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Birth Mewa gives your characteristics

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The nine magic Mewa square numbers represent the nine categories of astrological spirits. Each number has an interpretation that includes karmic relations from past life to future lives.

The Yearly Mewa, Bame, changes every year.

The Birth Mewa for the birth year, Keme, stays throughout one's life

In a primary state of nine magic square numbers, whether one adds horizontally, vertically or diagonally, the sum of any line is 15.

Each Mewa has its own element and its own colour:

7, 9
1, 6, 8
2, 3

Mewa of an animal sign
Mewa numbers are always connected to the same animals.
For example, the Mewa for a Mouse is always 1, 4 or 7.

Birth Sign
 Mouse, Rabbit, Horse, Bird
 Tiger, Snake, Monkey, Pig
 Ox, Dragon, Sheep, Dog

The detail description of each Mewa is given below: 

Mewa 1 (White)
You are generally pessimistic in your outlook on life. You may appear to be very open and friendly, but internally, you have a tendency to be stubborn. You may experience a difficult childhood but enjoy a very fortunate middle and old age. If you are a male, you will be brave. If you are a female, you will not be inferior to anyone and will get along well with other strong people.

You are very sensitive to illness and do not have a very strong immune system. You are also susceptible to illnesses relating to the kidneys, bladder or reproductive organs. Your mood can fluctuate and you are prone to depression. In extreme cases, you can also become dependent on drugs, so you should be mindful when using drugs of any kind.

You are generally in need of a lot of love from those around you but you yourself are not very romantic. You are known to be quite possessive of your partners.

You have a modest living. During the earlier part of life, you will undergo significant changes in fortune, which can lead to emotional suffering. However, you will be happy in the later part of your life.

You are best suited to work in calm and reflective environments to succeed in life. You will especially do well in jobs that are in harmony with water.
In your past life ou used to be a king on earth and were later reborn in one of the god-realms, after which you took rebirth in your current human form.
At the time of birth, the general karma indicates that you will be reborn as either a goat, sheep, duck, swan, a human being that lives in the mountains or a Naga. If you commission a statue of Chenrezig, you can generate the merits to be reborn in a rich human family or in the god-realm if coupled with many good deeds.

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You have karmic links with a white female Naga spirit, who can protect you from negative energies and grant protection from minor spirits. Keep yourself hygienically clean to keep this Naga happy as Nagas have a sensitive sense of smell. 
Length of life
71 years. There will be four difficult times during the life. 
Has a birth-mark or mole on the right side. Is left-handed. 

Mewa 2 (Black)
You have a pleasant character and are generally not an angry person. You have a lot of love and respect for your friends, partners and children. On the other hand, you also lack ambition and are not very innovative although you have a keen sense of detail. When dealing with others, you serve as a mediator and are best suited in the service of others. While this brings others real happiness, you may not get the credit you deserve, which can cause emotional angst. 
Those with this Mewa generally work best in the mornings, and can become careless with their work in the evenings. You can also develop very strong speech, which can have a positive impact on others. Your best age is between the ages of 45 and 47.

Your Mewa indicates a very sweet tooth, so you should be careful as you could develop diabetes. It also indicates vulnerability to intestinal complaints and ailments affecting the blood, skin and the back. Typically, you have a slightly corpulent physique and are not affected by illness, but if you have the karma to suffer from a disease, it can turn life-threatening if not treated well or early. 

In matters of love, you are more emotional rather than having a level head. You also have the tendency to shower your partners with a lot of affection. 

You are neither rich nor poor but enjoy a moderate fortune. 

You will thrive when working with nature, in roles such as farming or horticulture. You also work well in positions relating to benefiting others and communities. 

In a previous life, you were born in the hell-realms, after which you took rebirth in your current human form. At the time of birth, the general karma indicates that you will be reborn as either a bear, monkey or as a spirit in the ghost-realm. If you commission a statue of Vajrapani and make offerings and prayers to him, you can generate the merits to be reborn in a god-realm or as a human. 

