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Monkey and its general characteristics with their birth sign and specific characteristics as per birth element.

General Characteristics 
The mischievous Monkey is a delight to be around but be wary of that wiliness behind the friendly and cheerful façade. Reputed to be the wiliest creature of the 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac, the Monkey is the ultimate strategist and will plan his way to achieve whatever he wants.

The hyperactive Monkey is always on the move, always seeking the next thrill to be had and the next mountain to conquer. Multifaceted and versatile, witty and always entertaining, the Monkey is an attractive and sociable animal. The Monkey is a great friend to have and you will never have a dull moment. Make him use his nimble mind for good and the sky’s the limit for what the Monkey can do.
Monkeys can also be principled, although their principles may be slightly different from those generally accepted in society. Monkeys sometimes have a peculiar way of looking at life, which no one else shares, and Monkeys simply don’t understand why other people think they are being unreasonable. When this happens, the Monkey will often use their guile to bring people round to their way of thinking.

The Monkey is highly intelligent and knows it. His mental agility allows the Monkey to cruise through life and get away with success without much effort. The Monkey achieves easily so he is self-confident and loves to take on challenges.

On a superficial level, Monkeys are attractive, with fun, magnetic personalities and are usually popular. Extremely likeable, with a wicked sense of humour, Monkeys endear themselves to many people and find it easy to gain support for their causes.
Most Monkeys are versatile and adapt easily to changing environments, situations and people.

The Monkey’s superior intelligence may lead him to arrogance. It’s not that he wants to put you down, he really does think he is better than anyone else. In that sense, the Monkey may not be receptive to criticism or negative feedback as he is unlikely to acknowledge that you know better than him.

He is easily distracted by anything that seems more interesting than what he or she is currently working on. As a result, the Monkey often does not see a project through to the end.
The Monkey also tends to be self-indulgent, always seeking for the pleasures in life, often at the cost of anything else. Sometimes self-serving, the Monkey does not reveal this part of himself by presenting a jovial and kind exterior.

Intelligence is a double-edged sword and the Monkey can use his cleverness to be deceitful and manipulate people. The Monkey likes to look good and if that particular Monkey does not have a strong moral compass, it would not be beneath him to tell lies to achieve his goals.

Professionally, Monkeys would be good in public relations. They have a high emotional quotient so work well with people and can enroll them to work together to achieve common goals.  Monkeys also make successful lawyers, diplomats, teachers and excel in the expressive industries like performance arts and writing.

Having a sharp mind, the Monkey excels in problem solving and overcoming new challenges. He will manipulate a situation to suit him and if he is ever cornered, he will figure out a slick way to escape. Colleagues or team mates will have to be aware of his tendency to focus only on himself and not think of the consequences of his actions to others. They may have to watch their own backs if there’s a Monkey among them.
Certain Monkeys can be disorganized and find it difficult to keep to deadlines so a good personal assistant or business partner who can compensate for this would be critical. Being naturally restless, Monkeys can tend to job-hop, not staying in any particular position for long. Unless the job can hold the Monkey’s interest, he is likely to move on to the next job which looks more interesting.

Love and Relationships
If you are ever romantically pursued by the sparkling and charming Monkey, you will experience being swept off your feet completely. The clever Monkey will think of wonderfully inventive ways to woo you but while he may offer you everything under the sun, the last thing this fiercely independent fellow will offer is his heart.
It is difficult to pin down the Monkey, who is likely to have a wandering eye (and other body parts). Commitment freaks the Monkey out – anything long terms seems like a jail sentence to the happy-go-lucky Monkey. The Monkey thrives on the adrenaline rush of new relationships, and constantly seeks to recapture that thrill. Be aware though that while he is reluctant to commit, the Monkey can be prone to jealousy, not wanting others to have what he doesn’t even want himself.

Treat your passionate Monkey well. Make life exciting and interesting to keep his interest. Also, don’t forget to make him feel so good that your Monkey will love to stay around you!
If a relationship ends, you will find that the Monkey can move from one relationship to another with ease. It doesn’t mean that he is cold or did not care about the previous partner but that he is simply practical and once his attention has shifted, he will have simply moved on.

