Sunday, October 13, 2019

Phurdrub Gonpa (Kiliya Monastery) at Dawakha

The view of Phurdrub Gonpa used to be my regular scene when I am studying at Dobji Primary School in the 1980’s. The school is located deep in the valley surrounded by mountains.
(Dobji Pry School)
The only structure you can see is this monastery.  Ironically, I couldn’t visit the monastery till few days back.  Any event definitely requires karmic connection and an appropriate timing to get materialized.

With special enthusiasm the journey to the monastery begun. After travelling 15 KM from Chuzom to Haa, I took the feeder road just after crossing Tshongkha and proceeded to the monastery. The road was rough with many turns. In some places it was covered with long bushes. So you have to close your window glasses and drive. On the way one can see the Vajrakilya (Phurpa Drubkhang) and Dakini meditation caves (in the middle of the huge cliff) but the monastery is totally invisible till the end of the road. 

The monastery is known as Pema Yoling Gonpa. H.E. Hephu Tulku Pema Gyatsho, a close disciple of Tsang Khenchen founded the monastery in the 17th century.
The temple is of two-storied. The ground floor houses the Amitayus and three Buddhas in a separate shrine room. 
The top floor houses the Guru Rinpoche shrine and in another room is the Goenkhang where local Tsen dwells. 
Monastery Lam was not there and little monks couldn’t tell the name of the Tsen neither explains in detail about the monastery. All the walls on the top floor have very intricate and beautiful mural paintings. One can really spend long time to go through these sacred paintings that is self-identifiable as all images are properly leveled. I was really drawn to the image of Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal. It is too wonderful.

When we view this Gonpa from the road the hill looks like a full-blown lotus and the base of the hill where monastery is located looks a Phurba dagger end that is firmly pegged into the ground. 

(Phurdrub Gonpo as seen from the road)
It is said that when Hephu Tulku Pema Gyatsho was mediating at the Vajrakilaya cave and on accomplishment of Kiliya practices, the main Ter phurba flew from the cliff and landed at the site where the present monastery is located. Hephu Tulku Pema Gyatsho constructed the monastery and than named his monastery as Phurdrub Gonpa meaning "dagger monastery”. This Ter Phurb is shown to the public only once in a year. It is locked and kept at the first floor of the monastery. I couldn’t able to see it physically but received blessing from the black wooden box.

The other very sacred relics are Guru Rinpoche’s sandal donated by Zahor Gyalpo, Guru Rinpoche’s crown (hat) and Guru Rinpoche’s Chhag dril (the bell). They are also under lock and key and displayed for public veneration only once during the observation of descending day of Buddha. 

The monastery is under His Holiness Gangteg Trulku Rinpoche.

(His Holiness Gangteng Trulku Rinpoche)
Another interesting formation that is seen on the ridge to the left of the temple is the two rocks resembling a sow and a piglet.

(A Sow and a Piglet)
It is believed to be the sacred sites of Vajravarahi. The sow facing the temple and the piglet drinking the milk from its mother is regarded as signs of continuous blessings to the temple.
There is a wish granting wish-granting tree above the monastery, which is also said to be the dwelling place of the deity Tashi Dargye. There is the also sacred place of Tsheringma to the right side of the temple. 

(Dakini Cave)
A Drupchu (blessed water) is located at the foot of a hill below the Gonpa.

Phurdrub Gonpa is located at the higher end of the mountain and on reaching you feel you are on top of the mountain as all top point of surrounding mountains are at same level. The scene is very beautiful beside you are in a very beautiful environment with most sacred monastery. 

Now I see in reverse the great Dobji Primary School where I completed my Primary education from the Phurdrub Gonpa. I prayed that this monastery bless the school continuously. A great Nostalgic indeed!

(In the deep valley on a capsized resemblance of a mountain  Dobji Pry School  is seen)
Please visit and get yourself blessed.

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