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You have karmic links with a War God, therefore will be protected from being afflicted by minor spirits. You should be harmonious with others to keep the War God happy. You should also take care to be harmonious with your siblings, and ensure that your children have a good relationship with each other.
Length of life
61 years. There will be three bad periods. 
There is a birthmark on the right-hand or arm, the heart side, or the neck. 

Mewa 3 (Blue)
You are sociable, talkative, optimistic and independent. You have a very positive and ambitious mind, but can be impatient and stubborn. You are often unwilling to put up with circumstances therefore you have a life full of ups and downs. Your tendency to talk may lead to problems in relationships, especially with partners. However, you have the ability to do well for yourself and your family, without the need of help from others. The best age for you is between the ages of 34 and 38.

You are physically strong and active with little physical sickness, but are prone to mental problems and nervous disorders. You can also have the karma to get hurt from accidents. 

You mature earlier in matters of love but have a direct and impulsive nature in your relationships. 

You make your money quickly but your fortune is also quickly spent. Though you have good fortune, it cannot be accumulated for long. 

You are most suited to professions that rely on public speaking or through which you can express yourself. These include such positions as musicians, teachers, writers or other more hands on work that involves heavy interaction with others. 

In a previous life, you were a cannibal and then reborn as an elephant, after which you took rebirth in your current human form. Your current rebirth has been driven by a rock-demoness, female snake spirit or elemental demi-god, therefore you are known as the son/daughter of this spirit. At the time of birth, the general karma indicates that you will be reborn as the daughter of a cannibal, elephant or mountain bird. If you commission a statue of Vajrasattva and recite the mantra of Vajrasattva 10,000 or 100,000 times coupled with making a lot of gifts and being a generous person, then you can be reborn as a human in the West. This future rebirth can be as the daughter of a very rich family. 

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ཨོཾ་བཛྲ་སཏྭ་ས་མ་ཡ༔ མ་ནུ་པཱ་ལ་ཡ༔ བཛྲ་སཏྭ་ཏྭེ་ནོ་པ་ཏིཥྛ་དྲྀ་ཌྷོ་མེ་བྷ་ཝ༔ སུ་ཏོ་ཥྱོ་མེ་བྷ་ཝ༔ སུ་པོ་ཥྱོ་མེ་བྷ་ཝ༔ ཨ་ནུ་རཀྟོ་མེ་བྷ་ཝ༔ སརྦ་སིདྡྷི་མྨེ་པྲ་ཡཙྪ༔ སརྦ་ཀརྨ་སུ་ཙ་མེ༔ ཙིཏྟཾ་ཤྲེ་ཡཾཿ ཀུ་རུ་ཧཱུྂ༔ ཧ་ཧ་ཧ་ཧ་ཧོཿ བྷ་ག་ཝཱན༔ སརྦ་ཏ་ཐཱ་ག་ཏ་བཛྲ་མཱ་མེ་མུཉྩ་བཛྲཱི་བྷ་ཝ་མ་ཧཱ་ས་མ་ཡ་སཏྭ་ཨཱཿ
om benza sato samaya | manupalaya | benza sato tenopa tishta dridho mé bhava | sutokhayo mé bhava | supokhayo mé bhava | anurakto mé bhava | sarva siddhi mé prayaccha | sarva karma su tsa mé | tsittam shreyang | kuru hung | ha ha ha ha ho | bhagavan | sarva tatagata benza ma mé muntsa benzi bhava maha samaya sato ah

You have karmic links with a powerful spirit and also a serpent spirit, who can protect you from negative influences if you live a virtuous life. You should also avoid burning things on the land around your house, as this will drive these helpful beings away. Personally, you should also be mindful against negative influences in life, and ensure that both your intellect and awareness are not obscured.
Length of life
50 years with three difficult periods. 
On the calf of the left leg. 

Mewa 4 (Green)
You are a conventional character and are very obedient to your parents and elders. You have good common sense but are indecisive and change your mind often. You have a natural kindness that can be taken advantage of, and you also have the karma to be talked about a lot. You can achieve good results in whatever you do but the credit will usually be claimed by others. Conversely, you are prone to receiving blame and negativity from others. You have a profound mind, love to think and engage in mental work but can be pessimistic. You also love to travel, are sensible, love cleanliness and dispense generosity but get nervous easily. The best age for you is between youth and 38 years.