Financially speaking, the Monkey can be contradictory. While he is good at assessing risks and would think through any business proposition to ensure that it is financially sound, he is also impulsive and may take high risks to secure good gains. Fortunately, the Monkey is usually lucky with money and does not lack of it.
The Monkey is generous and if he has the means, he would not hesitate to help others who need some cash. The Monkey loves the indulgences in life and is not attached to money so he will happily spend on whatever takes his fancy. Owning material goods is also one way of showing that he is successful, which is important for the socially-conscious Monkey.

Social Life
Monkeys love the limelight and are social creatures, always happy to go from one party to the next. Attractive, cheeky, cheerful, friendly and warm, they are popular and have many friends who revel in his company.

The Monkey is also impulsive and impudent, which ensures that life is never dull around the Monkey. The Monkey will have stories to tell and gossip to share though he is never malicious. He simply loves to entertain. This can manifest in his initiating completely crazy, grandiose schemes – just to show you how smart and inventive he is.
The Monkey loves to tread on the edge of danger just for the heck of it, and he enjoys company while he does it. The more outrageous or spontaneous the better, so do be prepared for the unexpected whenever you’re hanging out with the Monkey.

The clever Monkey is often sought for advice and solutions to people’s problems. His natural joie de vivre also brings abundant positive energy which renergises whoever he is advising or interacting with.

Life Lessons 
The Monkey must learn to persevere with whatever he has committed to and see them through. The Monkey can get disheartened and want to give up if too many obstacles come in his way, so the Monkey should develop more great patience and tenacity. If the Monkey can also develop a stronger sense of responsibility over his own selfish wishes, the Monkey would be a valuable member of any team.

The Monkey should also work on being more direct and honest in his interactions. The Monkey tends to keep his cards close to his chest while maintaining a jovial facade. If the Monkey learns how to communicate his needs, it will allow others to help him be more contented.

If the Monkey wants to have better relationships, he must learn to be more mature and less self-indulgent. While he is endearing, his occasional petulance and childishness will turn people off. He must realise life’s not just about having a party.

The Monkey gets on famously with the Rat and the Dragon, with the Rat/Monkey combination being the best. Their active and competitive energies are perfectly in sync. The more stable, confident Monkey will support the Rat, who is prone to be insecure.
The brave and flamboyant Dragon and the bright and outrageous Monkey combination is particularly dynamic. These two would be equally compatible at work or in love.

The Monkey also is a great friend of the Ox despite being so different in character. The solidity of the Ox is perfect to ground the hyperactive Monkey and they work together well as equals.

The Monkey’s nemesis is the Tiger. The Monkey can be sneaky while the righteous Tiger is always championing forthrightness so they have very different approaches to work and living that will often result in conflict.
The Monkey and the Rooster also often clash because the Monkey will find the Rooster’s perfectionist attitude irritating while the Rooster does not understand why the Monkey can be so irresponsible and flighty.

The Monkey and Dog relationship is also a trying one as the Monkey wonders why the Dog is so righteous while the Dog wonders why the Monkey is not!

The Monkey and the Five Elements

The element of Monkey is Metal

The Monkey sign is of the Metal element. Generally, people born under a Metal sign have a great deal of confidence and are resolute in their drive for success… sometimes to a point of being hard-headed and stubborn! There is a strong sense of attractiveness around this element – they have an energy and confidence that makes them very likeable.

The Metal Monkey 

Metal Monkeys carry a double metal element so they are doubly resolute once they have decided on something. Fiercely independent, ambitious and risk-averse, the intelligent Metal Monkey can make a successful entrepreneur.

As an employee, as long as the Metal Monkey agrees with the corporate direction, he would be a good team player as he would be able to steer the team in the right direction. He is also independent, constant and focused in his work, and always keep to explore new, more challenging prospects. The Metal Monkey is never one to be complacent.  A hard worker, the Metal Monkey earns well and saves well, ensuring that his future is secure.

