Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Mantra of Great Wisdom (Bimala Ushnisha)

ༀ་ཧྲི་ཡ་དྷེ་སརྦ་ཏ་ཐཱ་ག་ཏ་ཧྲི་ད་ཡ་གརྦྷེ།  ཛྭ་ལ་དྷརྨ་དྷ་ཏུ་གརྦྷེ།  སཾ་ཧ་ར་ཎ་ཨཱ་ཡུཿསཾ་ཤོ་དྷ་ཡ།  པཱ་པཾ་སརྦ་ཏ་ཐཱ་ག་ཏ་ས་མནྡྲ་ཨུཥྞཱི་ཥ་བི་མ་ལེ་བྷི་ཤུདྡྷེ་སྭཱཧཱ།


The benefits of reciting this mantra are: 

1.    This mantra purifies the five heavy negative karmas without break of anyone who hears it. 

2.    The mantra can be used for consecration. In the Kangyur, Buddha said that among the many different prayers for consecration this mantra is the most powerful. If you chant this mantra on a holy object, all the Buddhas’ wisdom absorbs into it. But even if you chant this mantra on a tree, rock, mountain, and so forth, all the Buddhas’ wisdom absorbs into it and then you and other sentient beings can circumambulate it. 

3.    If you recite this mantra, anyone who sees or touches you or an element that you have touched will be reborn in a high caste, will have a long life and wealth, will remember their past lives, will be protected from all harm, and will achieve enlightenment.

4.    After you recite this mantra, if you make one stupa Tsatsa, it becomes the same as having made ten million stupa Tsatsas.

5.    By reciting this mantra, if any element—earth, water, fire, or wind—touches your body, it gets blessed. It gains the power to liberate other sentient beings by purifying their negative karmas.

6.    You can also recite and blow this mantra on an animal skin, such as a fur coat. This purifies the negative karmas of the animal even though it has been born in another realm. 

7.    It is also very good to recite this mantra and blow on meat, whether you are actually eating the meat or not. Like the story of the fully ordained monk who broke all four-root vows and was born in hell but was then liberated by someone reciting this mantra.

8.    If you think of someone who has been born in the lower realms and recite this mantra, it has the power to immediately liberate them from the lower realm and cause them to take a higher rebirth.

The whole point is that the more merit you are able to collect, the more easily and quickly you will be able to achieve enlightenment, which means that you will be able to liberate sentient beings from the sufferings of samsara and bring them to enlightenment more quickly. That is the whole point of doing these practices.

We Buddhist recite prayers and mantras for the liberation of all sentient beings.

Reference: Extracted from A Commentary on "Daily Mantras", fpmt.

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