan at hand. He is organised, pragmatic and would be a better follower than a leader. Peace loving, he tries his best to maintain harmony wherever he goes. He is a thoughtful and helpful friend to all including strangers.

Earth Pigs are steadfast and have great perseverance. He is able to work under pressure and endure great stress to accomplish his tasks. He is not the type that would quit on anything half way and would make it a point to finish whatever he has started no matter what challenges he faces and what difficulties he encounters. His determination to fulfill his responsibility at all cost motivates the people around him.

He is not overly ambitious and will easily attain the security and material success he wants based on his diligence. Like all Pigs, he does have his indulgent nature and loves comfort, luxury and delicious food.

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