On a social level, the Metal Monkey is friendly, sociable and openly affectionate towards his loved ones. He also excels in the art of persuasion, combined with the gift of the gab, which allows him to sell ice to Eskimos.

The Water Monkey 

Water softens the Monkey and this element makes the Water Monkey more sensitive and he can react negatively to criticism. The Water Monkey knows what he wants and will do what it takes to get it. The Water element makes this Monkey more fluid and versatile to adapt his methods to achieve his goals. Water also makes him creative, innovative; combined with his cleverness and naturally likeable ways, it’ll also be easy for him to enroll support for his ideas, no matter how unusual they may seem.

He is also charming and affable but does not always reveal his innermost thoughts. Even when confronted, the Water Monkey is likely to avoid direct questions and like water, this Monkey will cleverly flow around the questions he doesn’t want to answer. Monkeys are naturally quite impatient and if things aren’t going the way he wants them to, he is quite likely to just jump ship.

Water also lends a level of intuition to the Monkey and he finds it easy to relate to people on his level. He will go with their flow but manipulate them to his ends without them even knowing it. You may need to be a little wary around this Monkey, for he looks out keenly for his own interests and for every favour he grants you, he will probably expect one back in the near future.

The Wood Monkey 

The Wood Monkey is popular and respected by his friends and colleagues. However, he has a tendency to need constant approval. Tell your Wood Monkey friend that he’s okay and he will be your friend for life.

Ambitious by nature, he is also constantly seeing how he can improve on his current situation, and he is often not happy with what he has. As he is always looking for change, a career in travel or a position where he would be constantly traveling would be suitable for him. He has both a practical nature as well as in inquisitive mind – this means he is always keen for new challenges and will see them through to successful results.

Like all Monkeys, he won’t sit still for long. He has an especially keen interest to acquire knowledge, especially if it will bring him good and immediate returns. He certainly knows how to look after himself, even in times of trouble.

The Wood Monkey is very perceptive and can assess situations easily. This good instinct also allows him to establish good relationships with people as well as to size up situations around him to his greatest advantage.

The Fire Monkey 

The Fire Monkey is the most active and aggressive of the Monkeys. Naturally dominant, he automatically gravitates towards leadership roles and is competitive in whatever he is doing. He will need to be careful not to let this overwhelm him and turn into toxic jealousy.
He also constantly strives to be in control of whatever situation he is in, which can become overbearing. The main drive for whatever he embarks on is to head straight for the top and stay there. However, when he is in charge of a situation, his people skills kick in and he does nurture those under his charge who need it.

With his Fire energy, this agile, impulsive Monkey often leaps where angels fear to tread. This reckless behaviour sometimes turns out to not be to the Fire Monkey’s advantage. However, he is very creative, dynamic and has a particularly good talent at drawing people to him – this often helps him get out  of scrapes. He’ll leap from tree to tree – whichever has the most fruit at the time – then find the quickest, cleverest escape before others get to him.
In general though, the Fire Monkey is flamboyant and charmingly friendly, and has a large social circle.

The Earth Monkey 

The Earth Monkey is honest, dependable, staid and stable. They are not the ones to rock the boat nor break the rules. This permeates in every aspect of their lives so financially they are also usually quite secure.

The more academic and scholarly minded of the Monkeys, the Earth Monkey prefers to be in the background rather than the limelight. However, he still needs acknowledgement of his achievements and abilities and may become withdrawn and sullen if he does not receive what he thinks he deserves. While he may not be the most outspoken though, he is highly intelligent and perceptive and any team would do well to ask for his opinions and listen when he talks.
Usually, the demure and retiring Earth Monkey is less sociable than the other Monkeys but to those he loves, he is very caring and protective. The Earth Monkey is also the least self-centred of all the Monkeys and is inclined towards charitable works. With the Earth element, he holds high principles and maintains a very strong moral code. He is forthright, honest and righteous. It won’t be unusual to see him championing the rights of minorities or dedicating his life to help the downtrodden.

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