Your Mewa indicate chronic digestive issues and respiratory problems. You have a delicate immune system which is easily disturbed and you are known to be very irritable in the mornings. You also have the karma to suffer from rheumatism, skin disorders, gout or mental depression if you offend the local land deities by not being harmonious with your environment. If you are a woman, you can be prone to issues regarding the reproductive organs. 

You usually have features that are physically seductive. You act maturely in your relationships but have difficulty in maintaining stable relationships. 

You have regular and stable income but it is easily spent. This shouldn’t be a problem for you as you usually do not require much to be happy. You are also vulnerable to theft in large sums. 

You are a good communicator and as such are resourceful in positions that involve mediating between others, in public relations positions or in hosting events. Alternatively, you are also good in manufacturing jobs or jobs relating to wool, such as the textile industry. 

In a previous life, you were a Naga and then born as a white deer, after which you took rebirth in your current human form. Your current incarnation as a human was helped by a white female Naga spirit, therefore you are known as the son/daughter of Nagas. At the time of birth, the general karma indicates that you will be reborn as a pigeon, cuckoo or a human that is hard of hearing. 

Method of Purification
If you commission a statue or thangka of Vajrapani, or 10,000 or 100,000 Vajrapani tsa tsas, you can be reborn as a powerful tantric practitioner or the son of a rich family in the West in your next rebirth. 
(Photo Courtesy: Mandala Life)
You have karmic links with a white female Naga spirit and one of the Naga lords, who can protect you from negative influences. You should stay away from spiritually unclean places such as near dead bodies and should not hold grudges to keep this karmic link strong. 
Length of Life
65 years. There are four difficult periods. 
On either thigh is a black circle birthmark. 

Mewa 5 (Yellow)
You have a very strong instinct for self-preservation and as such may be seen as selfish by others. Your character is to extremes – either very positive or very negative; hard-working and ambitious or lazy and unenthusiastic. If you are highly ambitious, you will be difficult to satisfy. You can also be easily diverted and postpone performing any assigned duties. Generally speaking, you are intelligent but will not be a very talkative person. You have a stable mind, strong faith and good self control. You will also need to depend on your parents at times and so you are fortunate to be born in the right place. The best age for you is after 42 years, after which your life improves for the better.

You have a very good immune system; however you can be affected by tremors, fevers, blood disorders and hypertension. You have the karma to suffer from lymphatic, serum or bile disorders. There is also a threat of injury from robberies. However if you spend time engaging in spiritual practice, you can extend your life and stave off any health problems. 

You have a strong need for love and are very passionate. However you have dominating tendencies that can come across as domineering in your relationships with others. 

If you have the karma to suffer from financial loss, you will also recover from this very quickly. You have a tendency to gamble a lot, leading to disastrous financial ruin. You have the karma to own land, but the ownership of properties will not be stable. 

You are suited to most jobs. If you are gifted with high intelligence and ambition, you should aim to work in high positions, in which you will thrive. 

In your previous life, you were a monk or ascetic practitioner, then reborn as either a prince or king. After this, you were reborn as a spirit, following which you took rebirth in your current human form. At the time of birth, the general karma indicates that you will be reborn as a monkey or a hen. If you commission a statue or thangka of Buddha Shakyamuni, you can generate the merits to be reborn as a tantric practitioner or a man with good faith in spiritual life. In the lifetime after that, you can be reborn as either the son of a businessman or a vampire if you degenerate and engage in non-virtuous activities.
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ཏདྱ་ཐཱ། ཨོཾ་མུ་ནེ་མུ་ནེ་མ་ཧཱ་མུ་ནེ་ཡེ་སྭཱ་ཧཱ།

You do not have specific karmic links for assistance from other worldly beings. Therefore, you are advised to live a moral life, follow a spiritual path and rely on the practice of a Dharma Protector. If you engage in these actions, you will acquire many merits which act as a form of protection against negativity, while at the same time furthering your spiritual development.
Length of Life 
50 years. There will be two difficult periods. 
His birthmark is a certain nervousness. 

