Monday, December 2, 2019

Dedication Prayer

Whatever prayers we do at the end dedication prayer is a must to conclude it. The fundamental idea is that praying and other dharma practices are virtuous actions that generate merit. This merit can lead to many positive outcomes, such as a good long life, better next life or as the seed of enlightenment. 

In the dedication prayer, we are asking that the good merit generated from our practice be directed specifically to enlightenment for all beings.

If dedication prayers are not done at the end of offerings or prayers than the prayers just floats around without specific benefits.

Below is the simple and very effective dedication prayer  written by the Great Kunchen Longchen Rabjam that can  be recited after making the prayers.

༄༅། །བསྔོ་བ་ནི།
by Longchen Rabjam

sangye tenpa dar shying gyepar shok
May the teachings of the Buddha flourish and spread!

semchen tamché dé shying kyipar shok
May all sentient beings find happiness and joy!

nyin dang tsen du chö la chöpar shok
May they practise Dharma day and night!

rang shyen dön nyi lhün gyi drubpar shok
And may our own and other's aims be spontaneously accomplished!

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