Friday, September 6, 2019

Nang Chey (a house settings based on Buddhist astrology)

In olden days people follow astrological system very seriously. Be it conducting of annual puja, hoisting of flag, cutting of hair, sowing of seed, plantation of trees, performing of rituals, travelling to far away places etc. And yes, everything sailed smoothly and Astrology has become a part and parcel of our older generation.

One astrological consultation is on the setting of our house. Sadly nobody follow this now. I mean we Bhutanese. Is it due to lack of knowledge for such requirement? Chinese follow Feng Shui system and Hindu follow Vastu system.  Interestingly, some Bhutanese follow Feng Shui and some Vastu system also.

Various consequences do happen to us according to the change of place. A house setting too also seriously affect the life of an individual's, economics, health, friendships, prosperity, peace, etc.

House observation is a procedure, which comes under geomancy, and plays a vital role in the life of an individual or family. Especially, the settings of fire stove (oven), water storage tank, main cupboard, and main door direction are extremely important and should be observed.

Failing to observe these major settings will bring disharmony within the family, ill-health, decline in wealth, emotional upsets etc. Therefore, settings and directions of the above four things are very much necessary and need consultation with an expert astrologer.

Many times when there is a decline in family wealth and inauspicious things happen, changing and making necessary settings in the house will bring auspicious happenings. Generally it is important to apply the following four settings in one's house as under:

1. Direction of Main Door
    The best is to face towards East or South direction

2. Direction of Fire Stove (Oven)
   The best direction to place the Gas stove in the kitchen is West  

3. Direction of Water storage tank or source
    The side of water source or tap in the kitchen should be best place
    at the South direction

4. Direction of Main cupboard
     It should be place in the dark area where one stores ones main
     possessions or corner of a house. This cupboard refers to the shelf
     or boxes.
It is to be noted that by applying this astrological inner house observations and setting directions, one can really transform the negative situation into a positive and constructive one. With this knowledge of geomancy, one can avoid harmful influences and obstacles, but can take the best benefit of environmental influences for universal well being as well as to attain self-realization.

Please re-orient your house or flat based on above favorable direction. May your stay in any house with above observation bring peace, prosperity and happiness.

Reference: Tibetan Elementary Astrology

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