Mewa 6 (White)
You have the innate qualities of a leader. You have a very strong drive in life, have high aims and hate failure. You also have a very spontaneous character and are intuitive. You excel at creativity, innovation and spirituality. You love to travel and sleep and are strong both mentally and physically. You may not be beautiful or resourceful in communicating with others but have a very beautiful mind. You excel in helping others and it is easy for you to make friends. However, most of these friendships do not last long. The best age for you is 40 years and over.

You have a tendency to overwork yourself and so can suffer from headaches, fevers and vertigo. You have a fragile heart, lungs and bones and usually have a lean, angular body. 

You are usually quite domineering in your relationships and may even go out of your way to be so. 

You are very skilled with finances but also take a lot of financial risks as well. If you own property, you have the karma that this may be taken away by others. If you work or live in properties that are red in colour, then you will be prosperous. 

You are suitable in occupations relating to the law, teaching positions, managerial positions or religious roles such as the priesthood. 

In your previous lives, you were born in the god-realm, then as a hungry ghost, after which you became a priest and then a deer. At the time of birth, the general karma indicates that you will be reborn as a meditator or bird. If you engage in negative actions in this life, you will be reborn as the daughter of a shaman. If you commission a statue or thangka of either Namgyalma or your Guru, you will generate the merits to be born in the West as a very intelligent person or be reborn in the god-realms.

The practice suggested is that of the long-life (and purification) deity Vijaya Vsnisa (Tsuk Tor Nam Gyal Ma). 
(Photo Courtesy: Lotus Within)

You have karmic links with both a War God and a powerful spirit who will protect you from negativities and misfortune as long as you engage in virtuous activities. You should guard against committing any of the ten non-virtuous deeds, especially sexual misconduct, as this will drive both these helpful beings away.
Length of life
70 years. There will be five difficult periods. 
Calf of the left leg

Mewa 7 (Red)

You are quick minded and attentive to detail. You are optimistic in your outlook but have manipulative tendencies. You seek happiness and freedom. You focus on your external appearance and often become angry when you are ignored. You can also be very emotional at times. Depending on your karma, you may have a strong ego and be drawn to commit sinful deeds. You will grow steadily over time, bettering your life but you also have the karma to destroy all of this in a single instant if you are not mindful. In general, you also have the karma to not go hungry. The best age for you is 40 and over, when you become emotionally stable.

You are susceptible to certain ailments relating to the stomach such as gastric disorders, and also conditions relating to the kidneys and reproductive organs. You are prone to suffer from bouts of fatigue and have a weak constitution. You should be careful around knives and other sharp objects as you have the karmic tendency to be harmed. You should also avoid red meat as this can create the karmic conditions to have major health risks. It will be best if you become a vegetarian. 

You are very attractive and sensual, with an innate love of freedom, so a correct choice of partner is very important to you. 

You accumulate money in order to spend it, therefore you do not have great fortunes. If you work from a red or white-coloured building, you will prosper. 

You are suited to such fields as sales, teaching, public speaking or missionary work. 

In your past lives, you were a spirit who lived on a mountain and then was reborn as a demi-god. At the time of birth, the general karma indicates that you will be reborn as an insect, a dog or as a spirit.If you commission a statue of Tara and confess your negativities, you can create the merits necessary to be reborn as a human or an ordained person that keeps discipline strongly.


(Photo courtesy: Mandalas life)

You have karmic links to a tsen, a mountain-dwelling warrior spirit, that can protect you from negativities and provide protection, therefore it is said that you are blessed by this tsen. Within the astrological texts, you are likened to a wrathful butcher who holds a sword, indicating that you will be an aggressive person. It is advisable for you to set up a shrine to a Dharma Protector and engage in the practice. You should also avoid fighting at all costs and playing with knives.
Length of Life
80 years and there will be 4 difficult periods. 
On the backside or chest.

Mewa 8 (White)
You usually have a mild appearance but your true strength lies inside. You have a strong mind, a traditional outlook and can impose your will on others. You are opinionated and you hold on to your views which cannot be changed easily. You also have a high opinion of yourself. You are intelligent and have a sharp mind but are prone to speaking about unrelated matters. You are treasured by others and thus gain respect very easily. You have a good education given the environment you are in and your innate faith will see that you live a spiritual life. You have a tendency to hold grudges against others who make the smallest mistakes. Generally you are a good person and you have a good protector helping you.

You have the karma to suffer from neurological issues or hypochondria. You can also suffer from chronic constipation and muscular issues in the back and shoulders. You typically have a large body, solid and well built. When you get sick, it will be easily treated, especially if the illness occurs in the later part of life. 

You give your all when you love another without wavering; however it takes a long time for you to grant your love. You will only be happy in marriage if you trust your partner completely. 

You usually benefit from good fortune early on in life. You are easily able to make financial gains and make good investments. 

You are good in all positions that require the trust of others, as you will give your all when others trust you. 
In previous lives, you were born in a barbaric land, then reborn in one of the god-realms. In this current life, you are blessed by the gods of Tushita Heaven, therefore you are said to be the son/daughter of a god. At the time of birth, the general karma indicates that you will be reborn as a female human being. If you commission a statue or thangka of Buddha Shakyamuni, you will most probably take rebirth as a sculptor or someone who practices spirituality strongly. After this, you will be born in the god-realm. 
(Photo curtesy: Mandalas life)
ཏདྱ་ཐཱ། ཨོཾ་མུ་ནེ་མུ་ནེ་མ་ཧཱ་མུ་ནེ་ཡེ་སྭཱ་ཧཱ།

You have strong karmic links to a War God and King Spirit who can protect you from negative influences. However, if you hold grudges towards others they will not help you. In fact, if you hold grudges, this opens up the karma to be afflicted by spirits that can be very destructive. Therefore, be mindful not to create grudges.
Length of Life
50 years and there are 3 difficult periods. 
On right cheek. 

Mewa 9 (Red)

You are typically sensitive and emotional but also an extrovert. You often have a very good life but place a lot of emphasis on external beauty.You can be hypercritical because you expect too much of others, are impulsive and also impatient. Though you have an open mind, you can also be jealous and have a strong desire for personal property. There is a possibility for relationships with relatives to sour quickly so it is best if you are vigilant over your association with others. You have the karma to practice another religious path to that of your parents. The best age for you is from youth until middle age. Your life can deteriorate if you do not have enough good merits.

You are strong and supple with a medium build. You have the karma to suffer from issues relating to the eyes and heart, and can be afflicted with chronic insomnia or even nervous problems.

You find partners easily through either your appearance or your speech. You are attractive and forward. You also have a fiery character and can be very jealous and possessive in your relationships.

You have medium fortune, neither rich nor poor yet you need to spend a lot of money. Although you may be in need of money, you do not have the perseverance in financial matters to achieve this. The first part of your life will be difficult, but this will ease in later years. If your parents are not rich, you will be able to make a living through your own efforts. In order to prevent any negativity in regards to wealth and fortune, it is advised that you have Yangdup pujassponsored for yourself.

You thrive in artistic roles, such as acting, writing and so forth.

In a previous life, you were born as a spirit that lived underground, then were reborn as a dog in a rich family, then as a shaman, and then as the son of a heavenly physician in a god-realm. At the time of birth, the general karma indicates that you will be reborn as a dog, monkey or pauper if you engage in negative actions in this life. If you commission a statue or thangka of Manjushri and engage in the recitation of Manjushri’s mantra, you will be reborn as the son of a rich family in the West or as a god who lives in the clouds.

(Photo courtesy: Exotic India)

You have a strong karmic links to a mountain spirit and the son of a Menmo spirit who can protect you against negative influences as long as you lead a virtuous life, especially by caring for other people and animals.
Length of Life
73 years with 5 difficult periods. 
On face, neck or left-leg. 

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